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It has been a really long time since I’ve posted a General Things I’m Into post, fondly referred to in the past as simply I Am Into…

In fact, the last time I did one such post was in early 2017 when I started getting into, wait for it—card making.

In the spirit of having a more well rounded blog in 2020 (a small goal of mine for the new year!), I wanted to share some new things I am into. Keep in mind: I am no fashion expert, or beauty expert, or home decor expert. I just like what I like and figure you might like it, too. Shall we?

I am into… Glassybaby. Holy glass-blown votive holders! This company who makes beautiful, hand-made votive candle holders, is a brand new discovery of mine. My bestie in Washington received one while I was there for her mother’s memorial, and said, “You don’t know about this company?

In a nutshell: this company was founded by Lee Rhodes, a three-time cancer survivor, as a way to spread light and hope in the world, and to give back to communities and worthy causes. Plus, artisan creators are making these candle holders one at a time (right here in the United States) and apparently, even the same two Glassybaby holders in the same color will look slightly different when that votive is lit. If you want to see some fun inspiration, or simply drool at candle eye candy, check out their Instagram.

True, $50 a pop seems high, but they give $3 from each candle to charity, and these candles are hand-made by glass-blowing artisans. If you were at a swanky craft fair, you would see similar prices, of that I’m certain. They  have donated over $10 million dollars since launching in 2001. That is amazing in my book.

Plus, each candle color/style is named and has a story. I’m so all about that life, friends.

Dan was making jokes and asking me, “So where is the $172 votive you just got?” but when I lit it, and he saw it on the window ledge, he said, “Wow. That actually IS pretty.”

I look at it like this: I think I have found something I would like to both collect, as well as something to give as gifts to friends who might be having a rough go of it, or simply are in need of a bit of beauty and light. I have become a fan and I now own two: Bud (the first photo in this post), and Hidden Moss (the one in the photo directly above).

Learn more about Glassybaby.

I am into… Glossier Boy Brow. I do not do a lot of makeup. Part of it is time. Part of it is that I can’t see well enough to do it without my glasses on. And part of it is, I just don’t feel the need. That said, there are a few things I try to do on days in which I shower and one of them is to make my eyebrows (thin though they may be!) presentable. For years I had used a brow powder combo set from Laura Mercier  and Mac Brow Set (and by years, I’m talking 20 or more!), but having recently seen an ad for Glossier Boy Brow, I decided to give it a try and after a bit of trial and error, I am hooked! One product to replace two? Yes please. I use the brown color and love it. I’m already on my second tube.

Use this link to save 10% on your first purchase at Glossier!

I am into… Olive & June. I recently posted a video of me doing a home mani (I know, not really my typical YouTube clip!) and shared my love of Olive & June nail polish. From their colors to their tools, this company is all about doing your best nail care at home and if you’re like me, I enjoy time spent doing home manis. Yes, occasionally I’ll go to my neighborhood salon but often times, I just do it at home and consider it a bit of forced downtime. Plus, by doing them at home I have more money to spend on buying polish!

And yes, my collection currently includes the following colors: MM, HZ (my current favorite), RP, AW, OJBH and JG. Their polish is thicker than typical polish, contains none of the nasty stuff (formaldehyde to name one!) that comes in regular polish, and you’ll probably love the flat brush. Plus, check out the Poppy, which helps when painting with that non-dominant hand!

Also, their Cuticle Serum is really awesome for moisturizing your cuticles. So check it out!

BEST VALUE: Get a Studio Box, which is what I started out with. You get their wonderful selection of home mani tools (including the Poppy!) and you can start getting busy with the home nail care.

I am into… Holly Fox Designer Cookie Cutters. I have NO idea where Holly Fox Design has been all my life (and I discovered her a bit too late for this Christmas, plus my wrists did not want to do any holiday dough rolling) but I am in love. Like, for reals.

First things first: follow her on Instagram if you don’t already. Even if you don’t bake, her colors and designs are SUBLIME. She is a graphic designer who, believe it or not, didn’t always make cookies that looked this amazing, but has turned into a true cookie master. I only started doing sugar cookies a handful of years ago (and yes, this recipe is the best and no I did not invent it!), but… seeing her assortment of laser printed cookie cutters (and the selection of different sizes!) has BLOWN my mind. Blown it. Completely. I bought these:

Plus, I picked up some of her Tipless Bags and cannot wait to try them out later this year. I think I’ll be ordering some cutters for Easter.

Shop Holly Fox Designs.

And that is my latest installment of I Am Into… if you were enabled or found something awesome, my work here is done!

Are you already a fan of any or all of these? If so, share why in the comments!

Some affiliate links are used in this blog post at no additional cost to you. I receive a small percent of compensation when you click through and shop using the provided links from Olive & June. I purchased all of the products in this post (except for the Bud candle, which was sent to me by my bestie!) and my opinions are my own. 

