Get creative in 2020 with stories and my friend Stacy Julian (and save with an exclusive discount code!)

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Today I’m turning over my blog to a very special friend, Stacy Julian. If you don’t already know Stacy from the scrapbooking world and my history with this fabulous memory-keeping pioneer, I can sum it up in one sentence: I pretty much learned everything I know about scrapbooking from her.

No lie.

Right around 2002, I started this magical hobby and decided to submit a few pages to the now defunct Simple Scrapbooks magazine, of which Stacy was the founding editor. One day out of the clear blue sky the phone rang and it was this extremely animated woman who said, and I quote: “Hi, my name is Stacy Julian and I work for Simple Scrapbooks magazine and I don’t know who you are but I want to work with you.”

And thusly, my crafting career literally began.

Stacy has something special, friends. She has a knack for helping you to discover and preserve the stories and the photos that matter most. She makes the memory keeping process both do-able and fun. Every time I hear her talk, I remember the joy in combining words and images to document my life. She is my personal scrapbooking guru and her joy is contagious.

Plus, she comes up with the cutest dang projects you can imagine and they make creating fun!

And she has a brand new, year-long workshop called 20in20. I am going to let her tell you more about it, deal? And check out the special code to save $10 off the price!

Take it away, SJ…

Hey. Hi. I’m Stacy.

I love photos and stories and teaching—in that order. In 2020 I want to teach you how to do something with some of your photos. I want to help you get a few of them off your phone. I want to show you how easy it is to pair photos with stories and how to make both more visible in your home. I’ve developed a year-long, highly interactive and supportive experience called 20in20 with the goal of helping YOU craft 20 story-based projects during 2020. These will not be my projects, but YOUR projects. I will be your guide and your coach and will show you how to better and more easily manage and find and use a few of the tens of thousands of images on your computers and devices—because honestly, I’m so over scrolling. You know, when you’re with a friend and she wants to show you a photo and you stand there and watch her finger swipe up on her phone screen and then down and … then up again, while she says, “It’s right here. Wait, wait, I’ve almost got it, oh … no, it was before that, wasn’t it in the spring? No. It was after the road trip, so it has to be … “ And 5 minutes later, “ Oh yeah! Yeah, yeah, here it is—isn’t that amazing/crazy/fun?!” 

I’ll tell you what’s amazing and crazy and FUN: Printing photos and framing them, or putting them in some kind of scrapbook or project so that you can SEE them and share them and feel the JOY that comes from living with them. I love technology and social sharing, but I’m telling you there is nothing quite like the low-tech experience of flipping through the pages of a printed book or scrapbook album because these efforts are packed with personal perspective and they invite the people you love to pause and reflect and be grateful. I don’t want to leave my kids an Instagram account. I want to leave them a few pages and projects that were planned and carefully created with them in mind. If you think you don’t have time, you’re wrong. You have exactly enough time. If you believe it’s too late or too hard or too overwhelming, then I’m your girl and this is your class. I’m all in on helping you change how you think and giving you the tools to make it happen. And, just because you love Cathy Z as much as I do, I’m giving you a chance to save! Use CZTEN when you purchase 20in20 and you’ll save $10

Here’s a short promo video …

Happy New Year!

I’d LOVE to see you in class!

Click on the image below and use the exclusive code CZTEN at checkout to save!

Cathy ZielskeGet creative in 2020 with stories and my friend Stacy Julian (and save with an exclusive discount code!)

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    HOW did I not know about this?? Stacy’s Big Picture Scrapbooking class changed everything for me!! Thank you CZ! I’m registering right now!!!

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    Dana Patrick

    Another of my WA scrap/stamper crushes! 😍 Every single thing that Stacy gives to the scrapbooking universe is amazing. Such an inspiration!

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