Scrapbook Your Year Pages for November & December 2018

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It’s official: I have wrapped production on my 2018 album project that I call Scrapbook Your Year.

I just finished up my November and December pages, which I’m sharing today and I’ll let you in on little secret: I was ready to wrap this year up.

Do you ever feel that way with scrapbooking projects? That you just want ’em to be done so you can move onto the next crafty thing?

Maybe I shouldn’t say that out loud, but it’s kind of how I was feeling for the end of the year. I had done two albums I loved (30 Days of Thankful and December Daily) and sometimes that takes the memory keeping steam out of me.

But because my SYY system is pretty easy to follow, I finished these pages yesterday afternoon and the next step will be to upload them all to my favorite book printer and await the printed results.

And just for fun, Scrapbook Your Year will be on sale for 30% off through Sunday night at midnight if you’d like to start using my approach. You don’t have to be digital to do it, but you do have to be willing to rethink how to save your stories. My philosophy is this: you don’t have to save it all to create a meaningful, accurate record of your life.

With that, here are my final pages for 2018: (Note: if there are typos, I’ll catch them… maybe I’ll change them, or not. It’s okay. I’m not perfect, and that will be my reminder!)



See the photo of the snowman? That is what I’m sharing publicly, but in the album I’m going to print, there is a photo of my son that I love, but one that he said, “You may not share this.” I’m cool with that.

Also, I got a new shirt in November from Old Navy. I would like to apologize in advance for how many times it shows up in the next two months. #clothesarenotmything

I had to point out that all these shots were taken with my phone. I still think it’s pretty amazing that most of us now carry capable cameras everywhere we go.

I only did three page for November because I really didn’t have that many photos! And in this system, it’s fine. Perfectly acceptable! Moving on…



There is a lot of crossover on these pages with my December Daily project. But that’s okay because this album really should stand alone. The December Daily albums really only come out during the holidays. Most of the year, they sit quietly in my office closet.

I opted to drop my usual 3 x 4 journal spots for photos. I said it all in the December Daily album. Lol.

I really do think just having a page of photos is perfectly okay! Just getting them out of the digital realm and into a space that will be printed? That is the goal.

And that, my friends, is a wrap on 2018!

I will be filming a video walk through of the book once it’s back in my hot little hands. And I may or may not do some more proofing before I send it but I have to be honest here: I really am okay with a typo here and there. My goal is not perfection. My goal is to save the stories and images.

And that has been accomplished for 2018!

Want to learn my approach?

SIGN UP AND GET TO SAVING THOSE MEMORIES. Learn my system today! Plus, I just updated the class bonus files to include date cards to extend through 2022! Click on the image above to read the complete course description!



Cathy ZielskeScrapbook Your Year Pages for November & December 2018

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    Both your Scrapbook Your Year and December Daily album were beautiful and an inspiration! Happy New Year Ms. Cathy!

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