Giveaway: fun crafty tools from Make It by Marko (closed)

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NOTE: This giveaway closed at 4 p.m. on Oct. 25, 2019. CST. I will be choosing the winners shortly and contacting them via email!

Today I’m hosting a fun giveaway of tools from Make It by Marko, a small Etsy shop that creates 3D laser printed tools for crafters.

It seems like every time I post a YouTube video, people ask me, “Where’d you get that glue holder?” And that would be from the fine folks at Make It by Marko.

Today’s giveaway is all about their brand new blender brush/tool caddy designs! There are four of them: the Ring Toss:

The Bathtub:

The Football:

and the Peacock:

They are all designed to fit the handles of the Picket Fence Studio Life Changing Blender Brushes (or other brands, too!) perfectly. And they fit all 10 brushes that come in the full Picket Fence set.

I posted a video to Instagram a few days back and saved it so I could share it here:

GIVEAWAY DETAILS: Three people will win their choice of one blender caddy, one Stamp Shammy/Tidy Towel holder, one glue holder and one iPhone clip.

You’ll pick the colors and styles you like and Carl over at Make It will ship it out to you! I only ask you do three things:

  1. Leave a comment here on my blog to officially enter.
  2. Go over and follow Make It by Marko on Instagram.
  3. Have a nice day!

I will choose the three winners on Friday, October 25th and notify you by email!

Thanks for stopping by!

But while you’re here…


Affiliate links are used in this post and below at no additional cost to you. I receive a small percent of compensation when you click through and shop using the provided links. This helps me to continue building my YouTube channel and my small business. Thank you!

Cathy ZielskeGiveaway: fun crafty tools from Make It by Marko (closed)

268 Comments on “Giveaway: fun crafty tools from Make It by Marko (closed)”

  1. #1
    Cindy Reynoso

    How nice of them to have such a great give-away! And of you to host it!!

    Love your creations!!

  2. #2
    Monda DeWeese

    What a great giveaway and what an amazing product!!!! My blending brushes are a hot mess – thanks for the share and the great opportunity!

    1. #2.1
      Elizabeth Petersen

      What a great product! I am very intrigued with 3D printers. I’d love to win the brush storage.

  3. #4

    Oh wow this is so very awesome and fun! I love how you present new things to crafty ones here! so amazing!

    1. #4.1

      Seriously….your bad for my budget! This company is amazing you sold me on the glue holders. I have 3 and I do see a purchase in my future for my brushes….Your creativity is inspiring!!!

  4. #5
    Valerie Wagner

    Thanks for providing us this awesome opportunity, the products look amazing! I’d love to proudly display them on my work area, well done!

  5. #6
    Jana Earnest

    Wow, these holders look amazing. I would so love to win one of them. Even if I don’t I will order these, they look super sturdy too. Thank you. Jana Earnest

  6. #7
    Nancy R.

    Love your video introduction of the Make it By Marko variety of blender brush holders. I have added a number of their products to my Christmas wishlist after seeing them in use by you!

  7. #9

    Cathy, you are so nice to highlight these great products. Who wouldn’t love to have any of these?!

  8. #12
    Brenda Simpson

    Thanks for the great review! Their products are awesome and I the new brush caddies are awesome!

  9. #14
    Brenda Simpson

    Thanks for the great Video review! Their products are fantastically made and the new brush caddies are awesome! Nice giveaway!

  10. #15
    Sharon O

    Always looking for good, practical storage and these 3D laser-printed brush holders look fantastic! Extremely fine use of new technology in a lovely, useful way. Thanks for offering this giveaway and for spotlighting this company.

  11. #17
    Carolyn Keierleber

    Thank you for your hilarious and informative videos. I have been interested in the MakeitbyMarko items you have shown so good idea for the giveaway. Thank you.

  12. #21

    Love this idea!! If you’re using these tools they must be great for crafters!!
    Thanks for opportunity to try them ?

  13. #23
    Melissa Klepser

    Great giveaway and perfect timing I’m trying to make my craft room more organized. Thanks for the chance.

