Scrapbook Your Year Pages for August 2018 (plus save 30% on the e-course!)

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I played a little catch up over the weekend with my year long scrapbooking project that I call Scrapbook Your Year. This class is designed to teach you my approach to creating a manageable way to tackle a year-long album project. I like things to be fun and do-able where my crafty life is concerned. No anxiety should be part of your scrapbooking. That said…

I think I was feeling too much anxiety during late summer and early September to focus on connecting with my memories. I don’t meant that to sound overly dramatic, but there was/is a lot of transition going on around these parts, with my daughter moving out for law school and my son moving out for his freshman year of college. But things seem to be settling in and while I know that worrying is really not a good use of time, I’ve managed to work it out and well, that meant I could steal a few minutes to add pages to my digital book project. Shall we?

Number of Photos taken: 996 (after the culling process, and this number is only ridiculously high because I was shooting three days of an ultimate tournament. I will eventually get rid of many in my Photo library.)

Number of Photos Used: 23

My goal with the first page is to give a visual recap of the month and pick some of my favorite shots. I also try to represent all four Zielskes whenever possible.

Lots of ultimate in August. I know I talk about this sport a lot, but I really believe it is truly a beautiful game like no other. SO grateful that my son is now playing in college, too.

A big highlight for me was going to the Simon Says Stamp HQ in Ohio to meet the entire staff that works there, along with meeting up with a number of designers who I’d never met before in person. Seeing how much their entire staff cares about the customers and the products was really inspiring. This small business was built from one woman’s passion and I have so much respect for the owner, Heidi. Very grateful she continues to want to work with me. And a side note: all Simon products are made in the United States, which in turn supports other businesses who create those products.

And the final recap.

As I said, much transition in August and we all emerged and moved forward. Of course, next I’ll be documenting September. But I needed  to take a little breather in between, as it was another month of transition. This empty nest stuff? It has upsides and downsides and mixed up insides. Of course, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. Such is life and life is a good thing.

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Cathy ZielskeScrapbook Your Year Pages for August 2018 (plus save 30% on the e-course!)

7 Comments on “Scrapbook Your Year Pages for August 2018 (plus save 30% on the e-course!)”

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    I LOVE this method. I just finished my September 2018 yesterday. I’ve never stayed as current as this year but this way of these templates really makes it possible and enjoyable.
    Love these August pages – especially how you slightly changed pages 2+3.
    Very cool!

    1. #1.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Thanks, Lori! And yeah, sometimes I alter the templates to fit photos better. I think I cover that in class, right? lol!

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    Andrea Hastilow

    Wonderful layouts, easy to follow at a glance, beautiful, clear photos ( a slight hitch I need to sort for myself) action packed, fun & colourful, marvellous.
    I understand the horror unnerving countdown to the children, rather adults, leaving the nest. My beautiful daughter is a five minute drive away but it’s not the same & I’m lucky enough to be able to have two sons with me still. Breathe deep x

    1. #2.1
      Cathy Zielske

      It’s definitely a change, and a surprise, the level of worry that has cropped up and I realized that may never change. A healthy dose of concern, as long as it doesn’t overtake, you know?

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    I wish you would create some Scrapbook Your Year templates in 6×8 or even 3×8 sizes. I can’t handle anything bigger. Pretty please?!

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