Scrapbook Your Year, Pages for May 2018

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Oh, May… you joyous little month, you! I can confidently say it will go down in history as one of the most exciting (and busiest!) months on record in Zielske life to date. And I loved every minute of it!

PHOTOS TAKEN: 1,614 (I know, crazy, right? But there were two tournaments and a graduation! Mama still needs to cull that folder!)


Here are the finished pages:

My title page each month is just a collection of images that I loved from the month. The image that says ‘you are going to be fine’ came to me from the one and only Tara Whitney, but I’m pretty certain her sister took it.

Only one page this month doesn’t include ultimate tournaments or graduations. But it does include Gina K. from Gina K. Designs. And that, my friends, is THE BEST! Love you, Gina!

Page three is all about Cole and the ultimate that happened in the month of May. Sigh… I am going to miss these high school tournaments.

Of course, the next tournament saw my daughter’s team, the St. Olaf Vortex, WIN the national D3 collegiate title. I’m still high on this, I swear.

Then we catch our breath, and our girl graduates from college. Amazing. I’m so proud of you, Aidan.

I added those two extra pages because life and my stories demanded it! Honestly, I’m sure I could add more pages every month, but my goal with this project is to be a highlight of life, not the definitive record.

And so, another month is on the books.

Thanks, family. Thanks, life. Thanks, scrapbooking.

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If you’d like to see more of this project, check out my 2017 posts here. or you can watch my album recap video to see my completed project from last year!

Want to learn my system for approaching a year long project?


Cathy ZielskeScrapbook Your Year, Pages for May 2018

12 Comments on “Scrapbook Your Year, Pages for May 2018”

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    Great pages and pictures and stories! This is the good stuff. 🙂 The text message got me verklempt, too. (Mamas have soft hearts.)

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    Beautiful pages–congrats on everything! Life is good. 🙂 Question for you–curious if you print your pages at 12×12?

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    Kathy G

    Love seeing all the photos of these precious times, it brings back my memories with my Kids (now 38 & 33). I know I don’t have to tell you to cherish these moments, they are fleeting with new stories around the corner!

    Every month when I see your Scrapbook your Year post, I know I need to be documenting this phase of life I am in. I have the class but I just need a swift kick!

    As Always, thanks for sharing!

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