Big Dots Birthday Card Shaker (Waffle Flower Crafts)

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I wanted to share a really fun birthday shaker card, wherein I did something a bit different to create the shaker. I don’t have a video to share for this project, but here are a few pics and I’ll explain the simple process!

Because the little areas between the dot openings were so small and because my eyes are truly not cooperating with me on tiny things, I decided to forgo trying to cut layers of foam tape to build the shaker and simply die cut five panels out of cardstock, then glue them all together with some liquid adhesive, with a piece of acetate cut to size under the very top layer. This let me cut my strips of Doodlebug gingham into a rainbow of strips, mount those onto the back of the shaker, and mount the whole piece onto my card base.

Maybe that seems like an excessive use of paper, but… my eyes thanked me when all was said and done and the card feels so substantial. I love it and I can’t wait to send it to my next birthday recipient!

It’s a fun way to use scraps and the sentiments that come in the Big Dots sentiments pretty much cover all the bases for a greeting card!

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Cathy ZielskeBig Dots Birthday Card Shaker (Waffle Flower Crafts)

12 Comments on “Big Dots Birthday Card Shaker (Waffle Flower Crafts)”

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    Your card is awesome! I love this method for creating shaker cards! I have been experimenting with different ways to make them (using what I have and resisting buying foam tape/foam sheets). This way works great and I have found that it is also a great way to use “ugly pattern” scrapbook paper that we all have sitting unused in our stash’s! Just cut several layers from it and sandwich the ugly paper somewhere into the stack with a sheet of white on the front and no one will ever know!

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    Oh, that gingham!!!! 5-up is a great idea for this shaker card. I have the set, and for the same reasons (age and age!) didn’t even try the foam tape. I just did 3-up, and it was good. But I’ll follow your lead next time. Oh, that gingham!!! Wait, I said that already. THANKS for sharing!

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    I love doing it this way! Sometimes foam gets misshapen after it gets cut. Eventually it gets back but I am not a very patient crafter. I want instant gratification! Paper is always ready to go!!! Love all the colors. What a fab card!!

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    Oh, that gingham!!! For the same reasons (age!), I made a shaker with this set using your same method. I used just a 3-up. Now, 5-up sounds more fun. Definitely I’m going to follow your lead. Oh, that gingham! Wait, I said that already. Thanks for sharing!

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    Tracey Landt

    Fantastic idea Cathy. I have just received this set and I am definitely going to give this a try. Thank you so much for sharing. Love your colours too!
    T x

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    Five layers of cardstock instead of fussing with sticky foam–BRILLIANT!! I always seem to get sequins stuck to the sides of the foam even after using anti-static powder. Love the Doodlebugs bright gingham paper you used. Thanks for sharing!.

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    Love the idea! How heavy does the card get, though? Not too much?
    You know, I always say that my craft room must weigh about a ton more than any of the other rooms in the house, simply because of the amount of paper in here ;D
    Thanks for sharing this tip!

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      Cathy Zielske

      You know, it’s not much heavier than other cards with lots of layers! It’s still going to be a two stamp envelope though!

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