Swatching my Copic Markers

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Since getting serious about card making back in early 2017, I’ve been slowly amazing a respectable collection of alcohol markers. I decided to commit to Copics because it seemed like they were the “it” marker and most of the card makers I admired and followed were using them.

And while I wasn’t exactly a skilled colorer when I started (and still am not!), it didn’t stop me from buying markers every so often to build my collection. Side note: I also inherited a TON of markers from a blog reader who decided she didn’t want hers anymore. And that was pretty sweet!

I’m still learning about these markers but I think part of my problem was not really knowing which marker to grab for what, and even though I have this wonderful hex chart showing my colors, I wanted to create a portable, larger swatch collection to help me when it came to picking out colors for projects.

I decided to use some of the new Waffle Flower swatching tools to create a new reference for my markers. This swatch ring can be next to me when I’m envisioning what colors to pick and I store it in my big crafty cabinet away from direct sun exposure.

Here’s a short video showing you how I created my swatches.

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Cathy ZielskeSwatching my Copic Markers

6 Comments on “Swatching my Copic Markers”

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    Nora Noll

    This is a great way to create color combos for markers. Use the markers!! They are so much fun!! I like to stamp images and color them all at once. I do this when I am lacking in time or have no mojo or just need to relax. Coloring is relaxing!! Then I cut the colored images out and have them set aside for future use on a card. Makes card making quick!!

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    Leanne in Cali

    Looks awesome and you’ve collected quite a few! You should use them so we can see what great color combos you come up with–I love to see your cards with coloring on flowers, rainbows, etc (whatever you make). Thanks for sharing your video!!

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    Shelley F

    Have you downloaded the COPIC marker app? It is great to help keep track what you have in a mobile format. The downside is that the data is only accessible from the mobile device you download it to and plug in all your colors. :-(. But it has saved me when I’m coloring in a card kit from someone else that designates which colors…. do I have them or do I need to buy or borrow from a friend! I also recently discovered you can also use the app to take a photo and analyze which copic colors are in the photo!

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    carol ann

    I have Copic envy, Cathy! How terrific to own that many! Just curious where you got the brushes container. It’s right up my alley! 🙂

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