Pixel to Page: This Story (Hybrid Scrapbooking Process Video)

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As my son’s senior year is winding down, I realized I have a few stories to tell that really are my story to share. And one of the stories I wanted to document is that I’ve gotten better at being a mom.

Now I don’t say this in a cocky way, my friends. Not at all. I say this in a way that is actually colored with some real sadness that it took me so long to really get my act together and be the parent my children need. That’s where the story came from for the page I’m sharing today. I’ve worked hard on myself to grow up and be a better woman. And yes, that’s thanks to more than seven years of working with my not-therapist who has helped me in so many ways to do just that. Grow up. Be a better woman.

My page today is purely a hybrid creation, my favorite way to save my stories, and I’ve got a video to show you the pixel to page process. Less on the pixel and more on the page. Here’s a better shot of the journaling.

One of my goals with this page was to match my embellishments to my cardstock and I did this by using Gina K. Designs cardstocks and inks. The pink base paper is the Innocent Pink and her Innocent Pink ink matches perfectly when it’s dry. Now that I’m hoarding collecting all of this card making stuff, I want to find ways to incorporate stamps and dies into my memory keeping.

Another thing I love to do is to die cut my titles to match. Sometimes when I’m designing digital templates, I’ll create them knowing I have dies that can stand in for the digital titles. You’ll see that in today’s video. A good letter die set is such a great investment because you can create perfectly matched titles for each layout just by matching the cardstock or other papers.

From a design standpoint, my handmade embellishments create a lovely visual triangle, leading the eye around the page and creating a visual connection. The page is framed in a matching pink (I ADORE even margins!) and the ivory cardstock is a really soft but pleasing cardstock color for the background.

Check out my process video below!

Thanks for stopping by! All supplies are listed at the bottom of this post.

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Cathy ZielskePixel to Page: This Story (Hybrid Scrapbooking Process Video)

30 Comments on “Pixel to Page: This Story (Hybrid Scrapbooking Process Video)”

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    None of us get it right all the time but, hopefully, we improve as we go through the parenthood journey (hate that word). Viewing you over the last 14 or so years from afar, don’t beat yourself up. You are a great mum and it looks like Aidan and Cole have turned out to be pretty terrific human beings. And yes, as one who has had one flee the nest, and another on the way to, it is totally terrifying but in their 20s at least you will still be home base. Thanks for one of your classic, honest, beautiful pages.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Thanks, Delia. Yes, there are things I’ve done right, but I’ve learned a lot, too. Just grateful for this opportunity, you know?

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    Teresa Doyle

    Cathy, I love your page and your journaling, it is important to write this stuff down. It will mean a lot to your kids one day…
    While raising children every mother second guesses herself sometimes about what she “has” said/done vs. what she “should” have said/done. However, I soon learned to look at it this way: What I did at the time was right (for us) in that moment of time. True, today I may have made different choices /decisions but I am not doing it today! I was a SAHM and would not change that decision for the world. I have 2 grown (both very successful in their lives), married children with 2 young grandsons. Of course I made mistakes (MANY) as a Mom but I also know that I did a lot of things right and so have YOU! Sounds to me like you were a wonderful Mom/example to your children! Good for you!

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    I think we are all too hard on ourselves as moms! It’s taken me a long to time to realize that 🙂 My youngest is graduating from college this year too. I just know that I did the best with what I knew at the time. It looks like your kids are fantastic and happy and that is all any of us moms want.

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    I LOVE seeing how your card making “journey” is informing your scrapbooking on this page! It’s still your clean graphic style, of course — and how cool that you’re making the title with dies you designed yourself!? *Wicked* cool. 🙂

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    Hi Cathy. First – you are a great mom – your children are proof. Second – Not everyone can acknowledge and change themselves for the better. You took that step, not only for yourself but for your family. Your kids have seen you as the example for how to move through life, that it’s okay to ask for help, that we are not perfect but strive towards better all the time. All we can wish for as parents is to have happy kids. Yes, we all have regrets and wish we could have, should have, but in the end we all do the best we can with what we know at the time and keep moving forward.