  14. #24
    Due in Grapevine

    What a fun giveaway! I have a set of brushes, but just toss them in the box w my Oxide inks.
    What an upgrade this would be!

  15. #25
    Omayra Ortiz

    This is genius and I need some genius in my life! Thanks for sharing and for the giveaway.

  16. #26
    Nancy Kempf

    Good morning Cathy,this is very generous of you to be giving such lovely products away.
    Thank you for all your beautiful art work.

  17. #27
    Michele S.

    Awesome giveaway! The brush caddies look so cool, and I love that they come in so many pretty colors! ?

  18. #28
    Sue in Grapevine native

    What a fun giveaway! I have a set of brushes but just throw them in a box with my Oxide inks. This would be a real upgrade!

  19. #29

    Love it when you show me things that I don’t have and are unaware of! Plus your creations are cream-of-the-crop! Thanks so much.

  20. #31
    Amy Cooley

    I love the storage products from Make it by Marko! They are so cute and functional! Thanks for the chance to win some.

    1. #31.1
      Pamela Selinski

      I have the Pocket Fence brushes and this caddie looks like something I could really use to help organize. This is a fabulous give away. Thanks for hosting.

  21. #32

    Cool new products from MakeitbyMarko, I have the glue holders and really like using them. Thanks for sharing this new product.

  22. #40
    Leslie Kiley

    I am super excited about getting my craft rooms cleaned up. It is an ongoing effort but I can see a lot of progress and these products would be an amazing help. I have seen these products in pictures but never knew where to get them. Thank you. BTW you look fabulous!

  23. #42

    This is such a cool giveaway, Cathy! Thank you for always bringing great content and practical product reviews and ideas!

  24. #43

    One of the best things about crafter blogs and videos are the great tips concerning tools, storage and experience with new things before I go out and buy them. Thanks for all your advice and ideas as well as a great giveaway.

  25. #45
    Denise K Terry

    I love how the crafty community supports each other! And your Instagram live showing the new brush caddies the other day was fantastic!

  26. #48
    Valerie Woodd

    Thank you for the opportunity to win some really fun organization tools! I never thought I’d say organization and fun together!! I will definitely be following the Markos! Have a great day!

  27. #52

    The picket fence blending brushes ARE life changing…I got just the small set b/c I need to budget my hobby…??‍♀️ That ain’t going well….anyhoo I woujd LUV to win any/all these products!!! It makes my fun hobby even more enjoyable!! Thank you Cathy

  28. #54
    Marcilene McCabe

    Would love to have this caddy. I got the brushes based on your video and they have been a game changer for me.

  29. #56
    Christine Cox

    Love these!! I really like the peacock. I feel like the brushes would be really easy to grab with that configuration. Thanks for the chance to win some awesome stuff! 🙂 Have a spectacular day Cathy!

  30. #57
    Judy Lucas

    That’s such an awesome giveaway. As someone who is starting a divorce process I find myself being more frugal with my purchases but I will definitely check them out.

  31. #58
    Ann Turner

    These are super cool – thanks for the video. I’m digging that shammy holder too… got to get over to etsy and check them out.

  32. #59
    Melanie Ayers

    I’m always up for anything to help keep my craft room tidy!!! Thanks for doing a fun giveaway (and my craft room thanks you also ?)

  33. #60
    Nicole dekkers

    I saw your clip and i loved them….they don’t have something like that in the netherlands
    So great give away?

  34. #61
    Carl Marko


    We are thrilled to be a part of this giveaway! Colors and styles of prizes are available at

    Good Luck to all who enter!
    Carl and Rebecca Marko

  35. #62
    Diane Koele

    They are geniuses! These are so much better than what I’m using (an old pint jar, and the brushes slip down below the top quite often). Thanks for hosting this wonderful giveaway, hugs!!

  36. #64

    The ring toss is my fav..b/c all the pcs are right there together…cleaner & brushes…so your not searching for stuff…let’s face it we ALL do that one time or another!!

