Swatching a Mijello Mission Gold 36 Color Palette (plus a free printable swatch card!)

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I blame Kristina Werner. (And of course, by blame, what I really mean is love!) It all started when I became hooked on her YouTube channel, which is literally a plethora of the craftiest, most creative videos you’ll find on the internet. I’ve watched her watercolor and specifically, I’ve watched her use the Mijello Mission Gold palette, and I had to do it. I had to add yet another thing to my crafty arsenal.

The other thing that inspired me to do it was Kristina has a new class, Simply Watercolor, that launched last month. For $20, you get SO much inspiration and instruction, so I decided to sign up to learn how to do things with just watercolor. Of course, you can use any watercolors at all for her course and what I love is that she shows you how to create beautiful projects with well priced, inexpensive sets. That said, I decided to go big or go home. Here’s the first card I made from her class. (Note: I decided to use a stamped greeting, because I was not feeling my handwriting! In Simply Watercolor, you need no stamps or dies! Yep! That 2 U? That’s all freehand, baby, courtesy of the class materials and instruction!)

I also decided to splurge on some quality brushes. Keep in mind, you do not need fancy brushes. Hell, I probably do not need fancy brushes. But I justified it in my mind by repeating the phrase “tax write off” over and over, and then went for it. (Note: I do provide a general Amazon link in my supplies at the bottom of the post as they will have these brushes, but you can also shop around on the web. Search places like Ebay or other artist supply shops to find good deals!)

Today’s video is decidedly that of a newbie, but the one thing I really wanted to do was create a swatch card with ease, so I set one up with my computer and turned it into a PDF to share with you. Use a piece of 5 x 7 watercolor paper (or larger!) and your inkjet printer to create a swatch card. For the Mijello set, you’ll need to print and trim two. They correspond exactly to the wells of the palette and will fit into the lid of the set. Use the corner trim marks to cut down your swatch card. Click on the image below to download the swatch card file!

Enjoy the download and here is my video showing the unboxing and the swatching! Please note: I am not even remotely qualified to be an expert resource for swatching watercolors. At one point, I had to print out a color wheel because I was confused as to the order of the colors. But hey, we all start somewhere! And I hope that is the takeaway!

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Wish me luck that I will actually be able to create something with these gorgeous paints. Whatever the outcome, I’ll have fun trying!

Be sure to check out the Simply Watercolor class at Online Card Classes today!


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Cathy ZielskeSwatching a Mijello Mission Gold 36 Color Palette (plus a free printable swatch card!)

14 Comments on “Swatching a Mijello Mission Gold 36 Color Palette (plus a free printable swatch card!)”

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      Cathy Zielske

      Not the shapes of the letterforms! The plaid pattern and painting!!!! In the class, Kristina teaches how to do graphite transfers of designs she created! I did not draw the shapes! Just the painting inside!

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    Denise Rotell

    When you said the brushes were pricey I was thinking you meant like $50 or $60! Ha!! I’d have to get A LOT better at watercolor before I could justify these!!

    1. #2.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Yes. And these brushes are very likely overkill! I have a set I got from my local art supply store for 19.99 that will work just fine. This was one of those weak moments where I decided to get a really high end product, knowing that it would be added to my business expenses for 2018. That is literally the only way I justified the purchase!

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    Kathleen S.

    Don’t watercolor, don’t have any plans to watercolor. But never underestimate the seductive power of a CZ video. Watched the whole thing. I’m prepared should I ever do something that qualifies me for tax-exempt! Thanks!

    1. #3.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Haha! Yeah, Kathleen… I NEVER thought I would do this. I mean, seriously. SERIOUSLY! But it’s just crazy how much fun this is… it’s like it feels good for my brain on many levels!

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    so many things.

    pink tartan on the card – very cool. looks good. (from a not pink person, but tartan, I’m in)

    watercolour, yeah, it’s sucking me in. I got a Reeves set (cos that’s what we had at school back in the dark ages) from Hobbycraft for half price, less a birthday coupon, so £4! (I might have spent more than that in total to get the free postage… that happens)

    My brushes did not cost that, although your set does look lovely, with the case and all. But it’s good I’d already swallowed my drink when I looked it up so I didn’t choke.

    printers! My printer is not going to accept 300gsm card. It won’t even accept 200gsm. It just whines it’s rollers and makes a noise like an asthmatic donkey. (Epson photo printer, relatively older model, I don’t print out that much, partially related to the asthmatic donkey sound aesthetic). It amazes me that there isn’t a printer marketed for craft use – with so many downloadable templates and colouring in pages and stuff to cut out and digital pattern paper, I would have thought a printer that can handle that varied weights of paper, flat, with coatings and ink load would be something people would want! If there is a special crafter’s printer, I’ve missed it.

    I thought, ‘inkjet, but that’ll bleed when you put the paint on’. I thought ‘you can’t put inkjet ink on watercolour paper, it’ll just bleed and run’. but lo, you did all that and nobody bled.

    you learn something new every day. so I’ve heard. that me good til at least Wednesday now?

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      Cathy Zielske

      Yeah, now that I have them (the brushes), I’m glad because in using them just one time I can tell the difference, but… again, tax deduction for my business. : ) And I learned about ink jet ink from using them with Copic markers…. if you can color over it with an alcohol marker, then I figured watercolor would be a snap!

      But yes, printers can be very fussy with paper. I had an HP Photosmart that I loved, but it would not take kraft cardstock. Ever. And I love to scrapbook with kraft.

      My big Epson SureColor P400 takes all manner of paper. Even watercolor paper, which is nice! But it was not a cheap machine!

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    Thank you for your honesty. I always feel dumb because I don’t do watercolor enough to catch on. Maybe someday i’ll have time for a class where I can dive in and play.

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    Sandi Keene

    Thank you so much for the swatch card! I totally agree about Kristina Werner. I also took that class and loved it. I see you are teaching in her latest class. Congrats!

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