December Daily® Page Shares, Part 4 (the wrap up)

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Yesterday I finished up all the remaining pages in my 2018 December Daily album. Part of the reason I can wrap a project like this up quickly is because I keep it ridiculously simple. But the result makes me so happy and I have another little holiday album to join my growing collection. Here is a look at the rest of my project.

We had a family bowling night to celebrate Dan’s brother’s birthday, and I also started mailing out some of my holiday cards. Those 3 x 8 pockets are just the coolest for photos. I am a fan of the big vertical crop!

Even a Sunday without much going on was easy enough to document. I like to think of this day as the calm before the holiday hoopla amped up!

Aidan wrapped up her first semester in law school and I had a ton of work to get to in order to get my Fit 2019 class ready to launch! And yes, there is a typo on the left page. I may fix it. Then again, I may not. Making errors reminds me to #stayhumble.

I definitely kept the product to a minimum this year, but loved to sprinkle in some of the cards from Ali’s main kit. I adore her handwriting!

Okay, this is probably the most fun day in terms of presents as I bought myself an Apple Watch. See, I’ve let work rule my life in 2018 and the balance needs to be reclaimed, friends. I need to get moving and this is my investment in that goal. I’m a woman who likes to get her money’s worth and so… hello exercise!

We had a neighborhood party.

And then it was time to make cookies! Fun fact: I took NO photos on the 22nd, so I simply added a journal card but no big date. Works for me!

I did include another spread of cookies and of my girl making us a delicious meal.

The tradition of the Zielske’s do a selfie on Christmas Eve continues! I couldn’t fit it any other way than sideways. Again, this is fine by mama!

Even Cole is close to smiling. YASSSSS!

One of our Christmas Eve traditions is meeting up with Dan’s sister and her family for dinner at The Outback Steakhouse. We love it!

Christmas Day follows, along with more general merriment and a gluten-free waffle bar!

We headed down to Dan’s parent’s farm to celebrate with a smaller family crew this year.

And that is my closing note.

For me, keeping it simple is best. A few cute products. A few little stories. A few little photos. Sounds just about perfect.

Thanks, Ali, for creating such an amazing movement in December memory keeping!

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Cathy ZielskeDecember Daily® Page Shares, Part 4 (the wrap up)

10 Comments on “December Daily® Page Shares, Part 4 (the wrap up)”

  1. #1

    stories told, memories captured – BEAUTIFUL!
    As someone who gets overwhelmed and paralyzed with all the embellishment possibilities, it’s so inspiring to see how lovely keeping it simple can be.

    1. #1.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Cyn, that is my hope in sharing this. It’s very simple. I get way crafty in other areas (like cards!) but I like my memory keeping simple. : )

  2. #2

    love this! I took pics but I need to take the time to put it together….still deciding what format I want that in this year.

    1. #2.1
      Cathy Zielske

      I will say, this size is really nice and compact! But, no room if you like any extra embellishing!

  3. #3

    Simply wonderful, Cathy! I have been intrigued by the 3×8 size but wasn’t sure how it would work, thanks for the inspiration!

  4. #4

    Awesome album! Pretty and simple and full of good memories. Thanks for sharing the final product and your thoughts on the process. Always enjoy your take on this memory keeping world of ours.

  5. #6

    Using the same album and I have several sideways photos like your Christmas Eve selfie. I actually like that perspective. Awesome album! Happy New Year!

  6. #7

    Loved seeing how it all came together in this size, great inspiration. I really love how you have a title for each day. Thank you for sharing!
    PS: I was hoping you would share about the MUM picture on the 24th?

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