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Now that summer is here, graduations have passed and ultimate tournaments are over (for now!), I have a bit of time to catch up on my year long album project. Turns out, because of said ultimate tournaments, I took a whole mess of shots, as I am wont to do with my big assed rented lens. But I decided to take a very relaxed approach to April, keeping my number of pages to four. My goal with this book is not to document everything. And that is working out pretty well so far!

PHOTOS TAKEN: 1,125 (and that is after I deleted a bunch of them!)


There is part of me that thinks this is kind of a brownish first page of the month, but for those of you who don’t experience April in Minnesota, it’s not a very green time of the year, so I think it’s just fine!

I devoted one full page to the tournament down in Naperville that I went to with Cole and his Great River Stars team. They came to this elite invitational tourney and their showing surprised everyone. The only issue I had in doing this page is that I like to write in a voice that was the voice of April, not the mom who knows that they didn’t end up winning state this year, you know? That is how I choose to do this project though. Pretend like I wrote this on the last day of the month in question.

And the next page was all about my daughter and her team’s gutsy win to make Natties for the fourth year in a row! Little did I know they would go on to win the national freaking title.

And the final page is just my simple recap of the month.

As I said, I thought about adding more pages because I had more photos, but my goal with this project continues to be a snapshot of life, not every photo and every story.

I know when it all comes together it will be a perfect collection of moments from our lives. And so the project continues.

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Want to learn my system for approaching a year long project?

Cathy ZielskeScrapbook Your Year, pages for April 2018

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