Fun with Therm O Web Foil and Transfer Gel

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I was recently inspired by the amazing Jennifer McGuire after watching this video when I realized, “HEY! I have the foil AND gel!” Then I watched this video from the uber talented Nina-Marie Trapani, and I decided it was time to stop watching videos and start making cards! (Thanks, ladies!)

I have been a little shy when it comes to using gels and other mediums in card making (and crafting, in general) but I have to say that the Therm O Web Transfer Gel and Foils have made me a believer in a “Yes, apparently we can!” attitude when it comes to stuff like this.

Their line of Shattered Glass foils are just gorgeous! I used some of the Rainbow Shattered color for the previous two cards, and the Gold for this one:

It’s actually a really easy process and I have a video showing you how I created the first card on this post, but the steps apply to the other two cards as well. Enjoy!

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Cathy ZielskeFun with Therm O Web Foil and Transfer Gel

14 Comments on “Fun with Therm O Web Foil and Transfer Gel”

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    Sheri Kempke

    Great video Cathy–I don’t have a laminator and really don’t have the space for one, but this is really cool. I hope you are having a wonderful day and enjoy having your son move back home for the summer, I’m so jealous of your full nest, as alas, mine is completely empty!

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    Linda Matthews


    I saw Jennifer’s video last weekend. I ordered more foil and that transfer gel. I like your video explaining how to apply the gel, tips storing the tacky stencil and extra foil sheets, and running it through the laminator.

    Jennifer gets my brain flowing with ideas but you help me visualize them. You make everything look so easy.

    I am a slow gluer. I totally understand adhering sequins.

    I am a groupie of yours on Instagram….. @rather_be_crafting. I was the one rockin to your Spotify playlist yesterday morning.

    Keep your fun dialogue going on your videos. You keep it real. 🙂

    1. #2.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Ahhh, hey Linda! So THAT is who you are! 🙂

      Yes to the slow gluing. It’s so hard to pretend that it’s any other way! lol!

      Yeah, Jennifer makes me want to try all the things for sure. I can’t always execute like she does, but man… she is an idea machine!

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    Angela Machtmes

    Thanks Cathy! I’ve been wanting to do some foiling, but still not understanding the process completely and all what I need to do it. Also, I didn’t quite follow why you need the Black toner paper, and when you used it. Thanks!!

    1. #3.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Angela! I used to toner paper to cut out the “I love you” sentiment with the die, and then that toner paper bonds with the foil when it goes through the laminator. That is how I was able to make the “I love you” shiny and foiled. Clear as mud?

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    Judy A.

    Thanks for a great video and lovely sparkly cards! That foil is gorgeous… I’m salivating…

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    Viola Leary

    Cathy, your cards are phenomenal. I need a new laminator. If I win, I going to be able to get one of those. I’ve been a long time fan of HA. My favorite t new products are the yummy colored inks. I’ll need a few of those for sure?

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