Scrapbook Your Year, Pages for March 2019 (+ a flash sale!)

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scrapbook your year at

scrapbook your year at

Another month in my year long album project is on the books, so to speak, or at least prepared to go onto the books at the end of 2019!

Last month, I only had enough photos to create two pages in my album, but this month, I’m back to the traditional four pages. Let’s dive into the details:

PHOTOS TAKEN: 96 (after the culling process, which is where I go in and delete tons of photos in my library that will never see the light of this project).


Shall we?

scrapbook your year at

My title page (or simply the first page of the month) features a smattering of my favorite images from the month. As always, I try to make sure each family member is represented on this page. It’s a bit trickier to include my son, Cole, but this month I had a very shots that I snagged off of social media. They say social media is a vast wasteland but every time I get a great photo that includes Cole, I say hallelujah!

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We had quite a dumping of snow in March, which meant a bit more time to cross country ski for Aidan and Dan. March was also the month of birthdays around here (Dan, me and Aidan), and for my birthday, Dan painted Cole’s old bedroom (where I sleep now due to middle age sleeping issues) a lovely light gray. I still haven’t taken the after pic. Note to self: do that.

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Now that Aidan has moved home (she’s not completely out of her place near the University of Minnesota, but close), there are a lot more opportunities to get photos with and of her. And that’s a good thing.

scrapbook your year at

March also saw me flying out to visit my best friend in Seattle (well, technically in Everett), and my Dad took a bad fall on his way to the Mall so it was nothing if not eventful. (He is doing really well now, out of rehab much sooner than predicted and I’m so proud of his attitude about it all!)

And that wraps up my pages for March!

While this project may seem really simple and stripped down, I cannot tell you how cool it is to see these pages all come together in a book at year’s end. For anyone who has not seen what the end result is all about, here’s a video walk-through of my 2018 album. Keep in mind, the class I teach is about the process of doing this from both a digital and conceptual perspective. You can do this in a traditional pocket page album, too!

To see the rest of my pages for 2019, click here.


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Cathy ZielskeScrapbook Your Year, Pages for March 2019 (+ a flash sale!)

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    Sue P

    Lovely album as always.. Fun to see Cole’s tournament in the big ole Columbia MO (COMO). 2 of kiddos college stomping ground. Really enjoy seeing your work. Thanks for sharing.

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