New Swatching Tools from Waffle Flower Crafts

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Today I’m happy to be part of a blog hop for Waffle Flower Crafts and their brand new crafty medium swatching tools.

If you are like me and collect ink pads and other mediums, but really have no real resources of what the heck they look like, these products can help you to get organized and then get creating!

I have a video to share with you today that focuses on getting my complete Distress Oxide ink collection all swatched out, something I have never done, as well as starting to create a resource for combinations of these inks.

These new products are designed to give you a ton of ways to create samples—from inks, to embossing powders, to cardstocks—all of the crafty mediums you use to create.

Here’s a video showing you how I created both my main swatch tag ring and the smaller combo tags.

Thanks so much for stopping by! Now, onto the hop!

BLOG HOP DETAILS: To celebrate the blog hop, Waffle Flower is giving away $25 gift certificates to THREE lucky winners. You can leave a comment on this blog and along the hop by 11:59pm ET on 8/8/19 for your chances to win. Winners will be chosen at random from the comments left on any of the posts in this blog hop and will be announced on the Waffle Flower blog on 8/10/2019.

BLOG HOP SPECIAL: Receive a FREE Color Swatches for Inkpads Stamp Set with all orders $50 and over, while supplies last. No code required; Limited 1 per customer; While supplies last; Valid through midnight 8/8/19

BLOG HOP PARTICIPANTS: Here are all the hop participants! Check out each stop and see more ideas for the new Waffle Flower releases, which include a whole new collection of other wonderful stamps and dies.

Waffle Flower 

Cathy ZielskeYou are here!

Laura Bassen

Jessica Frost-Ballas

Amy Rysavy

Renee Day

Alexandra Stapleton

JJ Bolton

Channin Pelletier

Rebecca Keppel 

Keeway Tsao 

Alix Davis

Kelli Cool

There are two bundles you can purchase below and get free shipping!



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Cathy ZielskeNew Swatching Tools from Waffle Flower Crafts

91 Comments on “New Swatching Tools from Waffle Flower Crafts”

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  2. #2

    These are just the coolest. Your video explained everything so well. I definitely need these. Thanks so much

    1. #3.1

      Oh my! This is awesome. I’m adding to my wishlist right now! I especially like the way you swatched your ink blendings.

  3. #5
    Maria C F

    Love Waffle Flower and blog hops because they get me excited about stamping. Thank you for inspiring me.

  4. #7
    Angie Hollins

    Love all the swatch options!!! Now to make time and put them together! Thank you for sharing!!!

  5. #8
    E. Jane Grining

    THIS IS AWESOME! ???? I’ve been looking for a more compact way to swatch my colors and this is perfect! I’ll be putting my order in today. Cathy, thank you so much for making all your videos. They teach me so much and inspire me to try so many different things.

  6. #11
    Lindar C

    This is a great set, I like to swatch when I need to give my creative mojo a jump start. I really like how compact the swatches are, I don’t have a lot of space and being able to see everything quickly is great. I think I wold just press the cardstock onto the ink pad to save some time, but they wouldn’t look as nice as yours.

  7. #15

    I’ve added so many inks to my stash lately that I need new organization for them. Thanks for the video!!

  8. #16
    Debbie Rumpza

    Awesome swatches! I bought the previous swatching kits from WF but have not had a chance to swatch yet!

  9. #17
    Becky Green

    WHAT A GREAT JOB you’ve done with these swatches, Cathy! I LOVE IT when Waffle Flower comes out with ways of getting to know our colors better! It’s SO BASIC, but SO NEEDED, REALLY! A GREAT JOB for us!!! THANKS CATHY!!! ;)<3

  10. #21
    Patricia Wilson

    Oh my! This sure beats me stamping a little something each time I want to know what the color is when creating. I love these products and ideas for organization. Thanks for sharing these with us!

  11. #24
    Jane O'Leary

    this is so up my obsessive compulsive alley! I could even do swatches for my comic markers! ?All 168 of the!

