Join me for Fit 2020 and own the story of your self-care!

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Beginning today you can sign up for Fit 2020, my year-long e-course designed to help you track and document  your wellness story, whatever that story may be!

2019 was a year of change for me personally, following a high blood pressure diagnosis in late 2018. I’ve been working this puzzle for well over a decade and I finally connected to one simple fact: I have to take care of me to the best of my ability. My abilities were more refined this year and I made needed changes to the way I was eating and moving. Long story short: I guess my middle aged body needs fewer potato chips and less cheap red wine.

Here’s a quick video promo for the class:

This e-course is all about motivation and tracking. I provide you with materials that you can incorporate into a scrapbook, a planner system, or even a Traveler’ Notebook, and they are designed to help you plan goals, track both ups and downs, as well as simply reflect on the story of your year in self-care.

The materials come in multiple formats, from simple PDFs that you just print, trim and use, to layered PSD files and other digital materials for the more adventurous, I like to customize my stuff kind of student.

I will be using a very simple 3 x 8 album approach to document the story, which is what I did for 2019.

Tracking some quick numbers, journaling about my month, and included a selfie taken in the same place each month was how I documented my year. But there are many options for telling your story. I just kept it simple.

From the start of the year until today, I’m down about 35 pounds, and I’m guessing a good 10 of them is from losing the junk food in general. But the reality is, as soon as I started eating real food, and getting some exercise, after about four months, my blood pressure was back to normal. That is more important to me than how my ass may or may not look in a pair of jeans.

Health is literally everything.

Each month in Fit 2020, you’ll log in for a monthly motivational podcast from me, which will be 30 minutes or less. The idea is to give you a monthly pep talk and help you reconnect to that laser sharp focus we seem to have at the start of any year and any new journey.

I want to help you keep connecting to your goals.

Starting today and running through January 12, 2020, you can register for just $28 for the year. I look at this class as another way to make a commitment to yourself and your health. For me, whenever I spend money on something, I try to get my money’s worth! Last December, when I realized I had to fish or cut bait in regards to my health, I bought an Apple Watch, something that was a bit more than I probably should’ve spent during December, as a way to say: YOU are going to do better.

And I did.

As I say in my promo video, there is no magic pill. If there were, and I had created it, oh friends… I’d be rich beyond compare. But I like showing up and doing the work. There is a sense of competence and internal calm that washes over you when you are doing what is needed for you. I will show up every month for you in Fit 2020. come Hell, high-water, or relapses into junk food comas.

This is a process, friends. I invite you to join me for 2020.

Click below for the full class description, a peek inside the classroom and a suggested supply list. Here’s to owning your  story!


Cathy ZielskeJoin me for Fit 2020 and own the story of your self-care!

13 Comments on “Join me for Fit 2020 and own the story of your self-care!”

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    You’re looking stylish and fabulous, Cathy! I really like the simplicity of the 3×8″ album. I always make things far too complicated and then I don’t keep up with them.

    1. #4.1
      Cathy Zielske

      That has been me EVERY year, save for this year. I love the simple monthly entry. I plan on doing the same for 2020!

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    Megan Lamont

    Looking forward to this quite a bit. I need a touchstone each month to keep me on track and also remind me of how far I have come. So glad you have kept this class going for next year!

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    Andrea Hastilow

    Hi Cathy, I have watched your blog posts on this year’s progress & you are wonderful inspiration. I would like to join you & the family group but I have a few questions. May I contact you to get your feedback ? I have read all the links, these are just linked to my conditions. Look forward to hearing off you .

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