Introducing Message to My… a new e-course from CZ Classes

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Today I’m happy to announce the launch of my first new e-course of 2018: Message to My… a new self-paced e-course from CZ Classes. This project is a passion project if there ever was one and I’ve been wanting to help others create an album of message for someone (or something!) they love for a long time now!

First things first: watch this short trailer for the class:

I have created two albums of messages, both for my children during their senior years in high school and they are two of my favorite memory keeping projects to date! Not only was it a labor of love for each child, but the process of writing a message a week was very therapeutic for this mama who is watching her children become adults in the blink of an eye.

These little albums represent the best of what scrapbooking offers: a clean and simple way to combine memories and photos from the heart.

This e-course will guide you and inspire you to create your own book of messages for someone (or something) you love!

Through five course lessons, I’ll give you the motivation and inspiration to plan and succeed at creating your album project! Whether you create printed books like mine, or take a more traditional approach to making a scrapbook, I am providing you with all the templates needed to create your project. And if you don’t have Photoshop, I’m offering printable PDFs to let you create a more traditional album project.

This class is packed with content and is launching with the promotional price of just $20. The template packages alone equal the value of the course. Plus, you get just under three hours of video instruction with me and an invitation to join our closed Facebook community to share with your fellow students. The full price is $25, but the promotional price will run through July 31, 2018.

This project is perfect for a school year’s worth of messages, and now is the time to plan if you’d like to create one for your student. But it’s not just ideal for school years! You could also document:

• a book of messages to your significant other celebrating the number of years you’ve been together, or even the first year (or any year!) of a marriage, week by week

• a book of messages to yourself as you embark on a new phase in life, or a job, or a fitness program, or any self-improvement endeavor

• a book of messages documenting a remodel project, or a landscaping project, or a crafting project—literally any time of long-term project you want to document with photos and words

• a book documenting all the books you read in a given time period and what you thought of them

• a year-long book of weekly observations about life in general.

I am planning to use these template beginning in September to create a new album documenting my first year with an empty nest. I believe that middle aged stories are important to tell!

This general concept is extremely flexible and I’m excited to help you plan how to create one with your word and photos.


To read the complete course description for Messages to My… click on the image below!


Cathy ZielskeIntroducing Message to My… a new e-course from CZ Classes

19 Comments on “Introducing Message to My… a new e-course from CZ Classes”

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    This is so timely for me Cathy – I’ve been toying with this idea in my head for a few months now to do a book for my girls! I’m sure that you’ve waaaay underpriced yourself here – I know the content will be worth far more than you are asking. So no hesitation here … off to sign up!!!!

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    Count me in! I’m on my way over to sign up. I’m already thinking of a bunch of different albums that could be made using this! Thanks, Cathy.

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    I’m so in! Thank you for creating this class and making it affordable! Can’t wait to dive in- now I need to decide who to make this for first!

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    Quick question after looking at the templates – will these work if we have mostly vertical photos?

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      Cathy Zielske

      Judi… oh man, well… not really. I mean, not unless you can crop them. I shoot both vertical and horizontal but… I am a pretty aggressive cropper! lol! Does that help?

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    I just signed up after thinking about how to approach a book for my nieces and nephews (the Quads)! I’m planning to use photos of them from birth through age 19 (their current age) combined with scans of pictures they have drawn and colored for me over the years (yes, of I saved everything they ever gave me! lol!). I’ve been wanting to do a book for each of them with those 2 things included and now being able to combine those with some messages/words of wisdom/insights on life after college, I think it will make the perfect college graduation gift for each of them! Thankfully they have 3 years left of college, so I have plenty of time to put these together for them! Thank you for offering this up as a class Cathy!

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    Kelli Nash

    I just registered! I have zero experience with photoshop, or scrapbooking. I want to make an album for my second grader! And I’m so excited. Thank you, Cathy!!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Okay, this is so cool! I saw your name pop up in the student list and just having someone who has never made a scrapbooking project? THAT is a crossover that I’m so excited about!

      If you need ANY help, Kelli, that’s why I’m here!

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    Sue Taylor

    Yay for another Cathy class 🙂 Super excited to take a peek at this one. Have decided digital is the way for me going forward and loved your Scrapbook your Year class so much.

    Thanks for creating such cool classes!


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    Yvonne Winters

    Really excited about this class. YOUR classes are the only classes I’ve actually completed start to finish. The 30 days of Thankful- I completed one album (and started a second) and an All about Me album (which i also started albums about each of my family members) lol… I am seriously the queen of unfinished projects! I WILL complete one of these… and maybe start a few too! 🙂

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