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Today I’m really thrilled to be able to give away two copies of a new children’s book that deals with the subject of loss and grief called My Big, Dumb Invisible Dragon by my friend and one-time colleague Angie Lucas.

Angie was my managing editor at one time back in they hey day of Simple Scrapbooks magazine, which I would guess a few of you out there used to read. Here is a photo of Angie, hard at word in her office in Bluffdale, Utah. (I’m sure she’s going to LOVE me for this!)

I’m quite certain I told her, “LOOK CONTEMPLATIVE!

Here is Angie 10 years later (along with her dragon she’s named Sorg), and truth be told, I want some of whatever youth serum she’s drinking.

I have read Angie’s book a handful of times, and with each reading, I’m more moved than the last time and more amazed at how tenderly she has written about loss. I think this book would be wonderful in any library, both for children and for adults. Loss is part of life and Angie has created a beautiful story around this subject. It is truly a tale of healing and hope.

The illustrations by Birgitta Sif are dreamy and magical… the perfect visuals to really bring Angie’s loving story to life.

Here is reading of Angie’s book by a 7-year-old narrator named Eben:

I’m so very proud of my friend and wanted to share this beautiful book with all of my readers.

NOTE: This giveaway is now closed as of August 1, 2019 at 7 a.m. CST. Winners will be emailed directly. The two winners are:




Cathy ZielskeMy Big, Dumb Invisible Dragon book giveaway

235 Comments on “My Big, Dumb Invisible Dragon book giveaway”

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        Roberta S.

        Beautiful book. Wonderful way to tell a story of the loss of a loved one. The reader Eben did a great job reading this story.

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          Elizabeth Petersen

          What a beautiful book! I would love a copy for my grandchildren. We have prepared them for the upcoming loss of our declining pug Bob and this wonderfully written book would surely help them to understand the great loss ahead.

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      Bonnie B

      I lover the title of this book. And many things are as big as a dragon. Hurts,mainly;sometimes their Grandparents.

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    Vicki Kroll

    Any book written that is sensitive to loss is one I would like to read. We can have a loss very early in life such as a pet. I know I looked around for understanding at the time of my loss and did not find much so I appreciate that this is out there.

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    Patricia Wilson

    Wow, what an article. My best to you, Angie. The illustrations are beautiful and spoke to me.

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    This is such a sensitive subject for children. So if her book can somehow make it easier on children, I’m all in. I have a daughter with cognitive delay, she is 20, but academically that of a 3rd grader. So I think this would be perfect for her. Thanks for the opportunity, Kathy.

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      Angie Lucas

      Hi Pennie, I would LOVE to hear how your daughter relates to the book, whether she just watches the video or reads a physical copy some day. 🙂

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    Such a beautiful, heartfelt book. So awesome of you to share! As a retired teacher I love books like this to add to my library! Thank you for your kindness and generosity!?

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    Thanks for the chance to win. I listened to the recording & was so moved by it I cried the whole way through. I’ll be looking for this book at my local bookstore.

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    Lisa Davis

    What a great concept for a book! My kids have had to deal with a lot of losses from such a young age. As parents we need as many tools to help us guide our children as possible! Thanks for sharing!

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    I listened to the reading. Very nice and thoughtful book. Would be nice for any classroom or home. Thank you for sharing. ❤️

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    Katherine Kloschinsky

    What a beautiful story. Such powerful words and illustrations. Your friend is very talented. I would love to own copy of this book for my school library. I am a principal for PK-4 school and I have recently had two students lose their mom at a very young age. This book would be a perfect gift for both of them. Thank you for sharing and I will look for a place to purchase the book. I really loved the video as well. I would like to share it on Facebook or Instagram. Is there a link for us to be able to do that?

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    A wonderful book. Listened to the reading of it. Really hit home, especially because I had a student whose dad was killed by a drunk driver. Would be a great addition to any classroom library! Thank you for sharing.

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    Valerie Marcus

    What a great book!! I think it could be therapeutic for adults too. Could have used this book when I lost my Father and my daughter was only 5. Thanks for a chance to win this. ❤️ Val

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    Jodi H

    The idea of this book is a necessary one. As it turns out, a friend of mine just lost her Grandma and thus her son lost his Great Grandma. I would gift it to them if I won it. How timely of this giveaway. Thanks.

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    Suzanne F.

    A very good tool, especially for children. A friend (6) loss his big sister last year and this would be perfect for him <3 Thank you Angie for making this, and Cathy for making it available to us!