  37. #65

    I looked them up after you shared your phone holder, they make some cool stuff! Thanks for the chance to win!

  38. #70

    I love the Peacock! It is so nice of them to give away products. I love to watch you and have numerous classes from Big Picture. I already belong to your newsletter!!!

  39. #71
    Christine M

    Saw your Instagram story on these ? mind blown! They could of stopped at “ring toss” but NOOOOOO it just got better and better. FANTASTIC products makeitbymarko!!

  40. #74
    Cynthia Rowell

    Been trying to decide how to store my blender brushes – thanks for the chance to win one. Very kind of you to allow us to participate in the give-away!

  41. #75
    Sabrina Kapp

    OK, these are adorable! And my word, so affordable! They’ll definitely get my business 🙂 Thank you for sharing, CZ!

  42. #78
    Ann Benda

    That’s so cool!! I like the bathtub design. I’ll have to check Make it by Marco out. Thanks for the video.

  43. #79
    Barbara Gallagher

    What a great set of tools! It is so hard to keep all the tools we use handy but not obstructive. These items look useful and fun.

  44. #83
    Anna Starr

    Thank you for sharing this and thank you for a chance to win. This is just the type if stuff I’ve been looking for.

  45. #84

    I bought the phone holder on your recommendation. And the glue holder. Great products. Would love the ring toss holder for all my brushes. Thanks for the chance to win.

  46. #85
    Anna Starr

    Thank you for sharing this and thank you for a chance to win. This is just the type if stuff I’ve been looking for

  47. #86
    Sue Hudson

    Wow, this is so cool! I wondered how people get these custom tools made. Thank you for turning me on to this company!

  48. #92
    Wendy Goundrey

    What a fabulous design company! This duo is the perfect combo of crafty and creative in their unique products.

  49. #93

    Thank you for sharing. These look like really great products they are offering. Will have to check them out.

  50. #95
    Roberta S.

    Great video Cathy. Love Carl & Rebecca’s Instagram page. Their products are so helpful to our crafting spaces. Thank you for doing a giveaway.

  51. #97
    Jackie Parkins

    I love my blender brushes and just have them in an old coffee cup right now – one of these holders would be so awesome! Thanks for sharing these.

  52. #98

    I’ve been looking at the glue holders for awhile now but didn’t know where to find them. Thank you for pointing us in the right direction.

  53. #99
    Nancy V

    What a cool giveaway! I like the different designs, and like the idea of selecting the color I want. I love my brushes and use them often. This would be a nice treat. Thank you!

  54. #101
    Surekha Galagoda

    Dear Cathy.
    Love the video. It is great to have such products to give a cleaner and neater look to our crafty spaces we love so much. Thank you for the give away. Blessings to you and them.

  55. #103
    Debbie Lambert

    I’ve wanted the glue holder for a while, and forgot the name of the shop. Now I have it book marked, so I won’t forget it and can order it if I don’t win.

  56. #105

    So excited to learn about the blending brushes . . . I’d like to try them and have a little softer hand than with the blending tools. Wishing everyone good luck in this great give-away!

  57. #108
    Ginny K.

    What a cool product, love all three designs. How neat to have a handy storage unit that would fit nicely on my work table, love it. Thank you for the chance to win. What a nice treat it would be to win, no tricks! 🙂
    ~Ginny K.~

  58. #109
    Evelyn Burton

    Wow, all these fantastic choices – thanks so much for demonstrating what is out there for your purchase and use!!

  59. #110
    Juanita Wong

    I love the new brush holders. I do not have a storage container for my brushes and the glue holder looks awesome.

  60. #111

    Wonderful! I bought their glue holder because of you and am very pleased with it. Looks like great storage for brushes. Thanks for sharing info.

  61. #113

    Seriously….your bad for my budget! This company is amazing you sold me on the glue holders. I have 3 and I do see a purchase in my future for my brushes….Your creativity is inspiring!!!

  62. #115
    Lisa Byers

    What a great giveaway!! I love each of the products!! How handy they would be in my craftroom!!!

