One more Distress Oxides + Butterfly Card and tutorial

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Because I am not through with butterflies and pink, orange and yellow, I have ONE more card to share today and THIS one, I’m fairly certain, will be going to my mama come Mother’s Day!

If you recall, I made this card, and this card from the scraps of that card, and now I have the card I’m sharing today, which might actually be my favorite.

And I have a video to share as well! Please enjoy.

SIDE NOTE: I found a new way to film with my iPhone that I will be sharing next week. A few great apps that give you more control over what you are doing, and that has been something I’ve been a little frustrated by since making videos. But I think I’m onto something! Stay tuned on that!

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Cathy ZielskeOne more Distress Oxides + Butterfly Card and tutorial

8 Comments on “One more Distress Oxides + Butterfly Card and tutorial”

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    carol ann

    It’s perfectly fine with me if you keep your favorite color palette happening. It brings out the best in you! (Plus I’m grooving with it, too!) Such a great card πŸ˜‰

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    Nothing wrong with a butterfly obsession. It is beautiful and goes for any occasion and I still love them and snowflakes after all these years of crafting. Do what makes you happy.

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    between the font, the palette and the circle – I saw this and thought ‘roller disco’. but that could just be me. I’ve never even been to one and can’t skate.

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    I love the ROY color palette! I also cracked up at, “they fit on your fingers like little appendages.” And I’m also on a butterfly kick. It’s spring…what can I say? Beautiful card, and loved your video. I forgot about Gina’s template trick! Will need to use it next time. A messy die cut has made me cry real tears before…

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    Terrie D.

    This is such a beautiful card! Thanks for sharing Gina’s die cutting template trick. I will definitely need to use this the next time I’m die cutting πŸ™‚

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