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    I hear about this on Stacy Julian’s podcast and would love a copy of this to share with my kids. Thanks for the chance to win one!

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      My daughter lost 2 grandparents in the last 6 months, I would love to give a copy to her to facilitate talking thru our loss.

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    Ceci Ortiz

    Of course I used to read SSM, loved Angie editorials. I wish to her success with this new book. Excellent theme.

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    Stephanie Evans

    This is amazing! Thank you for sharing the read aloud by a child. It made the experience a wonderful one!

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    Rachel Briggs

    This is so beautiful and made me cry. I’m not a child anymore but I still grieve like one when I am faced with losing my Mom. We found out she has stage 4 cancer. While she is doing chemo we know it will not cure her and is only a chance to prolong what little life she has left. As difficult as it is to manage my own grief, I find it even more difficult explaining grief and loss and death (cancer) to my kids. Why can’t grandma play like she used to? Why does Mommy cry all of a sudden sometimes? And mostly getting them to understand that grandma won’t be around anymore someday soon and how to deal with that loss. This book explains it so beautifully. I’d love to have a copy to read to my kids to help us all with our grief.

    1. #25.1
      carol ann

      I’m right there with you, Rachel. But, I have lost my mom to cancer. She was my world. There’s never a day without her in my thoughts. Tell your mom how much you love her and what she means to you before you lose her. I will pray for you and your mom and family. God bless.

    2. #25.2

      I’m so sorry for what your family is going through. I’m glad you found your way to my book. I also recommend Ida, Always, which shares the true story of a polar bear in the zoo whose best friend and companion dies of an illness. It’s another beautiful way to talk to children about loss and death. Hugs to you all at this difficult time.

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    Elaine G

    Looks like a wonderful book, will share with my kids! My girls are avid readers and will put on their summer reading list!

  18. #30

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful book, the reading, and the change to win. Congrats to Angie!


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    I listened to the recording of this book. What a wonderful resource this would be for counselors, teachers, principals, etc who work with children. It is so sad when children have to deal with loss of this extent.
    Congratulations to Angie for the publication of the book and thank you to her as well for providing this story.

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    Michelle Darde

    It’s impossible to find material for a child to understand (especially when it’s hard for adults to understand sometimes). I would be honored to have her book!

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    Susan Carlson

    Tears. Dragon in my throat. Beautifully written, read & illustrated. Thanks for featuring such an important & well done book. Belongs in every library I can think of.

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      Judy Keener

      This is a beautiful book and kids so identify with dragons. We all need help with loss. Thank you.❤❤

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    Lori Kobular

    Death, loss and grief is such a hard thing to deal with, this sounds like the perfect book to read to a child going through this! Thanks for the chance to win!

  23. #38
    Mary Mitchell

    This would be a wonderful book to share with my grand daughter who never got to meet her other grandmother that unexpectedly passed away a couple years ago.

  24. #39

    This book seems not only unique but so very helpful for people suffering! The illustrations are so poignant as well! Thank you for the chance to win!

  25. #40
    Deborah Weiss

    I work with children in Mental Health. This would be a great book to read with kids who have lost someone close.

  26. #41

    I’d love this for my classroom. I have a young boy who lost his dad a year ago. My heart already aches for him.

  27. #42

    Losing someone you love is inevitable and this book is a beautiful way of explaining grief to young children. Beautifully written and illustrated. Thank you for sharing, Cathy?

  28. #45

    What a wonderful book. My husband lost a son about 17 years ago. He still grieves as do his two sons.
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  29. #46
    Patricia B. Norris

    My nephew’s son is a HUGE dinosaur fan! Everything for his birthday and Christmas is dinosaur with a capital D. I would love the opportunity to present him with Angie’s first book. Thanks for your consideration!

  30. #48
    Karen Grosz

    I have been following Angie’s journey on her blog. Would love to win her book. The reading was adorable.

  31. #49
    Amy Myers

    I would love a copy of this book. We lost my father in law last month. My daughter is having a really tough time losing her Papa. Thanks for the chance to win this.

  32. #50
    Kelly B

    Such a difficult topic for children. I’d love to place this beautifully illustrated book in my classroom. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

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    What a beautiful story. The illustrations are gorgeous and I can see this being a best seller. It sound be on the bookshelf in every families home. Will this be available on Amazon or at BN? I would like to purchase them as gifts to those who may need these kind and sweet words.
    Congratulations to your very talented friend. I hope she continues to write books.