  12. #25
    Lisa Byers

    Wow, I saw this in the new release and thought I really didn’t need it. After watching you, I NEED THIS!!!!! What did I do without it? I might have to wait a couple of months to get it but I’m buying it!! It’s such a great set!! You have everything you need. I was going to do something else but this is much easier. Thanks Waffle Flower!!

  13. #26
    Sheri K

    Love this, I really need to swatch my inks and do color combos, I struggle with those. Thanks for sharing this with us Cathy!

  14. #27
    Dee Earnshaw

    what a great way of getting organized – should really take away the guess work when deciding color combos

  15. #31

    I recently added some new inks to my supplies and need to create swatch cards for them. This is so perfect!!

  16. #34

    Completely new to swatching and didn’t understand it until I saw this video. Love the idea and those stamps and dies would make that so easy — I’ve got TONS of inks!

  17. #35
    Darlene Fellows

    Great ideas! Love how all the distress oxides are on a handful of cards yet you can see all the colours at a glance.

  18. #37
    Kay Gregory-Clark

    I so need to do this! I have no where near the inks you have, Cathy, but this would be so helpful. I’ve thought about it often, but never got around to it. Your tutorial is so helpful & makes me want to get the stamps & dies (if I can figure out which ones). Thanks!

  19. #38
    Jaycee C.

    Thank you for the video. Now I can see that the Color Combos Tag die with the 3 openings doesn’t cut out the entire squares. That’s important to know.

  20. #42
    Teri S.

    Now that I’ve seen your video & the dies Waffle Flower has in this release the thought of making colour swatches doesn’t seem as daunting a prospect. Thanks!

  21. #43
    Deb Jones

    Oh my! Wow!! I love these dies and stamps and what you did with them. I have always wanted to have a pretty yet useful way to know what inks, papers, and other items I have for scrapbook layouts and card making. These will work great.

  22. #45
    Lauren Elliott

    I’ve got so many ideas for these dies, well beyond swatching. So much fun. Love the video.

  23. #51

    Wow. Another win for Waffle Flower…. well actually, every release is a win. Cathy your swatches are gorgeous.

  24. #58

    What a great way to see your colors and be able to visualize them before adding them to your project. You can never have too many colors and with all of the wonderful blending tools available it can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t have a reference. So excited about this hop!!

  25. #60
    SD Pooja

    If you are like me..seeing a colour online,admiring it and then adding to wish list just to find that I already have that ink color !! Great idea to swatch all the ink colors..and combos too 🙂 Thanks a lot for inspiration.

  26. #63
    Mary Holshouser

    It would be wonderful to be organized and
    know what colors I have available. this is
    a fantastic idea. thanks for sharing the
    information. txmlhl(at)yahoo(dot)com

  27. #66

    I am going crazy this is an awesome release. I can get my stuff together so that I know what I have.

  28. #67
    Cathy Loveless

    What a brilliant idea for both my inks and Copics. This definitely will help me get more organized!

  29. #68
    Sandra Spielberger

    Wow-this set is absolutely brilliant .What a timesaver and I can`t wait to make swatch tags 🙂

  30. #77
    Rosemary S

    Such a great way to organize your color supplies and your favorite color combos.
    Thank you for the great video explaining everything so clearly.

  31. #83
    Denise Terry

    I don’t know if anything can keep me organized, but this might be a good way to start trying!

  32. #84
    Joyce Bergthold

    A perfect set-up for organizing. I love it! And, as a 3rd and 4th grade teacher for 27 years, and I taught handwriting, yours is beautiful. Really. Keep on crafting!

  33. #86
    Brian Poteraj

    Those seem really helpful for organization. It makes crafting so much easier when you know what you have.

  34. #87
    Tracey Landt

    Fabulous release from Waffle Flower.
    Cathy thank you so much for going through your swatching ideas, this has helped me
    understand how all these new products can be used.
    T x

  35. #89

    Wow, there are some darn handy tools available these days! Love these, might redo all my (tattered in comparison) swatches with these one day. Thanks for the nice video!

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