Present Participle List for May 2018

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The roller coaster that is May is off and running. The next five weeks will be, oh, how do you say… busy! Here are few things that are happening right now:

Photo by Margie Scherschligt

Planning Cole’s grad party. Yep. My baby is graduating from high school. And right after that, we’re throwing a party. And right after that he and some of his fellow grads are taking a cross country camping trip. It’s funny but I don’t think when you are staring down at a little human in those first weeks that you comprehend the fact that they will grow. He graduates from high school on June 9.

Celebrating that Cole is going to college. He had narrowed it down to three schools, and the choice ended up being St. Olaf College down in Northfield, MN. (And yep, that’s where his sister is graduating from in a few weeks… which is further down this list.) In the end, it really did come down to finances and which school offered the best package. His two California school choices would have tipped the scale and saddled him with a debt load that personally, I feel would have been irresponsible for me as a parent to endorse on his behalf. At the end of the day, I wish we had more money to give him, but we don’t. That’s reality. I am just so proud of this kid and hope that he thrives next year as an Ole. He is readjusting some of his expectations, but I think he will find his place there. Of course, nothing is ever set in stone. We’ll see how it all shakes out.

Traveling to Illinois in two weeks to watch my daughter and her remarkable teammates vy for a national championship in ultimate. Dan and I will be road tripping to Rockford and we are SO stoked to be there, cheering on the St. Olaf Vortex women. This is the final ultimate event of my daughter’s scholastic life. She’ll likely play club ultimate in the future, but this is her final tournament for college. (Did you catch my scrapbook page the other day about this?)

Preparing for two more major ultimate tournaments for Cole and his fellow Great River Stars teammates. The Hopkins Hustle and the Minnesota State High School tournament are both happening in the next five weeks. Mother’s Day has been spent at the Hopkins Hustle tournament for the past four years and it’s my FAVORITE way to spend it. I’ve got my big-assed lens rented and will be on the sidelines shooting, cheering and soaking in these final days of high school sports. Man, I’m grateful that my kids chose to do sports. It’s been a joy to witness as a parent.

Anticipating the graduation of this little peanut, who will be getting her degree in Political Science and graduating on May 27 from St. Olaf College. There are wonderful events surrounding graduation and we are so excited to share them with our amazing daughter.

Holding our breath regarding Dan’s future teaching job. Hope springs eternal!

Suffice to say, May into June is going to be a bit on the crazy side, but I am saddled up and ready for this ride.

That’s the update from Zielske land. What are you doing?



Cathy ZielskePresent Participle List for May 2018

47 Comments on “Present Participle List for May 2018”

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    Nanelyn Mitchell

    Very busy month indeed! ?Congratulations in so many arenas. Kudo’s for helping your children to be financially responsible. They will thank you later ?

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    Tracey Magner

    Wow, I am tired just reading this post, LOL. My plans for May are to hopefully get out of bed each day, lol, sadly this is basically the truth 🙁 But, BIG CONGRAT’S to Both your adorable kids (adult’s), and to you and your husband, for raising 2 amazing children. I enjoy reading about them in your posts, and I enjoy your blog and LOVE your stamps/die’s, your style is unique and cool, I like that. Have a great week.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Lol! Believe me… I hope I start each day by getting out of bed! 🙂 Appreciate your kind words!

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    Congratulations to Cole & Aidan on their big life moments! Love that picture of you and Dan. Around here: celebrating spring, celebrating my daughter’s 14th birthday today (I always get sentimental around her birthday), looking forward to final events of middle school (play, concert, moving up ceremony) and getting flowers for the yard . . . yeah. Love May.

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    I think May is a busy month for everyone! Senior brunch (held at Hazeltine this year….totally a superb venue!), AP exams for two weeks starting today, book club last week, senior finals and review for everyone else, off to score AP Human Geography in Cincinnati at the end of the month, last SBing get together until fall, and try to get planters done after the 15th. Good Lord, what would I do if we had kids?

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    carol ann

    Wow, you are busy! Congrats to both of your children! Sending you all my best wishes, and positive thoughts for Dan with work. Somehow, things always work out – you’ll see! 🙂

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    Similar very tough decisions made here too regarding college choice…and feeling the same in regards to letting a child take on such enormous debt. Congrats on both graduations this month. We all have lots to celebrate in our lives, don’t we?!?! 🙂

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    Congratulations to the two Graduations from High School and College! I almost went to Carleton and also looked at St. Olaf and loved Northfield, but in the end it was just too far away from home on the East Coast (Baltimore). My baby graduates High School on June 3rd so I will be will you in the transitional turmoil and celebration. She’s my only so I’m just a little bit freaked out!

    1. #10.1
      Cathy Zielske

      It’s definitely at great town for colleges, ergo their motto: Northfield: Cows, Colleges & Contentment.

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    Jeanne W

    Congrats on two graduations and college decisions! Such a crazy and wonderful time! I’m in the in between transition year. Oldest daughter coming home from her first year in college tomorrow. Youngest in the midst of finishing crazy junior year. Tons of testing for her in the next few weeks and lots of Mom-oldest daughter time before she works at the beach this summer. Then one more year before empty nest. Time is flying at warp speed and I’m not always prepared for the changes but trying to welcome them with grace. Love reading and relating to your story. ?