  34. #53

    This is great! Lost IS a part of life & it never truly goes away! I am always on the lookout for books to put into simpler words to express emotions.

  35. #55
    Amy Reagan

    Thank you for the chance to win. I’m a teacher and always on the hunt for good books to help children with their emotions.

  36. #57
    Amy D

    So perfect a way to describe grief. I am getting 4 copies for my siblings. We lost our mom when we were kids. She was 41 and had ovarian cancer. It was a long time ago. But that big dumb dragon is always there.

    1. #57.1

      I’m so sorry you had to go through such a huge loss at such a young age. Thank you so much for sharing this book with your family. It means the world to me.

  37. #59
    Charlene Reeves

    I would love to win a copy of Angie’s book. I believe this book speaks directly to me and a child of mine. Thanks for considering me

  38. #61
    Teresa Doyle

    A great book Angie and something the world needed for kids! Thanks for sharing this Cathy and the chance to win.

  39. #62
    Nancy Rodeberg

    A beautifully written book, and so sweet being read by Eben. I love collecting children’s books for my “someday” grandchildren. Thanks for sharing Cathy!

  40. #63
    Madeleine Terenzio

    Beautiful done! I might add age is definitely a friend to Angie, It must be her radiant soul shining through.

  41. #64
    Angela T

    This book is so touching and beautifully illustrated; thank you for sharing it with your readers. I recently read these words by Sandra Cisneros… “There is no getting over death, only learning how to travel alongside it.” Who says we can’t travel with a dragon? 🙂

  42. #66
    Andrea D.

    What a beautiful book! I’m starting to collect books with special meanings for my twin grand babies. Thanks so much for the chance to win such a gift.

  43. #68
    Erika Drummond

    I just love how “children’s books” can give us big people help, nudged, lessons as well!

  44. #69
    Alison I.

    This book would be perfect for my young nephew, as my brother-in-law died suddenly a couple of years ago. It looks like a beautiful book.

  45. #70

    Wow! What a beautiful way to explain Grief and it is so true. It brought tears to my eyes listening to it read by a child.

  46. #71

    I am a pre-school teacher (ages 2 1/2 -5) and I am always on the lookout for a great (teaching) book. I would love to add this yo our library!

  47. #72

    Beautiful, well written story and so well-narrated by Eban. Thank you for a chance to win a copy of my own.

  48. #75

    I’m hoping we won’t have any need for this for a while yet but, if I have to teach my 2 year old about loss, a dragon would be the best way to do it.

  49. #78
    Nina Houghton

    I just listened to the precious little voice read this beautiful story, and I am still wiping away the tears. Yes! It is for young and old alike. I am 65, primary caregiver for my parents, with a mother who is closer and closer to leaving us every moment. I am pretty sure there is a big, dumb dragon in my future. I will try to have as much wisdom dealing with it as the little story-teller. I have to get this book to have on hand for when that time comes. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. #78.1

      I admire your courage in caring for your parents, and I’m so sorry for your mom’s decline. Hoping for the best possible outcome for you all.

  50. #79
    Lindar C

    This book is just what our great-nephew needs, he just lost his grandpa, my husbands brother to a rare bile duct cancer. The “reading” is not showing up for me, but I will search for it.

  51. #80
    Flo Swinford

    Oh my what a wonderful book. My grandson lost his dad after a kidney transplant so I know first had how hard loss is for children. I would love to have one of these books for him. Thank you for your kindness to whom ever receives them.


  52. #83
    Tina V.

    This is a fantastic book! And I agree, it belongs in libraries everywhere so…I am going to make sure it is part of my school’s library (I’m the librarian) and share it with my friend the school’s social worker. I think this book is needed and beautifully done to help with grief for young children. Thank you for sharing it.

    1. #83.1

      I’m so glad you found my book! Thank you for all the work you do to instill a love of books and reading in children. Such a beautiful and essential job!

  53. #85

    I would love to share this sensitive book with my grandson. He is beginning to grieve over the loss of his pet cat. Thank you for this wonderful book and good luck to you! Illustrations are gorgeous!

  54. #89
    Kathryn Benfiet

    This is a gorgeous book dealing with one of life’s biggest challenges…dealing with grief and loss. Thank you Angie for such a wonderful beautifully illustrated book.

  55. #90

    So touching, what an incredible story. I listened to this with tears streaming down my face. Thank you for bringing this story to our attention.

