Fit 2019: My April Update

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I have one statement to make regarding the month of March. Well, I actually have multiple statements to make but if I were to have an elevator pitch, it would go like this:

March was a Shit Show.

First things first: can you tell which knee is bigger than the other? That’s issue No. 1.

I have no idea how I did it. It was right at the end of February. It might have been one day when I thought the treadmill was off, and I went to step on the deck to start stretching and realized real quick like it was still moving. Or it could have been any number of times I slipped shoveling the copious amounts of snow that fell here in Minnesota. Or who knows? (And literally, no one knows because I’m presently between doctor appointments.)

Long story short, mama done effed up her knee and that blows.

Then the basement flooded again and my dishwasher died, but I’m not here to talk about that crap because those things don’t directly affect my health. Okay, maybe my blood pressure…

The cardio went out the window in March and after being on a such a roll, it was kind of a bummer. Now in the past, I would have thrown the baby out with the bathwater and drowned my sorrows in red wine and potato chips, but this time, I chose differently.

I’m staying the course on eating in a way that will help my body (no gluten, no alcohol, lower carb, medium protein, medium fat) and realizing that it’s a good fit for me.

But there is some good news in all of this: after getting my blood workup from a visit in late February, turns out every number is on point. Blood sugar is 77. Cholesterol is 182. And my blood pressure? 110/65. So that tells me something is working.

Another thing that happened in March is that my dad took a bad fall, breaking his leg pretty badly and is now post surgery and in rehab. That sucks for him big time, but his attitude is positive, as is my mom’s, so hopefully his rehab will go well. I’m heading out to see them later this week.

There are other things contributing to my general stress, but I’m responding with as much real self-care as I can muster. In short, I’m adulting like a boss.

And I can’t ask myself for more than that.

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Cathy ZielskeFit 2019: My April Update

32 Comments on “Fit 2019: My April Update”

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    You have aptly summarized the March I experienced. I have no energy to say more, except that It’s a new day, a new month and I am breathing. Deeply. Keep on keepin’ on!

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    Kim Bennett

    Oh no Kathy…you’re knee looks like my knee…only mine was from an injury many years ago. Arthritis likes to visit every once in a while…which makes it look and feel huge! So sorry to hear about your dad…sending well wishes and prayers for his recovery and yours too!!!! My husband just took a new job…we will be eventually leaving Michigan and heading to Minnesota (Hopkins area)…we’ve lived here for 20 years. My stress levels say “bring on the chocolate”…but I’m trying to NOT eat through bags of Easter candy!!! Have a safe trip to see your parents!!!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Well, one good bit of info is that the X-ray showed no signs of arthritis. My gut says meniscus, but… will have to wait until I get in with sports med and an MRI. Hoping to NOT have surgery, though… we shall see. And NO worries on the K. 🙂

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    Thank you for the ADULTING inspiration. Such a useful way of addressing the ups and especially the downs! Go Cathy Go!

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    Anna L.

    ah yes, the wonky knee. Did mine by walking too much while on vacation (gah!). Knee brace is my best fashion accessory. I feel your pain (literally).

    1. #4.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Yeah, I’m looking for answers and will hopefully get some after I jump through my insurance company’s hoops.

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    Lori V

    Ended March with the horrendous, no good, very bad, disgusting, yucky stomach flu which I have now managed to give to my DH & my kid? So I totally agree – March can’t get in the rear view fast enough! Sending very antiseptic hugs to you & to your folks too – parenting parents is very tough?

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    You know the Finding Nemo “just keep swimming” not the literal swimming…but keep doing that too cause that good for you ?????

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    I feel ya … my knee is having a mind of its own lately, one that crackles and pops and makes me say Ouch! After three knee surgeries from athletic injuries over the years I shouldn’t be surprised, but I’ll going to keep going with tennis and golf til it says No More! Hang in there! You’re inspiring so many of us!