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    I got a little teary eyed seeing the picture of Aidan in the bunny ears… I have watched your little girl (and boy) grow up along side my own children – Holy Smokes – where HAS the time gone? Here’s to wonderful futures for each of your kids! Good luck in the tournaments, too! We’ll be routing for the Vortex in the Nationals! Thanks for sharing your kids all these years… Congratulations, to you and your graduates -you done good, Mama! 🙂

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    You are so right when you say May is the busiest month of the year! With all you have ahead of you the next five weeks, you can also call May the happiest month. We had a similar May about 4 years ago with our son and daughter who are 4 years apart in age. This summer we have a new celebration, our son getting married in June, an event we are thrilled about. Only recently have I picked up my digital scrapbooking projects again, finishing my 2014 family yearbook that is all done with your templates. I love your clean style and my future daughter-in-law wants me to make their wedding album which I plan to do with your products. Keep up the blog and classes, I am a fan all the way from Louisiana.

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    Celebrating that you and Dan were smart family planners so that you will only be paying for one child in college at a time.
    Hoping the month of May is filled with wonderful memories, time to appreciate it, and good health to enjoy it. Cheers!

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    You will have a busy May and June. I picked up a Creative Keepsakes book at a Garage sale this past weekend and there was Aiden at 5 in the book (Cole was also featured)! It was fun to run across that. When I saw that my thoughts went to both of your kids and their new adventures coming up. Have fun with them. Right now I am scrapbooking horse show photos from 2015.

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    Wow! I’ve been pretty checked out lately due to my crazy life and work only to check back in to find your kids are all grown up. How does this happen? You must be incredibly proud of both of them. Congrats.

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    Sharon Fletcher

    Congratulations on all the accomplishments and celebrations! I am sure there will be another celebration for Dan’s new gig (even if its at the same place)….Happy May!! And thank you for sharing the ride with us as well!

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    Holy cow! You’ve got a lot going on. Congrats to both Aidan and Cole! What’s going on in my corner of the world? Our younger daughter, 25, is buying her first condo so we’ll be the moving crew in a few months. Our older daughter, 28, is getting married in November so we’ve been doing all things wedding related lately. This Mama can’t believe her “littles” are so grown up. And I can’t believe yours are either! Man, I’m gettin’ old.

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    Michelle Bradtke

    May will be busy and go by all so fast for you – enjoy the special moments! May is our slow month leading up to a trip in early June to SF, Yosemite and Napa with my daughter and her boyfriend. And speaking of daughter, I got an early Mother’s Day gift since she will be in Mexico next weekend: Zig Clean Color markers – 36 pack! Already played with them last night!

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    May is busy for me too! But I LOVE IT! My baby just graduated from college, and accepted a job based in Detroit (we live in NY). My daughter is getting married, and we have dress shopping and taste testing to do. And camping dates have been made as well as a visit from my sister!

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    Lisa Michels

    Whew! After reading your post I am thanking myself that I am doing this month in a more relaxed fashion! I also have a college graduation on the 27th a little further south in Decorah. The week prior we will be moving the other college kid home for the summer. I have been fighting a cold and am trying my best to enjoy the final weeks of quiet before my house is full again. My kids played high school sports and I also spent mother’s day at the fields for many years and kind of miss that. You have an amazing family, have a great month!

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    Congrats to both kids for their respective graduations! We have one graduating high school here too and I’ll be going with him to orientation at Florida Atlantic University at the end of the month. Exciting times!

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    Loved this post–I am anticipating a high school and college graduation for my two oldest in June 2019… I am watching to see how you survive this! 🙂 I am thinking there will be some wine involved, and a good sense of humor. I am entirely TOO sentimental and am sure to fall apart numerous time next June…..the wine and humor should help.

    Congrats to all of you! It’s so fun to watch as your family life unfolds and your children grow up. LOVE that pic of you and Dan. Wishing him well as you wait on that future job.

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    You have so much to be proud about! You have raised two beautiful and successful kids and kept your sense of humor doing it. ? My baby is graduating too and I don’t think it has sunk in yet. Today was her first Monday to be done. She got up, made her bed, per usual, sat down at her desk and reached for her daily manual and said, “wait a minute! I don’t have school to do!” Haha! I want her to be deliriously happy like I was at this time in my life but she’s feeling a little uneasy with so many changes. I think she’s on a roller coaster of emotion. It’s hard to grow up! Loved seeing this update!

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    Ah, yes…empty-nester time is just around the corner. It was harder for me than I ever thought it would be. It’s been great seeing your young ones mature into such fine people. Enjoy your future with (just) Dan!

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    Kelly L

    Congrats on the two major milestones of your babies! St. Olaf is a great college. My brother went there and was very happy with the campus and education. My youngest will be graduating preschool and off to Kindergarten in the fall, so new things ahead for our family. (Obviously a little different than yours, but it feels like a chapter closing after three babies home with me for so many years.)

    1. #27.1
      Cathy Zielske

      It is a great school! Hopeful that my boy will find his place there and really make the most of it!

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