Pretty Pink Posh Best Friends Forever (a simple card project!)

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Today I’m sharing  a card for those of you who want to dabble in simple techniques without being overwhelmed.

Now I use the word ‘simple’ loosely. It’s funny how a simple card can take a 10+ minute video to demonstrate, but it really does feature some basic techniques (and you’ll get to see some examples of my Copic marker hot messes!)

I’m still VERY green when it comes to Copic markers. In fact, I am still in the very early lesson phases of Copic Markers for Card Makers, which is an excellent class and I still have much to learn from working my way through the lessons. That is on my summer list! I hope to get more time to practice because I swear my markers are multiplying like rabbits, and yet I’m barely using them.

One thing I’m sharing in today’s video is how I use my custom logo stamp that I had made by Bossy Joscie.  Her stamps are really affordable and you can upload a custom design or she can help you create one from a series of options! It’s fun to put your stamp on your work (literally, no pun intended!)

Here is the video tutorial for today’s card project.

Thanks so much for watching!


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Cathy ZielskePretty Pink Posh Best Friends Forever (a simple card project!)

12 Comments on “Pretty Pink Posh Best Friends Forever (a simple card project!)”

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    no sleeve.

    I often make a jig (template) for the placing of elements in my sewing. it does save a lot of hassle knowing that things will be where they are supposed to be. especially since with sewing you turn it right side out before you get to see you messed up and it’s often unfixable.

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        would you like me to knit you a fingerless mitten to wear in place of a sleeve? ;P

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    You do make me laugh Cathy – I love your phrase ‘Hot messes’ !
    Thanks for this inspiration – you know your Copic colouring looks great to me – don’t undersell yourseelf ! In fact , thanks to your mention of the Online Copic for Card Makers class, I have just signed up and I now having something wonderful to do in my half term ( don’t know if you have the equivalent in the US ? It’s a week off in the middle of each of the 3 annual school terms – otherwise known amongst us teachers as a sanity break ! ) . I’ve just listened to the worderful Sandy Allnock telling me about the copic numbering system. You knopw what ? No matter how many times I read or heard this , it never sank in but now , thanks to her super teaching style, it makes perfect sense … that is until I go forget it all again !

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      Cathy Zielske

      Enjoy! And yes, it’s a great class that I’m going to be getting back to the lessons hopefully this summer!

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    Ina Nelson

    Glad I found your site. Thank you for your fun and wonderful presentation. And I love the card.

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    carol ann

    Darn cute card! I always love the clean simplicity you are known for. 🙂

    Just passing along… I just bought a jewel picker and saved the back panel. It says that if you lose adhesion from dust or oils, roll the tip on adhesive tape. If that doesn’t work at all for your situation, rub the impurities off with ultra fine sandpaper. Who knew? HTH

    Have a fantastic weekend!

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