Scrapbook Your Year, Pages for September and October 2018

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I decided to knock off two months of memories over the past few weekends. With my simple approach, this is a pretty easy task to complete! One thing to note before I share pages: this month, I’m not sharing one page from September because it’s all about Cole’s start at college. There are some photos he’s okay with me sharing (ones that involve sports), but photos from his personal journey are not always mine to share, and so… I’m only sharing two pages from September. Memory keeping mamas have to keep in mind that it’s great to include it all in your books, but some of it can stay out of the public eye. Cool? Cool! Let’s go!

SEPTEMBER PHOTOS TAKEN: 235 (after culling shots I didn’t need)

SEPTEMBER PHOTOS USED: 17 (over three pages, one of which is not shown in this post)

I only created three pages to document the month of September and you know what? This is totally acceptable in the scheme of a year-long project. Cole’s story is shared a bit on the wrap up but the photos from the day we dropped him off are what I’m not sharing. Again, it’s his life, and not all photos of him are mine to share. So let’s move onto October!



I always try to create a mix of images for the first page of the month, and I usually try to include a shot of everyone. I have NOT been taking photos of Dan and that needs to change. Trust me, he’s still around.

Sports are okay to share and it was SO fun to go down to Iowa and watch Cole play in his first collegiate tournament.

I also took a little trip to hang out with crafty ladies in October. Very proud of myself for getting out of the house, y’all.

And just like that, two months are documented.

This approach really is so easy to adapt and incorporate. I love knowing that at the end of the  year, I have the content for a beautiful and simple book of our family memories.

Check out the rest of 2018 here.

If you like the way this project looks, I encourage you to sign up for the class that has guided this project for the past few years, Scrapbook Your Year! It, along with all of my self-paced courses, is on sale for 30% off through November 30th at midnight! Click on the image below for the full course description and to save. You have permanent access to the materials, and this would help you to gear up for 2019’s scrapbooking!


Cathy ZielskeScrapbook Your Year, Pages for September and October 2018

3 Comments on “Scrapbook Your Year, Pages for September and October 2018”

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    Kate T.

    I love your style! I signed up for SYY when you first came out with it but had such a crazy busy life that I still have yet to start, until now. I am finally getting ready to finally start organizling and culling and putting it together. I’m so excited to begin this project! Seeing your pages as well as all of the posts in the SYY group are really inspiring. Thank you for this!

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