Woot Graduation Card (a tutorial with some mistakes, because why not?)

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clean and simple cards at cathyzielske.com

clean and simple cards at cathyzielske.com

Graduation season is just around the corner—crazy, but true!—and I have one niece, two nephews, and a second cousin-in-law once removed who will don the old cap and gown this year, not to mention a handful of friends’ offspring. So I wanted to create some grad cards using a few products that aren’t necessarily graduation themed per se, but would work well all the same!

clean and simple cards at cathyzielske.com

We say ‘woot’ a lot in this house. Via text. Via our mouths. You know, via basic communication methods. I love my Woot Word and Shadow die, so I thought it would be perfect for graduation. Today’s video features this card but it also features one idea that basically did not work at all and so I did the old crafty pivot to save the concept and keep on truckin’!

clean and simple cards at cathyzielske.com

I did bust out a grad cap from my Rad Grad stamps and dies to finish the second card but… I think the first card works just as well.

And really, if there’s money inside, it could probably say, “Congratulations on your retirement” and who would really complain?

Not every card project turns out like you planned and this happens to me more frequently that I would lead you to believe! But there is usually a way to regroup and salvage the project. At least some of the time, so… without further ado, here is the video wherein a good idea goes a bit wrong.

Thanks so much for stopping by today! Remember, your mistakes are just opportunities to innovate.


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Cathy ZielskeWoot Graduation Card (a tutorial with some mistakes, because why not?)

6 Comments on “Woot Graduation Card (a tutorial with some mistakes, because why not?)”

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    carol ann

    Thanks for leaving in your mistakes. It helps all of us with those “happy accidents” and how to recover from them. Plus… you have some witty commentary on them! Makes for some terrific videos. And for that, we thank you!

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      Cathy Zielske

      I feel like I should do this more often. There are many more mistakes that you see on the clips!

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    Cindyellen Robinson

    yaass!!!! REALITY!! thank you so so much for being real. that is why people love you. It takes courage and guts to be real and we love you for it.

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    I have a quick question about the yellow/multicolor card you put behind the cut out section. Is the inside of the card all white? What size is the colored piece that shows through the cut-out sections?

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