Scrapbook Your Year, Pages for June (plus a 30% off sale!)

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I think this marks the first time all year that I’ve completed the previous month’s pages in the first week of the following month. Maybe? Don’t fact check me on this, but I feel like I’m on top of my scrapbooking game, people. So let’s jump in!



As always, I aim to get each member of the family represented on the first page. This time we have a bonus friend, Sami, one of Aidan’s besties from college. Hey Sami!

This page has lots of reds and oranges, with all those walls and those pizzas. I’m not sure if I have approval to share that shot of Cole and a teammate at a tournament, but hey, it was posted to the team’s social media account, so I’m going with mostly.

Don’t be afraid to ask someone for a photo. I saw a photo on one of my two bestie’s Instagram accounts, and said, “Dude! Text me that photo!)” Mostly because the photo I had of Tara in my contacts was a decade or so old, and also because seeing her smile and full of joy brings me joy. Also, the salad in the upper left? ROCKING my world.

For the last page, I combined two layer masks on the template for one big ol’ picture of my girl, because she’s lovely and I love her and why not? We do clean up fairly well, am I right?

Simple and done. If you are stressed out about telling the story of your family and your life, I wish for you less of that! I have been keeping this project SO simple and the end result? I seriously love it. Whether you are making a digital book and printing it (like me), or using a traditional pocket page approach, you can simplify, streamline and STILL tell a story with enough detail in the end.

And because I want to encourage you to try my method out, I’m running a sale beginning today and through Sunday at midnight on Scrapbook Your Year, my self-paced e-course.

I am helping scrapbookers get their photos and stories combined in an extremely do-able method. I believe that adding limits to your process can yield simple but beautiful results. It’s been helping me, this partial empty nester, get her stories told each month, even on months with too few or too many photos to handle. The system just works!

If you’re unfamiliar with what the end result is, watch this video to learn more. And take advantage of the sale today!

Click below to learn more and register today!


Cathy ZielskeScrapbook Your Year, Pages for June (plus a 30% off sale!)

4 Comments on “Scrapbook Your Year, Pages for June (plus a 30% off sale!)”

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    I just love your commitment to clean layouts. I have created layouts in every style imaginable because I like it all. Lately, I have been churning out layouts with a grid and photoshop. A few embellishments after printing and life is good. This style speaks to my natural inclinations. I am starting to listen to that voice more and the process is less stressful for me. Thank you for sharing and being an inspiration.

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