  56. #92

    I would love to win this book to give to my friend who lost her daughter. Thanks for the opportunity to win it and for making me aware of it.

  57. #94
    Jacquelyn Harmon

    Touching, and so gently covers the grieving process. We lost our beloved daughter almost four years ago, so I know what it’s like to want everything “to go back to the way it was.” The story and the illustrations are beautiful.

    1. #94.1
      Jacquelyn Harmon

      I apologize for 2 entries. I saw a msg that said “submission failure,” so I thought it hadn’t gone through.

    2. #94.2
      Angie Lucas

      Your comment really touched my heart. I’m so very sorry for the loss of your daughter. It takes so much courage to carry on after such a loss. Hugs to you.

  58. #95
    paula hyman

    As a former primary teacher, I know how important it is for children to have books to read that handle this difficult topic. Incredibly touching!

  59. #96
    Jacquelyn Harmon

    Touching, and so gently covers the grieving process. We lost our beloved daughter almost four years ago, so I know what it’s like to want everything “to go back to the way it was.” The story and the illustrations are beautiful.

  60. #97

    I was a loyal reader of Simple Scrapbooks and grieved when it folded. I also remember Angie. Her book looks wonderful and I would love to win a copy, which I would donate to my local library. Thanks, Cathy

  61. #102
    Patricia Wilson

    This was so touching and my best to you Angie. Thanks for sharing something like this with us.

  62. #104
    Els Van Goor

    Would love to made a change to win this for my 6 year old granddaughter but don’t know if someone from the Netherlands can try to win.

  63. #105

    Cathy, I love that! What a sweet story. I remember when my Dad died and I got my kids an old Mr. Rogers book about grief. The pictures were terribly dated, but Mr. Rogers’ words brought it like they always did. I love books that give kids permission to feel what they feel and express themselves.
    I’m glad your friend came up with a way to tell this story that is fresh and new.

  64. #107

    I was at a funeral Saturday where there were several young grandchildren. This would be something I could give my friend, who is the grandmother.

  65. #108
    Wonnie Stahl

    What a wonderful story and so perfect for the young child who is dealing with loss and grief. Thank you for the chance to win.

  66. #111

    The story and illustrations are so incredibly beautiful. I’ve watched the video several times and it still reduces me to sobbing tears. The book may have been written for children, but it speaks to this 48 year old on deep, deep level.

  67. #112
    Monica S

    Wow!! What a sensitive and creative message for all of us. How talented Angie is to share this touching message through her story. I miss Simple Scrapbooking magazine. Congrats to Angie and much success on her book. Thank you for sharing her success.

  68. #113
    Monica Schalk

    Wow!! What a sensitive and creative message for all of us. How talented Angie is to share this touching message through her story. I miss Simple Scrapbooking magazine. Congrats to Angie and much success on her book. Thank you for sharing her success.

  69. #115
    Cheryl Holmes

    Beautiful story, Angie. A great way to deal with loss and grief. “Sorg” is a great help when dealing these feelings. Thank you for sharing.

  70. #117
    Deanna Berman

    I would have given anything to have had this book when mom died….my son was 8 and he and I both really struggled with the loss.

  71. #119

    Oh goodness, just like others have mentioned, this story brought me to tears. The child narrating the story solidifies the power of the story and the connection to the reader. My college-age daughter is beginning her elementary education teaching career next month. I donated nearly 350 childrens books many years ago not knowing my daughter was going to be a teacher. This book would be a her first AND a lovely addition to her classroom.
    Thank you for sharing.

  72. #121

    What a sweet read. I’ve been in the funeral industry over 20 years, and lost a child. Love this.

  73. #123
    Cynthia Rowell

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story. I hope to never have my grandson know this feeling of loss; but if I do, I will be looking for this book to share with him.

  74. #125
    Stacy A

    I’ve already ordered a copy and asked the librarian who orders children’s books at my library to order it as well. So well-stated and the illustrations are beautiful as well.

  75. #128

    I would love to be able to give this to my daughter who teaches elementary school and undoubtedly has students who could benefit from this book.

  76. #130
    Shawna Zervos

    I would LOVE to have this book in my PreK classroom library!
    Thank you for the chance to win!

  77. #132
    Marion Durham

    What an interesting premise and necessary for teaching children about life. BTW, some of still really miss the excitement of getting our monthly scrapbook magazines in the mail!!!