  63. #118
    Susan A. Lorio

    such a clever idea!! I love all of their products! I am going to have to purchase a few things from them. Thanks for the info!!

  64. #120
    Nan M

    Were you listening in last night when I was pondering a way to store my brushes? What a generous offer from you both! Make It by Marko is my next stop!

  65. #123

    Just used these last Saturday at the make n take at Pine City Scrapbooking Co. I was there with friends for the weekend and lucked in to their Buffalo Plaid party. These brushes are really slick for applying ink, particularly when using stencils.

  66. #124

    Thanks for the info on this company and their wonderful line of products! Such great variety! Thanks also for the chance to win.

  67. #126
    Raegan Lalli

    I love the phone holder. It’s amazing. Been eyeing these other goodies too. Thanks as always for Inspiratikn Carhy!!

  68. #127
    Lindar C

    These look great! I see they redesigned the glue holder, I have the old style and it allows the glue to drip out so they are in a drawer now. I think I’ll pick up a couple of the new ones.

  69. #128

    While I’ve scrapbooked for years, I’m new to using the inks and blending. I’ve been using the round tool with the pads. I’m sold on getting these brushes and will need the caddy! What a great giveaway! (And I love your detailed tutorials).

  70. #129

    How nice of you to share your fabulous finds with us and offer this great giveaway! I already got the glue holder from your previous recommendation; the brush caddy (any shape) is another awesome product that will reinforce my illusion of being organized! ?

  71. #130
    Jennifer C.

    Thank you, Cathy, for your inspirational, informative, and wonderfully entertaining work. You make this fellow St. Paulite proud!

  72. #132
    Amy Wazwaz

    I have 15 brushes and I keep them in a mason jar. So these won’t quite fit mine. But I sure think they are brilliant. I have been eying the glue holders for a while now. I need to just take the leap and order some. I took a small deli container and use it for my homemade shammies I get from the dollar store. I keep forgetting to talk to my friends about the glue holders. But they are so generous with me. Maybe I will just buy us all one and give them as a gift. Love how the crafting community sticks together to help small businesses.

  73. #135
    Marti Crockett

    I love the look of the holders. I have the brushes and just have them lying around. I also use the glue and stick it a plastic holder and try to keep the tip up. Thank you for a chance.

  74. #138
    Carla Hundley

    Wow! These products are
    just what crafters need.
    Awesome giveaway and
    thank you for offering this.
    Carla from Utah

  75. #139
    Mary Webster

    I have been wanting to get one of those glue holders and the brush holder looks perfect too.
    Hope I win! Otherwise, Dear Santa….

  76. #140
    Glenda Thorne

    I’m so blown away with these ingenious tool holders!! Just knowing these items are available to us scrappers is an added bonus. Thanks for introducing me and others to this creative company. Thanks to you both for doing a give away.

  77. #145

    Thanks Cathy! I’ve been thinking of ordering some of these products. It would be great to win them instead. Love your videos!

  78. #146
    Amy Palmer

    I knew nothing about Make it by Marko, and I just went to their site and ordered 5 phone clips as stocking stuffers! I personally would love to win the peacock brush holder. What is this brush cleaner you are using?

  79. #147
    Avra N Williams

    Make it by Marko keeps coming out with fantastic products you didn’t know you needed! (But you do!)

  80. #148
    Tricia Smith

    I love the products by MakeItByMarko! These are amazing and I love that there are 4 different designs! I think the bathtub ones would be perfect for me!

  81. #149
    Deanna Berman

    I agree with all 144 comments! Hat’s off to you and to Marko….this giveaway is so generous!

  82. #150
    Jodi Thompson

    I love the organization of the brushes that will take up little space on a desk. I have enjoyed the phone and glue stand that I found at the Expo last month. Thanks for sharing these great organization tools.

  83. #151

    How fun are each of the designs! Thank you for supporting small businesses and helping to get their products out to more people! Awesome giveaway!

  84. #153

    The phone clip….so simple…yet such a game changer! Why don’t I already have one? Thanks for the great review and “in real use” video.