Cathy ZielskeI am into… an exceptionally sporadic blog series

26 Comments on “I am into… an exceptionally sporadic blog series”

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    Sheri K

    Hi Cathy! I want to try the Olive and June nail polish, I rarely polish my nails because of my profession and I have a few Julep polishes that I mostly use on toes. I haven’t tried the Glossier eye brow stuff you mentioned, but my lovely daughter, who’s education is in biology/chemistry, is my own personal “makeup guru”. She gave me the glossier perfecting skin tint and stretch concealer for Christmas. We are both very fair skinned, don’t like heavy foundation/concealer but both have a bit of rosacea. This is stuff is wonderful, evens out skin tones, is very light, more like moisturizer. I highly recommend you give it a try–doesn’t cake or dry out either.

    1. #1.2
      Cathy Zielske

      Okay, I ordered some! Looking forward to trying it! I use Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer, a great product, but over twice the cost of the Glossier!

  2. #2
    Madeline St. Onge

    WOW I was going to buy 3 glassybaby’s for my girls and I Heck I can’t afford one


  3. #3

    Thank you for posting this! Those Glassybaby votive glass holders are going on my wish list – so pretty!

  4. #4
    Michelle M

    I have been following Holly Fox on Insta for several months thanks to my daughter, who is also named Holly. Her cookies are GORGEOUS and I just love seeing them. Glad you like them too! Thanks for the recommendations. Fun read!

  5. #5

    Hi Cathy,
    I love this post ! My sister told me about Glassy Baby after she’s been to Washington . When my father died from Alzheimers I bought the candle whose proceeds went to research. I get a beautiful candle and a company donated thousands to a vicious disease. Money well spent to me.
    Out of curiosity, in your polish photo, what are the blue books underneath them?
    Thanks for sharing your finds !

    1. #5.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Those are all photo albums! In my office. So sorry for your father’s loss, but that is wonderful that proceeds went to fight that horrible disease.

  6. #6

    You’ve already got me, and our daughters, hooked on olive & june, we all love Glossier, and their boy brow, and now I need to add Glassybaby votives to my list! Thanks for all of the suggestions. I love personal recommendations!

  7. #7
    Melanie Arrowood

    Thanks for sharing the Holly Fox info. I thought about you before Christmas when my best friend and I took a cookie decorating class. I used to do cakes and have dabbled in cookies but it was great to try my hand at it again. All these years of baking and I had a major duh moment. Rolling out my dough between two sheets of parchment paper. Seriously why had I never tried that lol. No extra flour in the dough and much easier! I can’t wait to see what you do for Easter!

    1. #7.1
      Cathy Zielske

      I cannot wait to try her cutters, especially because of the flat edge on the top, which I think is brilliant! I need to order some of her carrot cutters. They are super cute!

  8. #8

    Love the glassbabies and I already have the boy brow and Poppy and love those! I’ll be checking out the cookie cutters. My daughter-in-law does seasonal sugar cookies with her besties, so I will get some for her! Thanks for sharing and please keep sharing what you are into!!

  9. #9

    Cathy, you’ve turned me into your clone (I only wish!). You have, however, made a lot of influence in my life, from Fit-Flops to recipes to scrapbooking & I can’t remember what else (not necessarily in that order). And now the latest: Olive & June. I have such problem nails that I’m a sucker for anything that would seem to improve or cover them. Most haven’t. I can’t tell you how many bottles of polish I’ve collected! I’d been admiring your nails in videos & posts for a while, but I especially liked the latest polish you sported. I’m so glad you posted about this. My Studio Box is already on its way & I can’t wait!

    And the now Fit 2020. I did monster grocery shopping yesterday that took me 2 hours because I read every label & my local store had a huge meat sale. I bought all kinds of chicken, beef roasts & pork chops (Buy one, get one free). Now I’m off to find new, healthier recipes.
    THANKS, Cathy!

  10. #10
    Anna Johnson

    What a delightful post! So glad you decided to start it up again – I wasn’t aware of your older ones in this vein. You are such a light – Merci!!

  11. #12
    Miriam Lim

    Love these! Thank you for sharing! But my favorite was definitely Holy Fox Design! I love her style and her cookie designs are amazing! Sugar cookies are one of my favorites but I never attempt decorating after one time fiasco for lack of tools in the icing department.

  12. #13
    Jocelyn Thompson

    Love, love, love this post! Definitely going to check out Holly Fox. I used your cookie recipe a few years ago and they were divine. Now that I have grandchildren I believe the cookie making is going to be a huge tradition at my house!
    I also love the votive holders. What a great way to share light to others! So, so good! Thank you!

  13. #14

    Tomorrow is the annual Glassybaby “Seconds Sale” for which people will get in line hours before the doors open! I know people that put the date on their calendar months ahead.

    1. #14.1
      Cathy Zielske

      I have seen them promoting it on IG. I wonder what the prices are? Like how much you save???

  14. #15

    Love your recommendations! I gave cookies a try a couple of years ago because of your video with Aiden. I use the recipe you shared and it’s been a fun new hobby for me. I tried to find the “Cookie Thing” this past November, that you recommended several years ago but I was unsuccessful. I don’t know if it is because of my location but thought I’d see if you know if it’s still available anywhere? I created my own version but it’s not very workable. 😊

    Off to check out your other recommendations. Cheers!

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