  78. #134
    Sharon O

    What a tender, sensitive story [well-read by Eben, BTW] ! Probably should be on every elementary teacher’s must-have back-to-school list! Thanks for sharing your friend’s wonderful book.

  79. #135
    Stacie D

    As a mom of 4 and 3td grade teacher, I would absolutely be thrilled to win a copy of this book to share with students. I often have students who need a relatable book to give them words when they don’t have any to connect their grief. Love this sweet book.

  80. #136

    I so hope your donation goes to either teachers or librarians or caregivers struggling to support a child through an unthinkable loss.

    I have given children’s books to adults and teens many times. Somehow, children’s books reach a place in the heart in the gentlest way. Two books I’ve given are:
    1. The Lion and the Bird, Marianne Dubuc
    2. On the Night you were Born, Nancy Tillman (to each my middle-aged children)

    So thoughtful, Cathy.

  81. #137
    Judy Jones

    The book is amazing! Her ability to tackle such a heavy subject and make it child friendly is quite the trick. I hope she sells millions of copies.

  82. #138
    Stephanie Whitmore

    My son and I just listened to the reading… he said he just about cried and that it looked like I was going to too. He’s right. I love how the power of words are enough to heal when strung together in a way to help put your feelings into sentences. Please put me in the draw to win this… and thank you for sharing Cathy X

  83. #139
    Darcie Naylor

    What a beautifully written book – and Eben was the perfect narrator. What a sweet voice.

  84. #140
    Pam G.

    Many adults are unaware of the weight of loss on children and their inability to recognize it and acknowledge it. to portray it as a dragon was brilliant. This is so lovely and the reading was really touching.

  85. #141
    Linda Richardson

    This book sounds just what I am looking for. My oldest son died e years ago, leaving behind 3.5 children with no 4 being born prematurely 4 months later. His oldest child has a different mum to the other 3 but his youngest are just 10, 5 and 3. His middle son is autistic and has very delayed speech and struggles to make himself understood, though he is an able child. My daughter in law, mum to the 3 youngest, is going into hospital this week for heart surgery as she has problems with the chambers of her heart and a couple of hard to reach holes. She was given 5 years to live when first diagnosed 18 months ago but has had to face numerous cancellations since. Hopefully everything will go to plan this week and she will soon be well and home to her boys. Finding suitable books to explore death and loss has been really hard so if I am not lucky enough to win a copy I’ll be buying one as soon as funds allow. Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to everyone.

    1. #141.1
      Angie Lucas

      Oh Linda, your family has been through SO much. I pray all goes well for your daughter-in-law this week. Two other picture books I’d recommend are Ida, Always and The Rabbit Listened, which are beautifully written and very accessible stories for children. Hugs to you all.

  86. #142
    carol ann

    At first, I teared up, listening, watching, reading along. By the end, I was balling and deeply touched at how wonderful the meaning behind this story truly is. Extremely well written. Grieving takes as long as it takes. My dragon hasn’t hit the clouds yet and it’s been 19 years.

    Even if I don’t win, I’ll definitely buy a copy. This is done so well. Congrats, Angie. ^j^

  87. #145
    Erica Johnstone

    As a palliative care nurse I cannot stress how important this book is, I cannot wait to read it and share it with the many children and their families that I care for thank you Cathy for sharing your friends hard work and supporting her ❤️??

  88. #146

    This looks like an amazing book. We just lost my father and I totally love the idea of this book. Reading about characters going through the same things they are is so helpful for children (and adults).

  89. #147
    Christine M

    OH MY! Beautifully written and wonderfully spoken. Just for a moment I felt that it dumb dragon.

  90. #149

    Thank you so much for sharing this, Cathy. I lost my father when I was 3 and was gifted a few books about loss and grief, but none were really story books and instead were like kiddie self-help books. This was a beautiful story that I think almost anyone can relate to. I’ll definitely be adding it to our family library.

  91. #151

    Thank you for highlighting this book. I would love to send a copy to my child’s school, STEM School Highlands Ranch, to help them cope with the aftermath of the school shooting this May. I think it might be very beneficial to help them understand the death of a student from the shooting, especially for the 600 or so elementary students in our school. It’s been a difficult summer for these kids.

  92. #153
    Tami R

    This book sounds like one that everyone, regardless of age, could benefit from. Thank you for sharing the info about it.

