Print custom photo sizes with your Epson PictureMate PM-400

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I recently learned how to print custom photo sizes using my Epson PictureMate PM-400 thanks to my friend and designer extraordinaire Kerri Bradford.

Because I am in love with the 3 x 8 December Daily album and page size, this was a revelation, and so I want to share that revelation with anyone else who, like me, may not have known this awesome tip. Shall we?

And that’s really it! If you would like to download the free template set mentioned in the video, click on the image below to start the download:

I hope that helps anyone out there who likes to print those taller 3 x 8s for their December Daily or other 3 x 8 album projects!


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Cathy ZielskePrint custom photo sizes with your Epson PictureMate PM-400

5 Comments on “Print custom photo sizes with your Epson PictureMate PM-400”

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    Hi Cathy. I left a question on YouTube, but now I have another question: I believe you use semi-gloss or lustre paper. Reading the questions on Amazon’s website, users say the printer does not support such. So which paper do you choose when using the less glossy finishes? They are definitely my choice.

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      Kay, sorry but I missed your question. Well, I never read that! lol. Sometimes I just don’t pay attention. I’ve had NO problem with lustre coated paper and that printer!

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    Thank you for sharing the templates! Although I don’t do our December book in this size (and I don’t use this printer), this template will be handy for another project that I do where I end up using the left over pieces of photo paper that were used for other books. Being able to create custom print sizes is a game changer for sure! My printer is very finicky about the sizes so I am going to see if I can “trick” it like you show here!

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    This is awesome! I have put this printer on my Christmas list to upgrade from my previous picturemate. I like the idea of being able to print wirelessly from my iPad, and would love to know what your experience with wireless printing has been with the pm400?
    Thank you!

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