Create a mini album or book of messages (and save 30% on the e-course!)

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With school about to begin, I wanted to encourage anyone who likes combining photos and words to consider making a very simple scrapbook for the coming year. Today I’m putting my Messages to My… e-course on sale for 30% off for anyone who would like to learn how to create a mini album or book of words and images, either about yourself or someone you love.


I have made two albums, one for each of my children, during their respective senior years of high school. I printed my finished pages using the soft cover book option from my favorite online printer, Artifact Uprising.

They are, in hindsight, two of my very favorite memory keeping projects to date. And I’ve been at this a long time, friends.

In video below, which I shared earlier this year, I talk about both the concept, but also share the album I created for my first year of the so-called “empty nest.” Turns out, the nest ended up not being as empty as when it started, but I still emerged with a record of my life during the past academic year calendar.

You can also do this in a more traditional album format as well, but I find the printed books to be a wonderful end result to a year of saving words and images.

If you would like to take the e-course and learn how to get set up to create your own mini book or album, click on the image below and take advantage of the sale price (which runs through Sunday, August 18), a $7.50 savings!

Cathy ZielskeCreate a mini album or book of messages (and save 30% on the e-course!)

9 Comments on “Create a mini album or book of messages (and save 30% on the e-course!)”

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    Glenda Thorne

    I wish had thought of this years ago. A wonderful way to document, remember and tell a story. I’m currently working on a mini album all about me from birth to now. Some pages are just photos of my cuteness and some are memories of long ago, which I hope my children and grandchildren will enjoy. At 66, my memory isn’t what it used to be so I must document now!!! You are looking fabulous by the way and I love watching all your YouTube videos and visiting your blog. We have been empty nesters for 20 years now, how time flies. Fortunate to have our 2 grown children living close by for visits. Thanks for your ideas, techniques and uplifting blog posts.

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    Leanne in Cali

    Love your perspective and how you get things done! I remember when you did Aidan’s senior year album and it was so great!! Thanks for sharing your video with us.

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      Cathy Zielske

      It is about the content. It’s not about book binding. 🙂 You can use the files to create a printed book (I talk about how to do this in class!) or you can create a more traditional scrapbook and print out journaling and add your photo.

      The class description covers it pretty well:

      The materials also include simple 6 x 6 or 8 x 8 blank lined printables… no photoshop is needed, but you would print those, add photos and place into the appropriate sized page protector and album.

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    Not sure you can help with this. But I purchased Photoshop Elements so I can take your class. My MAC O/S. My version is 10.11.6 and Photoshop wants 10.12 thru 10.14. I tried updating, but it says everything is updated. Do I have to pay to have it updated? Not sure what else to do besides cart the MAC off to the computer store for fixing.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Sandy! Yeah, that might be a mac store question! If you’re up to date, PSE should be able to install. Wish I had more suggestion!

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    I discovered my O/S is out of date and needs to be switched to something else. I am just going to take my computer in to the shop and have them do it. I think it will be an easy and cheap fix. Thanks. Looking forward to start taking photos of the first day of school. I am anxious to see what you did for Cole (next video for me) since my daughter doesn’t like having me take her picture much. She does have some selfies with her boyfriend so I might be begging for those. I hope she gets out of the teen girl miserable years once she goes off to college.

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    So using Photoshop is a necessary part of this corse? I’m not sure I want to bother using that very complicated software program and that’s why I’m asking.

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