  93. #154
    Heidi Tressler

    If I won I would donate to our school library we lost two students ages 9 & 5 to a fire 2 years ago and we still miss and cry for them. Perfect story.

  94. #155
    Linda Matthews

    I loved Simple Scrapbooks Magazine. I wondered what Angie Lucas had been up to all of these years.
    The illustrations are gorgeous and dreamy.
    I would to have a copy!

  95. #156

    Yay Angie! I loved listening to you again on SJ’s podcast, too. Congrats on the book, and thank you Cathy for a chance to win it!

  96. #157
    Liz Freeze

    I am child and family therapist. Grief is the hardest part of working with families. Loss impacts a child in so many ways. I would love to use this book with my families.

  97. #158
    Sharon Fletcher

    Angie – so this is what you have been up to. One of my favorites from the Simple Scrapbooks days. Congratulations.

    As someone who has experienced an inordinate amount of loss in recent years; 2 siblings, parents (Dad and both in-laws) and our beloved dog (canine son) and cats, this captures the feels and hope one wants to feel to move forward. Thank you, Angie and Cathy, for sharing this wonderful book.

  98. #159
    Sharon Fletcher

    PS: the narrator has such a sweet voice. Love it. A comment I heard recently that I would like to share: Grief is love with nowhere to go. That made me feel that grief was not as scary, but my love for the one I lost that much more precious since it was the love I felt for them. Thank you Angie.

  99. #160

    Thank you for the chance to win this book. I recently lost my father and still trying to cope with the loss is so very hard.

  100. #161
    Sheri K

    This is a wonderful story, little Eben has done a wonderful job reading, I’d love to hear him read more stories. The illustrations look marvelous, thanks for sharing this wonderful book and story with us.

  101. #162
    Carol Casavant

    What a wonderful book…I would love to win a copy to share with my 2 youngest grandsons who are 10 and 6…Thank you, Cathy…!!

  102. #163

    I would love to win this book for my future nephew. 🙂 Gotta read to him in English ASAP! And the story sounds so interesting.

  103. #164

    Such a beautiful story! There may be a tear trickling down my cheek. If I win, I would love to gift this to my son who’s in teacher’s college and will eventually teach Kindergarten to Grade 6 students. I hope there will never be a need for him to share this story, but what a beautiful story to share, should he need to share.

  104. #165
    Wendy Young

    Oh my goodness….how profound! It applies to both children and adults in the deep, dark trenches of grief. Amazing

  105. #166
    Mel H

    What a wonderful thing. If I won I would gift it forward to our local church’s preschool as part of my daughter’s Gold project.

  106. #167
    Rebecca Winston

    I have a daughter being treated for terminal metastatic breast cancer. I would love this as a gift for her to her children.

  107. #168
    Lois Ann

    This is a lovely book. It supports a very important principal of encouraging conversation with children about their feelings when they experience a loss. As a Grief Recovery Specialist certified by the Grief Recovery Method Institute I teach classes for adults on Helping Children with Loss. Adults learn helpful ways to listen to the child as well as what not to say in those tender discussions. This book could be a helpful conversation starter with the child – and coupled with what to do and say next as learned in the classes – a strong way of supporting both the grieving child as well as the child’s little friends who also struggle to understand their broken heart. The audio presentation was so very sweet. Thank you for introducing the book

  108. #169
    Jennifer Briesemeister

    What an amazing book about loss and love. It’s very hard to find books for children (and adults) that handle bid, difficult emotions in such a reassuring and loving way. Thank you for sharing this book with us!

  109. #172
    Janet Ingraham

    Such an important subject as there are all types of terrible loss difficult for children to deal with. Would have loved to have this book for my children when they were young and going through heart ache. So nicely illustrated (not in a grim way). Thank you for the introduction and opportunity.

  110. #173

    Wow what a great topic to tackle
    Book looks amazing ?
    I teach little people and it’s always great to have quality books to expose them to ?

  111. #174
    Cindy Brooks

    I don’t have little ones that age, but I’d love to donate this to the library at our school!

  112. #176

    I need to give this book to my grandlittle. She has had a dragon since her maternal great grandmother passed under Hospice care. ?

  113. #177
    Melissa Cummings

    I listened to Angie Lucas read this on Instagram and fell in love with it with plans to buy it if I ever knew a child in grief. Then 3 weeks ago I lost my husband very unexpectedly and I’ve found myself thinking about this book a lot. Or at least of my grief as the big, dumb, invisible dragon. It’s powerful for adults too.