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    Wow, you are my spirit animal. I have been enjoying your spotify mix with my workout as I am rehabbing from a knee surgery that happened dec and is rehabbing MUCH slower that optimum. I am enjoying my new dishwasher and I don’t have a basement to flood so I am counting myself lucky. Here’s hoping that you do not need surgery and if you do that you rehab is on the other end of the spectrum from mine.

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    Kim Bennett

    Sorry Cathy…I tried to change my post…I know your name is Cathy with a C…not a K. CZ Design…DUH!!!!!!! ?

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    So sorry to hear about the injuries for you and your Dad … Yep, some months feel really crappy. Admiring your positive attitude and rooting for you on April.

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    My March resembled yours a bit. It’s my hip that’s effed up. I consulted an ortho who basically told me I’m old and going to die soon anyway so why bother fixing it?

    I’m 48.

    When I said I need to get back on my feet, replied (and I wish I were kidding), “You’re on your feet. You walked in here.”

    So I fired his arrogant ass.

    Currently working to see another ortho.

    Let’s hear it for a fresh start in April & lots of healing for all of us!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Are you effing kidding me? That is HORRIBLE. Like, literally horrible. Please tell me you wrote a letter to complain? I want to kick that doctor in the shins on your behalf.

      1. #14.1.1

        I have not yet complained – although it was really, really tempting to do so when they sent me the post-visit survey.

        I’m only holding off (for now) because the surgeon who I hope to see, the one who came highly recommended by an acquaintance, is in the same practice. Rest assured, I will most definitely explain to the new surgeon why I made the switch, if I’m granted permission to see him.

        Thanks for the offer to inflict bodily harm – that cheers me immensely *LOL*

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    Sorry that March wasn’t a good month for you. Hope your knee gets well quickly and sending your dad lots of positive vibes. You are holding on like the boss you are!

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    I really needed to read this today – just got back from the dentist where I was told an old crown has a big cavity and bone loss underneath and they recommend pulling the tooth and am implant…….
    I’m going to feel sorry for myself today and then give myself a kick in the butt tomorrow along with a reminder of all I have to be grateful for.
    Thanks for sharing the bad along with the good!!

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    Cathy – and many others who have shared their knee pain stories – I empathize with your struggles.

    After decades of knee problems – all meniscal – I am old enough to have a partial knee replacement on my left knee. This is the knee that has endured three arthroscopy procedures (2007, 2008, 2012). I have been sporting an unloader brace since September 2018. It helps, but I am still not pain free.

    Did I mention that I am currently 49 years old? I will be 50 later this month. My surgery is tomorrow – April 2nd.

    Fortunately I like & trust my orthpaedist – he’s done the three arthroscopy procedures, so he knows my knee. Hopefully after I heal from this procedure I’ll feel better and will be able to be a bit more active. I try to do low-impact walking (because of the bad knees) every day, but recently am back to not being able to do that.

    To Rebecca – the jack** you saw was completely out of line. I hope you are able to see a more compassionate surgeon, get the treatment you need, and then give an honest opinion about the first guy. Unacceptable and unprofessional.

    To Judi – Wow. Your dental appointment was rough. Hopefully you’re not in too much pain. After all this is over and you have healed completely, I hope you feel much better.

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    Sounds like a great bonding moment for you and your dad…one bum leg to another! You are lookin’ great, by the way! Keep up the great work!

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    Can you find a Moving to Heal- Nia class in your area? Check out the website It may be just what the body needs as you heal your injury….depending on your diagnosis. A fellow crafter and an 62 year old Nia instructor who loves to keep moving my body in a loving fun, holistic way.

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    Cindyellen Robinson

    I’ve been thinking about you. And sending white light and sunshine and unicorn glitter to that knee while you go galivanting in Henderson. I am also sending prayers for your dad. Getting old is not for sissies. Ever.
    I think the best thing that ever happened to introverts was Instagram and YouTube. We can have caring loving relationships with people we’ve never met. I too am adulting like a boss, so I feel ya. Sisters in the adulthood!! i too would love to devolve to red wine and chips, but, alas, I appear to have eaten/drunk my quota for this lifetime. I finished early.
    Best to you and yours.

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