  85. #156

    I love the Peacock! I am in the middle of trying to organize my crafting area. These products are just the thing I need. Small footprint! Thank you Cathy for this video and the opportunity to win some of these products. Definitely will be following Make it by Marko on Instagram.

  86. #158
    Lin F

    The glue holders are so worth it, love mine! Thanks for the video and the opportunity to
    win a tool caddie!

  87. #165
    Margot Perry

    This is awesome! Especially since I was one of those people who commented on one of your YouTube videos asking where you got that cool rainbow glue holder! Thanks for partnering with makeitbymarko! Hope I win! ?

  88. #166

    Thank-you for offering all of these goodies
    Any of th m would be a delight to have
    Thanks again

  89. #173

    Not sure my comment went through. But what a great product. I have a glue holder. Love it! Thanks for the opportunity.

  90. #175
    Cyndi Morris

    I’m one of those people who asked “Where’d you get that glue holder?” Thanks for answering that question! As for the third thing I need to do to enter, I’m afraid it’s too late for that. I just left the car repair place with a hefty repair bill; however, it’s less than the cost of a new car (but not by much!).

  91. #178
    Whitney Meynberg

    Super cool products, I’ve been wanting to order from them for a while! Thanks for the chance to win!

  92. #179
    Nancy Deffner

    Thanks for sharing the new caddy. It looks fabulous and useful and much needed in my craft room!

  93. #185
    Etta Parnell

    I love my blender brushes but really do not have a good place to store them. All 3 prizes are great, it is really nice of them to have this giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!

  94. #186
    Kate Haddad

    Oh. my. gosh. These are GENIUS! So much a better solution than the silverware tray I have them in now…

  95. #190
    Patricia Wilson

    Oh, I wondered where you would store the brushes instead of putting them in a tin and love these ideas. Thanks for sharing, as usual!

  96. #193
    Nikki M Anderberg

    Fantastic idea for storage! Thanks for the info and a chance to receive one of these.

  97. #194
    Dorothy Ayotte

    I love my picket fence brushes, and would enjoy having a special caddy for them. Or any of the other fun give aways! Thanks for doing this and congrats to whoever wins them.

  98. #197
    Joni O

    I love your videos and that you are located in the great Midwest! Keep the humor coming – it is such a pleasure to watch you and giggle just a bit.

  99. #198
    Donna Hawkins

    What a great product! I was not aware of these being available so thank you for sharing! Awesome giveaway!

  100. #199
    Bev Karolak

    Such a generous giveaway! These products are amazing! I really need storage for my blender brushes. Thanks so much for the chance to win! ?

  101. #200
    Margarita Navarrro-Rivera

    I am already familiar with the Make It by Marko shammy holders and the glue stands and I love them both! Glad to see that she as come out with so many different caddies for the blender brushes!

  102. #201
    Louise Hull

    What clever creations. I am sure they will come in so handy. People’s creativity is a constant source of amazement to me. Congrats, Marko. And thank you Cathy, for the chance to win these wonderful prizes. It is so generous.

  103. #203

    Wow, cool products! I need to seriously get organized! And, Any one of these would help. Thank you for the opportunity to win one…fingers crossed. Love your videos and the products you design. You are amazing.

  104. #205

    I have quite a few things from MakeItByMarko and just ordered one of the brush holders because I saw it in your video! They make wonderful products and there is nothing better than supporting a small business!

  105. #206
    Erika Crawford

    Oh my goodness! What a kind thing to do. I’d love to win a holder. Thank you so much for the opportunity!

    1. #207.1
      Katie Baird McGregor

      Wow! These products look amazing, thank you sponsoring such a generous giveaway! I’m looking forward to checking out more from MakeItByMarko. What you are doing is a wonderful way to support small business. You Rock!

  106. #208

    How perfect are these holders, and all the fun styles. I just got the brushes so I sure could use any one of these!! Thank you Make it by Marko for this fun offer.