  114. #179
    Julie Kosterman

    Thank you for sharing this book. Today is the fourth anniversary of my sons death from congenital heart disease complications. My own dragon sits a little heavier on my chest today. How beautifully written is this book! I appreciate how grief is explained. I will definitely be adding this book to my collection. I have three young grand daughters, and as they get older and ask questions about their uncle Calvin, this will be a beautiful book to use to talk to them about grief. Thank you again for sharing this touching, beautiful story. Much love to you.

  115. #180

    What a beautifully illustrated book. The subject of loss and grief for children was something my writing class wanted us to do many years ago. Never tackled it, but I know there’s a need. ?

  116. #182

    A beautifully written and illustrated book for kids as well as adults. This will be a wonderful resource to use with my grandchildren as many of the extended family are older adults.

  117. #183
    Terri C

    I love books that are relatable for kids…. dealing with life as it happens. All my grands have pets…. this would certainly help them in the event of a loss. Thank you Cathy! Your friend is such a gifted writer.

  118. #184
    Terri C

    So I left you a comment and then listened. I feel so ridiculous. The loss was much more than a pet. The way she handled this was incredibly sensitive and heartwarming… I teared up. Please forgive me for the previous comment… obviously I leaped before listening. Thanks!

    1. #184.1
      Angie Lucas

      Thanks for BOTH comments! When a child loses a beloved pet, the grief can still be huge and overwhelming and confusing for them, especially if it’s their first encounter with death. I’m honored if my book is able to help anyone–with any kind of loss–to feel less alone. 🙂

  119. #186

    A wonderful idea for helping kids cope with loss. Thank you for providing a chance to get a cop of her book.

  120. #188
    Marisela Delgado

    My beagle named Monster died almost 5 years ago. He was my little boy. I know people think it’s crazy to mourn a pet, but he was my child. He was the 3rd person in our home. He used to sit outside with me under the stars as I said my prayers and talked to the Lord. I had the difficult task of choosing to put him to sleep when he got sick. We buried him in the backyard so he STILL sits with me as I say my prayers and talk to the Lord……except now, I talk to him, too. Yeah, I still cry. I cry now as I write these words. His loss left me very lonely and alone sometimes. Era mi nino. He was my little boy.

    1. #188.1
      Angie Lucas

      I’m so sorry for your loss. I had a dog named Ruby that meant this much to me. I truly grieved when she died, and I’ll never forget her. Some dogs are just special. It sounds like your Monster was one of the great ones.

  121. #190
    Jennifer Petersen

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful book and a chance to win a copy. As I listened to the reading I found myself in tears. So touching what a wonderful way to share a difficult topic.

  122. #191

    Beautiful. I love everything about this book. And Eben (the narrator) is the perfect choice to share it.

  123. #192
    Paua Gentry

    Loss is something I carry within me and I worry about. I lost my mom (who lived with us for 25 years and watched our kids while we worked), my mother-in-law and my dad within 6 months, back in 2014. My daughter, who has Aspergers, struggles so much with loss that I’m always anxious. She has a medical service dog that she’s so attached to, sometimes I literally lay awake worrying what will happen someday when….

    I so want to be able to be at peace, or less apprehensive, about loss.

    This lovely book is a path to that, thank you so much Cathy, for sharing it.

  124. #193
    Fran Smith

    Amazing story. I’ve lost three close family members within the last two years and this comes very close to what you go through. Thanks for the chance to win one of these amazing books.

  125. #194

    Your book is amazing!! I work in Hospice and this would be so wonderful for the children of our patients. I love it!

  126. #196

    This book is amazing and would be the perfect addition to my grandma library. My grandson’s other grandpa has cancer and I have struggled knowing how my grandson will handle the loss. How wonderful that Angie has written a tender book to help with this issue.

  127. #197
    Linda F

    My 13 year old granddaughter lost her stepsister 3 weeks ago who was 31 years old. It was sudden and unexpected. Her stepbrother is in Afganistan and her other stepsister has chosen to not be part of the family as had her biological father. Her mother who is legally blind has been in chronic pain since childhood and has had 20 surgeries since my granddaughter was born to try and get some relief. Her stepfather has chronic health issues as does my husband who is in his mid seventies (and still working to support her). My granddaughter is a remarkable young lady who maintains a straight A average and who found the strength to learn a song in Latin and sing it at her sister’s funeral. Thank you for letting me share her life.
    Thank you for sharing this book.

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