Phomemo Thermal Pocket Printer Unboxing & Quick Review Video

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Today I’ve got something a little different for you: an unboxing and quick review of a mini, inkless printer made by Phomemo.

This nifty little Pocket Printer uses thermal technology and prints directly onto sticker paper in a handful of options (white, clear and color). The cool part is that you print directly from your phone via the Phomemo App (available in both Android and iOS!)

In terms of archival quality, Phomemo papers are rated for time. These are not long-term archival prints in that regard, but… for planners, bullet journals or other projects, that might not be an issue. You can read more about the different types of papers here.

The Phomemo app, which works for both Android and iOS, is full of cute little templates that are ready to go, and they even let you customize to-do lists, and create all kinds of notes and lists.

The cool thing about this, however, is pretty much anything you can get onto your phone can be printed in the app if it’s in your phone’s photo library. I sent some of my digital stamps to my phone and was able to print them out, as you’ll see in the video. What a fun way to play with digital stamps in PNG format!

Here’s my unboxing video, along with a look inside the app and a look at some of the things I printed out!

CZ READER DISCOUNT: Phomemo is offering 10% off for my readers using the code: CATHY10. The coupon code will work with regular and sale priced items on the site.

SUMMARY: This little printer is cute, fun and extremely easy to use and my daughter is already trying to steal it off my desk for her bullet journal creations. While not designed for long-term archival quality, this would be so much fun for use in your current planner system, for labeling, for to-do list making, for name tag making, for taking with you on a trip for use in a travel journal, and any other thing that you could dream up.

Note: this is an independent review of the Phomemo Pocket Printer. While they sent this product to me to review, I do not have an affiliate relationship with the company. I just think this printer is a fun little product and wanted to see what it was all about.


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Cathy ZielskePhomemo Thermal Pocket Printer Unboxing & Quick Review Video

5 Comments on “Phomemo Thermal Pocket Printer Unboxing & Quick Review Video”

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    Hi Cathy – the video you posted does not seem to be working :).
    This looks cool so really interested to see/hear your thoughts.

    Thx Carrie

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    that does look cool! I have a Brother QL-500 label printer (old now, there’s newer models), it’s not that dinky, and it’s not wireless, but being able to print waterproof labels for my parcels by copying and pasting customer addresses direct has been amazeballs. And I like the noise it makes. It’s very similar tech at the printer end, just not as fanthy at the user interface end, way big and you have to plug it in. I use 62mm wide sticker roll paper, but it also comes in varying widths of preformed label shapes.

    now here’s the thing, sometimes you need to print out a barcode to return a parcel, I cannot resize the working bit of the image to use my label printer so endless faffing and kerfuffle to use the big printer results (I rarely print anything but labels!). Do you think your phomemo would let you zip through the process of printing a return label from online shopping? cos that would be very handy for people I’m sure.

    there is no lime green phomemo, and I don’t have a smartphone! But it’s still cute.

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