Peace & Love: Distress Ink Painting + Real World Color Inspiration

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simple card projects at

simple card projects at

Are you ever stumped for ideas on color? Even as a person who has worked in design for, oh, 28 years now—yes, I’m seasoned, ladies—I have always been challenged by choosing color combinations. Usually, my guide is the color wheel and that’s it. If it doesn’t make sense on the wheel, I don’t try it.

But then I saw this hanging in my kitchen:

simple card projects at

I got this cool Paper Source calendar for Christmas and when we flipped over to February, I thought: there’s my next card project!

simple card projects at

Even though I didn’t quite nail the colors themselves, the flow and order is still really nice for a simple background. Plus, it let me play with my new Peace & Love word and shadow die set, which I’ve been wanting to do!

The weird thing is, I can’t even really name this color combo, other than to say it’s mostly going counterclockwise around the wheel. Take a look at the color wheel:

It starts on the warm side of the wheel and almost makes it over to that cool side, but purple can really go either way.

Here is the video showing you how I created the card:

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I am planning more Real World Color card projects going forward! It’s fun to base your design around found color combos, plus it takes some of the pressure off, too!


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Cathy ZielskePeace & Love: Distress Ink Painting + Real World Color Inspiration

7 Comments on “Peace & Love: Distress Ink Painting + Real World Color Inspiration”

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    Janice C.

    You are one amazing and insanely funny woman! I absolutely adore and admire you so much. I appreciate your honest sharing of struggles and things that just don’t go right or pop into place and how you “fix” them. You rock, woman! (great stamp design BTW)

  2. #2

    Awesome. So it’s basically Clockwise Warm #1. LOL!! I love that idea of taking color combos from things that we see. That look good, obviously.

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    Doris Driver

    Thanks Cathy! I was looking for a card idea and you popped right into my in box.
    This is an easy, fun, and colorful idea. Off to make that birthday card. Appreciate
    you and your inspiration!

  4. #4

    It’s called “contiguous” when a color scheme involves colors that touch each other on the color wheel. This is kind of a “modified contiguous” scheme. I adore it. You rock.

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