Scrapbook Your Year, Pages for September 2019 (plus save 30% on the e-course behind the project!)

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I’m on a roll with my year-long scrapbooking! Today I’m sharing my pages for September 2019. I just finished up my August pages last week, and I figured I had a spare hour yesterday, ergo, album pages done. (And yes, it really takes me just about an hour to complete a month’s worth of memories. The reason? In the words of Frozen, I just  “let it go… let IT go…”! And what is ‘it’? The need to save it all. I’m getting just the highlights!

PHOTOS TAKEN: 117 (I think that sounds a bit low, but… that’s what it ended up being after the culling process.


Here are the pages for September:

The title page includes something related to all four of the fam. Sending my son back to school was a biggie. My daughter kicking off year 2 of law school, also a biggie. And hubby Dan starting his fourth year of teaching, thereby securing tenure at his school, also a big dang deal. Oh, and me. There I am. Hi Cathy!

An assortment of images fill out page two. Shopping at Target with my girl. The impending fall color. Halloween decor. (Yes, it comes out in September!) Very slice of life stuff.

Had to blur one shot out. I cannot share all photos of my son because without his permission, I just ain’t gonna do it. But I still tried to document his sophomore year drop off with respect.

And the wrap up page. I really was pushing it to fill out the full four pages this month, and honestly? On the months where I don’t have enough, I just go with whatever I have. It still comes together beautifully at the end of the year into one printed and bound book.

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Speaking of how those printed books turn out, here’s a video overview of my 2018 album:

SAVE 30% OFF THE PRICE OF THE E-COURSE! Sale runs through Friday, October 18. Click on the image below to read the full course description and to save! You do not have to do this project digitally! The concepts help you get organized for a year-long project, whether you plan to create a printed book or are a pocket page scrapbooker.

NOTE: I will definitely be running the next class sale in December, if you think you’d like to wait to try this approach in 2020! You do NOT have to be using Photoshop to do this project!





Cathy ZielskeScrapbook Your Year, Pages for September 2019 (plus save 30% on the e-course behind the project!)

3 Comments on “Scrapbook Your Year, Pages for September 2019 (plus save 30% on the e-course behind the project!)”

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    I keep saying I am going to try to do a catch up….this IS DOABLE, just need to get past these exams first 🙂

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    This course has changed my life! Do it, people. I never thought I could master photoshop but with these templates I have found it so easy and now have 6 photobooks (including my wedding album, two travel albums and three year books) using these templates. Thank you Cathy from Australia!

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