Pixel to Page: Blast from the Past Hybrid Scrapbook Page

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hybrid scrapbooking at cathy zielske.com

hybrid scrapbooking at cathy zielske.com

I have been starting the very initial stages of Marie Kondo-ing the crap out of my life.

While I have only seen one episode of her new Netflix Series, it has inspired me to begin in a logical place: my closet. And let me tell you this: I have only just begun to clean.

That said, one thing that lives in my closet? Photos. And I found a DOOZY of a shot that when I saw it, I knew: tell this story.

The year was 1993 (I realized after I finished the layout that I had the year wrong!). Aidan was not yet living on Planet Earth and my office was in our back bedroom. I was a corporate employee of the American Collectors Association and I was seriously so geeked to have my second Apple computer, a IIci and a 12-inch monitor. Oh, how tech marks the time, friends.

I mean, we had floppy disks AND a dog!

hybrid scrapbooking at cathy zielske.com

In my quest to tell more of my story in 2019, I created the layout, including recreated a shot from present day, minus the high-waisted mom jeans:

These are the kinds of stories that I want to remember. Time contrasts and comparisons are some of my favorite types of stories to tell!

Today’s video is a bit longer, as I’m including the digital process, as well as the page assembly! You can skip the digital part in the video if that’s not your thing! I don’t go into exhaustive detail, but it will give you an idea of how I use digital templates as a base for my real world pages. All supplies are linked below the video, including the link to the template I used for this layout.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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NOTE: The striped patterned paper is from Close to My Heart, but it’s an out of print paper that I cannot source. But definitely check out their papers! I think they’re killing on design right now!

Cathy ZielskePixel to Page: Blast from the Past Hybrid Scrapbook Page

19 Comments on “Pixel to Page: Blast from the Past Hybrid Scrapbook Page”

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    What a great page & story!! I just came across childhood photos. Total scrapbooking gold right there, right? I’m excited to dive in and do something with them and rescue them from the book they’re in which is falling apart. Your take on then & now is very inspiring! Love it!!

  2. #6

    That definitely looks like Aidan!!!!! Would be interesting if you created a layout with this photo…….and one of her doing the same pose 🙂

  3. #7

    What a great story to document Cathy! I LOVE the past & present gap of time visual. I said out loud “yeeesss, the orange hearts to tie the eye into the entire page!”. Your clean and balanced style is what keeps me coming back, that and your natural knack for teaching & sense of humor – boom! Never thought I’d have interest in digital scrapbooking, but I see now from this video how it can be done with a beautiful tangible page in the end. Thanks again for a great tutorial and more inspiration to get back to a loved hobby! 🙂

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    I love that you documented that, and you seem so much more comfortable doing digital scrapbooking videos than when doing card videos. I loved this one, since I seriously suck at Photoshop Elements! I was cracking up when you were pointing out the floppies in the picture. If I remember correctly, the Apple IIc didn’t accept floppies! Didn’t it use those small hard disks? I can’t remember what they were called! I had a IIc as my second computer too..the first was an Apple IIe. I think we are the same age, so your references always crack me up….especially the music ones.

    1. #8.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Lol. I’m comfortable doing both! Card videos are easier, if you can believe that. The scrapbook ones take more thought and I have no idea how they’re going to turn out!

      It was the Iici. It took floppies. Maybe it wasn’t a IIci but i swear it was.

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    Lori Proulx

    Hi Cathy, Love, love the page. I knew you would pick the “kraft” color cardstock. It’s you. Did I miss in the video how you know what size to print your photos? P.S. I just had to get in on the sales at “Designer Digitals” of your templates.

    1. #9.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Lori!

      The large photo is a 6 x 4. The smaller one… not 100% sure. Lol. It’s already in my album, but I just used the template to create a printing doc, and printed the smaller image on a 6 x 4 paper, and trimmed! On the template it’s 2.75 x 1-7.8s ish!

  6. #10
    Jesica B

    Love this layout!

    What type of 8.5×11 page protectors do you use? I have bought a few and they are all cloudy looking. I’m trying to find some that are clear.


    1. #10.1
      Cathy Zielske

      I’m a fan of three makes:

      1. We R Memory Keepers
      2. Stampin UP (literally such good quality)
      3. Close to My Heart

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