It’s World Cardmaking Day 2018! I’m trying something a little different.

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Happy World Cardmaking Day, my friends! This marks my 2nd year since starting to make cards wherein, much like International Scrapbook Day, I even knew it was a thing.

It’s a thing!

Today I’m trying something new: a sorta live video.

Normally, I film my YouTube videos, drop out all of the audio, cut them up, splice them together, and add a voice over. I like this approach because it lets me bypass all the mucky muck and the mishaps that inevitably occur while filming a craft tutorial. Today, however, I decided to record a live process clip, with minimal editing, to show you the actual process of creating a card. It may or may not be instructional and/or entertaining. There are mistakes made, but in the end, it’s a pretty cute card!

One note: I am using a rainbow die that I am unable to source exactly, so I’ve added two different rainbow builder die options in my supplies below. All supplies listed are affiliate links at no cost to you, but I get a small percentage of each purchase. I thank you for shopping with my links because it helps me to continue growing my YouTube channel and small business.

Click on the image below to watch the video!

I hope you get to create something fun today!


Cathy ZielskeIt’s World Cardmaking Day 2018! I’m trying something a little different.

4 Comments on “It’s World Cardmaking Day 2018! I’m trying something a little different.”

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    Pami Ballington

    I just recently discovered you, and I so enjoy your videos. I have been watching/ listening to the while I craft, and it’s like I’m crafting with a friend. Thanks for sharing yourself!

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    World Card Making Day – I was sewing. but I thought about cards! it’s the thought that counts. isn’t it?

    I love the rainbow, clouds, the title looks great, all the colours, fab. You know when you asked if I (the Watcher) thought it needed some shiny I shouted No at you. You know that. Horses for corses, and sequins. Despite not being a pink fan I thought your monochrome pink rainbow looked good! strong.

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    Cathy I love listening to you and watching the process. It feels so natural like I’m here in my dining room having you in for morning coffee! Cheers!

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