  107. #209
    Sheri K

    Thanks Cathy–love the blender brush holders–I have just a couple of brushes, have been trying to decide if I really NEED more or if I can make do. The other things are cool too, so nice of you to give some away. Great review.

  108. #210
    Nancy Finn

    Always the season for crafting…BUT this is Football season…..line up those brushes…TOUCHDOWN!!

  109. #212
    Tracey Landt

    You are so wonderful supporting small business. Make It by Marko are wonderful people. Their products look fantastic and so useful. Thank you for the opportunity.
    T x

    BTW Love your nail polish

  110. #216
    Cathy Morris

    I’m going over to etsy right away. Love the glue holder. Every time I see your’s I say I need that. How does the iPhone holder work?

  111. #217
    Linda McSweeney

    Thanks for sharing. Love supporting creative types on Etsy! Headed over to Instagram and Etsy now!

  112. #220
    Cynthia Johnson

    These holders look awesome! I’ve been experimenting with different things to hold mine but these beat them all. Thanks for the chance to win one of them and the other products also.

  113. #221

    These are really good ideas, I have never seen any of these cool tools. Thank you for bringing them to our attention and the opportunity to win them.

  114. #224
    Tammy Reagan

    Thanks for being an enabler. lol Honestly, loving these products. I better start saving now.

  115. #225
    Corinne Mueller

    These products are great!!! I like the glue holder and the caddy. Such great ideas. And having a give away too! Wow, thank you for the opportunity.

  116. #228
    Lauryne Cunningham

    Wow! I love every product you showed on your video! I love that you can choose the blender brush holder that will work best for your work space! That glue holder would be awesome to have, too!

  117. #231
    Denise Fonda

    Cathy, thank you for sponsoring this giveaway. I can never have too much organization, so having a place to neatly store my blending brushed would be nice. Thanks again.

  118. #232
    Trina L.

    Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win. Pretty interesting stuff with simple and functional design. Am in the organization phase and trying to find cool things like these. 🙂

  119. #234

    Hi Cathy, thanks for sharing! I really enjoy your CAS designs and products! Thanks for the giveaway and a chance to win.

  120. #237
    Savannagh Kacey

    How very kind of you and the creators to share these great products! Every time I think I have my desk perfectly organized a new tool comes home and throws the whole desktop into disarray AGAIN! I got a set of brushes for my birthday and they’re still sitting in the box where I have to stand up and go get them when I need to blend. Ugh!

  121. #238
    Ann Marie Sharratt

    Very neat! The different designs are brilliant. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to win such a great package! Keep the videos and the blogs coming.

  122. #239
    Lisa Says

    How great ! Those folks are very smart !
    And now, off to a nice day 😉
    I hope you have a nice one too !

  123. #242
    Tami Haugenta

    You are a creative genius! Thanks for all the inspiration over the years- have loved watching you evolve!

  124. #243
    Teresa Doyle

    This is a genius idea! Who needs the brushes to revolve when the are so easily accessible in these compact stands. I love how little space they would use on the desk. A brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing this Cathy and the chance to win! (I totally love the peacock one!)

  125. #244
    Susan D Ringler

    I would love being included in the chance to win in your giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity.

  126. #245

    I love the stuff I already have but that phone holder is next on my list! Thank you for this giveaway!

  127. #246

    I love the products I have from Make it by Marko! What a great giveaway! That phone holder is next on my list!

  128. #248

    Thanks for all you do to share with us. I enjoy watching and learning from your videos. And thanks for the giveaway!!

  129. #250
    Jen Petersen

    Thanks for sharing this with us! Along with so many wonderful other posts. Thanks for the chance to win as well. I hope you have a nice day too!

  130. #257
    Linda Gorman

    What a great product!!! Thanks for the chance to win! Love his things! Met him at JUNKIEFEST.

  131. #259

    I love my stamp shammy holder by Make It By Marko. Amazing designs and detail. Thanks for showing them off!

  132. #260

    What awesome products!! How fantastic that you are having a giveaway. Thanks for sharing!! Off to check out their etsy page. <3

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