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    I love this layout, Cathy. I can see the changes in YOU even through your scrapbooking over the years and more recently in your card-making. Our own self is reflected in our children, and what I see is a good mom. I see a softening reflected in your scrapping style, but still the clean and simple that I’ve always loved. As others have said above, we can only do what we can with what we have at the time, but we must also work to improve—which you’ve done big time. Thanks for being an inspiration and a great example. And I’m so glad to see a new layout from you! While I love your cards, it’s the scrapbooking that inspires me most. Yes, I too make a lot of cards, but scrapbooking is what my soul thrives on.

    1. #6.1
      Cathy Zielske

      🙂 I’m grateful for the opportunity to have really looked at myself, both my strengths and weaknesses, because without that information… without the truth, I would not have made needed changes in who I am today.

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    You have evolved as a mom and as a crafter, right? If we don’t have those earlier experiences, we wouldn’t be who we are today. Your kids are great, they love you, and they can figure out their stuff as adults, just like we did. So don’t be hard on yourself. Forgive yourself so your kids can too. You did the best you could, and that is GOOD ENOUGH. ❤️??

    1. #7.1
      Cathy Zielske

      I absolutely agree that I have learned from my experiences. I’m not hard on myself; I’m working to see myself accurately. 🙂 There are strengths. There are weaknesses. My goal is to resolve incongruencies where I find them.

      (And yes, I think my kids are great, too!)

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    Cathy, this is a beautiful page. Thank you for sharing your story and your process. And thank you for always inspiring us!

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    Amy W

    Hi Cathy. The page is just beautiful. I have a question about the template. On the template, the pictures go down to the bottom edge of the layout. You didn’t do that on the actual scrapbook page, but both your page and the template have a good inch or so of white space at the top. What is the design reason for that?

    1. #9.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Amy, I just like a bit of space at the top on certain designs. The only reason the photos on the layout don’t reach the full bottom is because I accidentally trimmed them a bit small!

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    Cathy, I think I had a similar experience as I was going down a slippery slope about ten years ago, and not making good choices that affected my family life. I went through years of therapy and self-reflection, and so I’m so grateful that I, like you, learned from my experiences. I look back and think, “wow, I really could’ve effed this up big time!” I got my act together and I also think I started to be there when they needed me the most. I’m trying not to judge myself (therapy again has helped), I think we as parents wonder if we have any idea what they hell we are doing. My husband has said, “where is the owners manual for raising children? Perhaps on the back of a wine bottle.” ?

    1. #10.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Judgments are a slipper slope in and of themselves… at least that is something I’ve learned over the years just by being IN therapy. Good for you for making changes. 🙂

  11. #11

    Oh and I’m signing up for your class…I’m recovering from surgery will be out of work for at least four weeks, so this is good timing!!

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    Audrey Volt

    I love this page Cathy, I really want to scraplift! I love that you are using your cardmaking supplies on a scrap book page. Please continue to do that because good grief I have a lot of stamps and I would like to use them more on my pages. Thanks for keeping it real too and being your authentic self, that’s why I continue to follow you!

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    Heidi Gauvin

    Awesome video – you never fail to teach me something new. Who knew drop letters were so easy?! Love your page…if kids only came with an instruction booklet. I remember bringing my daughter home from the hospital and thinking, “ok, now what do I do with her”? Both of our daughters are out on their own, gainfully employed (thankfully) and they love to visit their Mama. I think you and Dan have done an incredible job with Aidan and Cole. You’re great parents. On another note, was that a Tim Holtz paper trimmer? I don’t see it in your supply list but it looked like it actually cut a straight line. I’m an exacto knife user because I just can’t find a trimmer that cuts straight.

    1. #13.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Oh shoot! yes, let me add a link if you like! I LOVE this trimmer. It now comes in black, so that’s the one I’ll link to!

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    Nice page Cathy. I always learn a thing or two from you. Also you use words like ‘verklempt’, which I had to google for spelling.

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    Julie S

    As my Mother (a full-time working mom juggling 3 kids and a disabled husband) always said “I did the best I could with what I had at the time!” It’s definitely a lifelong learning process. You are rocking it!

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