Scrapbook Your Year for July 2018

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Ah, July… you hot little number, you! Well, the month, much like my life for the past 22 year, has flown by and even though much happened, I took surprisingly few photos! After going through my culling process, I was left with about 100 shots. For me, that’s not a big number! I really didn’t have enough to make four pages for the month so I took a nice shortcut and just made two.

(Wait—can she do that? Um, she done did it!)



My title page just features a smattering of images from the month. I always try to include one shot of each family member and this month, I barely squeaked that through.

The recap page is page 2. I just did not have enough images to stretch this out, so I didn’t. And this is perfectly okay! I still have the words to tell the story, and the photos to support it. And, I’ll save a bit of money at the end of the year with a slightly smaller book. Maybe. As long as I don’t have ginormous months coming. But the thing is, this approach is fluid! No stressing out about not filling in the requisite four pages.

Now August will look a bit different as I took, oh, about a gazillion photos at a tournament last weekend. But we’ll cross that photo bridge next month!

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Want to learn my system for approaching a year long project?


Cathy ZielskeScrapbook Your Year for July 2018

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    Loving the no-stress attitude, Cathy. Good to be reminded that great design still delivers stylish pages no matter how few there are :). And that is a very vibrant and funky shirt …

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