2020 is off to a good start

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The new year is just a week old and I wanted to do a check in on the self-care front and the check in looks like this: I’m here. I’m showing up. I’m continuing to do what is needed.

A year ago I was a little scared. With my first ever health issue showing up (high blood pressure), I really didn’t know if I could do it. And by ‘do it,’ I just mean show up and do better.

Better to me would mean two things: 1) not having to go on medication to control my blood pressure, and 2) be responsible for my overall care and feeding.

I was okay with my body. I was feeling fine in my skin. I was in a place where I was doing a lot more work on the inner me, and the reality is (and I tell my Fit students this as often as possible) my body and how it looks is literally the least interesting thing about me.

But I wasn’t okay with not trying to make some changes and see if I could right the ship and avoid medication.

I wasn’t really expecting to lose a lot of weight, but lose a lot of weight is exactly what happened last year. As a post-menopausal woman, I was kind of shocked.

What did I do to lose it? Well, I gave up most junk food, most alcohol, most gluten and as much sugar as I could suss out of my diet. I say most because nothing was completely off limits, but my choices were mostly guided from day to day on those parameters.

And of course, I chose real, whole foods for my diet. Real fats, real meats, real carbs (hello veggies!) and kicked most of the processed stuff to the curb.

The thing is, eating like this is actually how I can show my body real love. And when I mostly do this, I mostly feel pretty competent to handle this job. My job.

One thing you’ll notice here? I didn’t do this through exercise. I had a knee injury last year and because it hampered my efforts to work out, I was limited to walking and some strength training, but nothing Herculean. It was extremely eye opening for me to realize exercise and food can actually have separate tracks in what they do for our bodies.

My goal in 2020 is to get back into doing some really simple core strengthening and getting my body back into the swimming pools for some great joint-friendly cardio. That, and simply staying the course.

What I’m doing is presently sustainable. In the past (and yes, I have been up, down and all around the bend on this stuff), I have tried approaches that were more about deprivation this and low-fat that, and in the end, I was just hungry. All the time.

I’m not about that anymore. I love food and love to cook and love to eat. But I make choices that are smarter and this is what I want to continue doing in 2020.

People ask me if Fit can help them make the needed changes in their lives and my answer is qualified: yes, if you connect to what you really need. You know? We track the story for ourselves in class, but it’s simply exploring what you need for optimum health. Not every day is perfect. Not every loss is a gain. And vice versa.

The other part of it is this: if you’re ready to be fully responsible for your self-care, you will have a better chance of making changes. Attitude is a critical part of this process. It’s my job. It’s your job.

It’s a no-drama job, as well. There’s no drama when you do what’s needed. No need to feel sad or bad or hopeless. You wake up, dust off, and do your best, and leave the judgments behind.

The reality that you can change everything all at once? That’s not really sustainable. But… taking steps to explore what could be is key to moving in a healthier direction.

That’s really what Fit is about for 2020.

Like I said, 2020 is off to a good start. Stay tuned…

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Cathy Zielske2020 is off to a good start

14 Comments on “2020 is off to a good start”

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    Jan Francis

    Cathy, you need some pom-poms! Great, inspiring post. Thank you and have a super-duper butt kickin’ day!

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    If you love to cook and also want to keep those items out of your diet, try some Whole30 recipes.

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    Anne B

    Cathy, would you ever consider sharing what a week’s menus look like for you? I’d love to see how these changes really look when they hit the plate!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Well, it’s pretty basic, honestly. I have eggs and bacon for breakfast (or sausage every day), and often, I have a very similar lunch… I make this yummy turkey and broccoli thing, that is not fancy but give me lots of good protein and carbs. I snack on nuts, deli meats… cheese… and then I make dinner, which can be anything from white chicken chili, to enchilada bakes, or something else… I don’t do anything too complicated, honestly… but, i watch the carbs and mostly abstain from the glutenous foods. 🙂

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        Wendy Z

        I’m curious about the “turkey and broccoli thing”. Do you have a recipe? Or is it just something you created yourself? I’m always looking for good lunch options.

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          Cathy Zielske

          2 packages of Jennie O Extra Lean ground tukey
          4 tablespoons or more of olive oil or avocado oil
          3 to 4 teaspoons of garlic powder (I use the Roasted Garlic from Penzey’s)
          4 tablespoons of Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (could use soy sauce, too)
          Ground pepper to taste
          I heat up my oil in a frying pan and cook up all of the turkey, seasoning it with the garlic powder and pepper.  I let some of the bits get crispy and make sure it’s all nice and crumbly. If it’s too dry, I will add another tablespoon or so of oil. 
          Once it’s cooked to my liking I add the liquid amino‘s, give it a stir, put the lid on overload heat and just let it soak in for about 10 minutes.
          This is a wonderful, simple protein to toss into a bowl and top with any kind of veggies. I always top mine with the Green Giant riced cauliflower broccoli mix which I cook up and add butter to. Then of course I sprinkle a generous amount of Penzeys Aleppo Pepper, my fave. 
          You could also use a higher fat turkey if you like and it would probably be great with ground chicken, too!

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    Hey, I may have hypertension. Not sure yet. Do you have a link to the breathing exercises that helped you this year.

    2019 fit participate


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      Cathy Zielske

      Well… hmmm. I have an app on my Apple Watch, is that what you mean? Honestly, the thing that helped me the most? I cut out junk food and alcohol mostly… which lowered both sodium and sugar. Over time, that combined with losing weight helped my BP return to normal. 🙂

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    Brandi Talmadge

    Inspiring post Cathy! I like your perspective on eating real foods – agreed! Through the years of progressing on my health & wellness journey, I’ve learned that managing our health & wellness is 90% nutrition and 10% exercise and your results seem to be in line with this research. Bravo!

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    Barbara Rokke

    Just listened to you on Stacy Julian’s podcast and I need this! I agree – I need to be present for myself! I like the different approach – I am always thinking “I’m going to be skinny”. Well guess what – I will never be skinny. I am going to change my way of thinking. I am going to commit to myself! Also if it doesn’t work today, I’m not giving up. I can start over and over again if I need to. I do not need to be perfect!

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