Simple Gift Card or Money Holders

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The holidays are here and I am one of those people who is a big fan of the holiday gift card.

I know. Some of you are shaking your heads right now, thinking, “Cathy… come ON! You can do better than that!”

But the truth is, I love to give the gift of giving someone a choice of what they really wanted in the first place. Ergo, mama loves gift cards.

And because I love gift cards, I love creating little holders for said cards.

Or, for cold, hard cash, of which my son is a HUGE fan.

Check out my short video showing you a really simple crafty project using the coolest all-purpose Petal Envelope die.

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Cathy ZielskeSimple Gift Card or Money Holders

12 Comments on “Simple Gift Card or Money Holders”

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    Maureen Morton

    Very cute holder! I use locking tweezers to hold twine while making a bow. Love your style!

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    using your head.

    if you are giving multiple packets I can see this as being the best solution, but for a single one, well I’m considering pop up mechanisms. cos that would be fun. Not seen a die for the matchbox with rubber band cubes, so that’s a bit tedious to make lots of, but I like 3D.

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    carol ann

    Another clean and simple idea! It’s great! 🙂

    I use a florist trick for helping to hold twine in place for the tying part. When you first make your “x” with the twine and wrap it through, do a double wrap and then pull it snug. It helps to hold the tie in place before creating your loops for the bow.

    2nd idea. Place a little removable tape on the flaps, outside the string area, then tie.

    3rd idea. Swipe your twine or thread through some bees wax. It will stiffen it a bit to help hold it snug when you tie.

    Just call me Martha. LOL

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      Cathy Zielske

      Haha! I didn’t realize you could just use reverse tweezers, too! Learn something new every day!

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    Patricia Wilson

    So cute! How about using a spring loaded clothespin to hold your project closed while you tie?

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    I think you should totally invent something to be worn on the head for tying bows…my husband said he would buy me one. I love your videos 🙂

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