Whimsical Wildflower Frame Wedding Card (Gina K. Designs)

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Cardmaking at cathyzielse.com

Cardmaking at cathyzielse.com

Summer is here and a rite of passage is coming for me in just a few weeks: one of my dearest friend’s has a daughter who is getting married.

Hello middle age!

No need to fret because it means creating a wedding card for the lovely young couple, and I was so geeked to get my hands on the new Whimsical Wildflower Frame from Gina K. Designs, a perfect set for creating wedding cards, birthday cards, sympathy and encouragement cards, and more!

I have a favorite combo of ink (courtesy of the rainbow) and that is Dusty Rose, Sweet Mango and Sweet Corn.  They create such a pretty spread of color!

I also created a second version of this card, using only gold embossing ink, and adding in one more ink color, Jelly Bean Green.

This has a more lux feel to it, perhaps a bit more traditional for a wedding. But look at the shine:

I used a very small brush from my Life Changing Brushes set to add in a bit of green there the greenery appears. It’s not mean to be perfectly colored, just a soft blend of ink over the embossed image.

Today’s video shows you how I created the first card, and I’ll also bring in the all gold card at the end.

Thanks so much for stopping by today!


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Cathy ZielskeWhimsical Wildflower Frame Wedding Card (Gina K. Designs)

26 Comments on “Whimsical Wildflower Frame Wedding Card (Gina K. Designs)”

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        Donna Kozel

        Thank you for your inspiration! I also had to have 3 of the glue holders from Make It By Design…they came today and I’m ordering two more!!! Amazing company!

  1. #3

    Love this as a wedding card. I get so tired of all white cards. Plus you picked my favorite color combination. There were two tools shown in your video that weren’t listed. Could you please tell me where you found the orange stand that you set the Connect glue in when you weren’t using. I love it because my tube of Connect glue is always rolling away from me. Also, what are the small triangular pieces you use with your embossing powder? They look much easier to use than what I’m currently using.

    1. #3.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Oh I always forget to list it! Sorry about that…. it’s from a shop on etsy:


      And for the triangular pieces… you mean the paper I am pouring my powder on? If so, that is just a piece of card stock folded in half! Or did you mean another tool?

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    Patricia Wilson

    Well, you certainly gave me a different idea for a wedding card. Simple and luxurious. Love it.

  3. #6
    Susan Pickardt

    Beautiful Beautiful cards! You are such an awesome card maker! I love that you list all your products used-it is so helpful! Could you tell me where you purchased your triangle block? Thanks again for the inspiration !

  4. #7
    Susan Pickardt

    Love your cards!! Could you tell me what triangle block you used to line up the stamps. Thanks again for all the inspiration!

  5. #10
    Maryann Bright

    Your cards are absolutely beautiful! Loved everything about them. I’m new to making cards but your instructions make it look easy to accomplish. Thanks for sharing. I really love the soft look of the card.

    1. #10.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Thanks so much, Maryann! I was new back in April of 2017, too! I had scrapbooked for years but never really made cards. It’s such a fun, crafty thing!

  6. #11

    Awesome cards Cathy, I love them both although my favorite is the first one. I find that one a little more delicate and awesome for a wedding.
    Thank you so much for the video tutorial and sharing your inspiration.

    1. #11.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Thanks, Henriette! I think I gravitate towards the first one, too! That’s the one I’m going to give the newlyweds!

  7. #13
    Terri W

    How absolutely lovely your cards turned out. I like the soft blending over the embossed image. Thank you for the great tips.

    1. #14.1
      Cathy Zielske

      I use it to store my Tidy Towel. It keeps it damp but allows a bit of air to get in so it doesn’t get smelly, as those towels can get in a closed off airtight space!

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