A card for your bestie (simple rainbow watercoloring)

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Carmaking at cathyzielske.com

Carmaking at cathyzielske.com

I have a brand new stamp set out (and coordinating dies!) all designed with one thing in mind: to celebrate your bestie!

Carmaking at cathyzielske.com

I happen to have two besties (and yes, they are fully aware of each other!), and so I have much to be grateful for because of these remarkable women. This card project gave me a chance to break out my relatively new watercolor set and have a go at creating something bold yet simple. My key so far with watercolors (and you can use ANY set for this card project) is to keep it simple and limited. I chose a ROYG scheme (red, orange, yellow and green) to keep it easy and breezy. I am by no means a watercolor master, but it’s so fun to play with this crafty medium.

Here is my video showing you how I created this card project:

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Cathy ZielskeA card for your bestie (simple rainbow watercoloring)

5 Comments on “A card for your bestie (simple rainbow watercoloring)”

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    I really, really want to try this watercolour malarkey. I’ve got most of the gear, just need a)time and b)energy. rarely have both at once that isn’t spoken for in more necessary pursuits.

    when did you get the glass mat? One sees it so often in videos and a lot of people had a black cutting mat before that. I can see how it works well for ink and paint and all the messy stuff, but I don’t have space to keep it out, it seems to heavy to move and I need my rotary mat on my big desk for my sewing work. Still, looks cool and seems to work well for a lot of different materials.

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      Cathy Zielske

      I got the mat a few weeks back. Tim Holtz is an old friend of mine and kindly sent one to me. I can totally see why people are loving it! You can do pretty much everything on it, and it just cleans up in a snap! Now I’m filming on it and it seems to be working but i have to place my lights just so, so they do not end up reflecting in the glass.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Mary! It’s above, in the second row in the supplies list on the right! Just be warned, it ain’t cheap! ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Cathy Zielske

      I just realized if you’re looking on a phone, it would not be the second row, but yes, it’s the Mjello item!

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