Paper Fashion Watercolors—swatching and creating a card project

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Hello and happy new year! A new decade is here and I have a fun, colorful watercolor card project that I want to share with you as we kick off 2020.

I recently acquired some new watercolors, brushes and paper from American Crafts, part of their Paper Fashion line. I was excited to try out their Basic Watercolors set because it’s a small palette (12 pans of color) and I feel like having less colors to choose from is good for a more novice painter like myself.

The colors are really quite lovely and vibrant and I’m really pleased with how the card project turned out.

My video today includes how I created some simple swatches, and then I created the card project that features painting through a stencil. Here is the video from my YouTube channel:

If you’re looking for a small set of watercolors, definitely check this set out! I hope to figure out more ways to mix and create my own colors for project going forward.


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Cathy ZielskePaper Fashion Watercolors—swatching and creating a card project

27 Comments on “Paper Fashion Watercolors—swatching and creating a card project”

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    Anne Telecky

    Cold Press is bumpy or more tooth. Good for layering and lifting bc is acts like a sponge. Hot Press is smooth or less tooth. Good for detail work and photographs vibrant. Hot is more realistic and good for graphics. Cold is popular and best for beginners.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Ohhhhh! Okay! That makes total sense!!! The paper was super smooth! Thanks for the tip and happy new year!

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    My tip………don’t throw any scraps away. After cutting your watercolor hearts, you had strips left for another card.

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    Stunning card,I have a for cut similar to this and will be making a stencil with it today. Thanks for the inspiration! Happy New Year!

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    Patricia Wilson

    Your watercoloring technique was great. I’m still leery of this and this helped me quite a bit.

    For 2020, Be Brave, Pat.

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    Sheri Kempke

    Great job Cathy–I like to use hot press myself, more details but cold press is great for less detail or a more “watery” look I think.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Yeah, I couldn’t understand why it was so smooth! Lol! But… nice for stamping too!

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    Lauri Bacalzo

    Happy New Year!
    I just adore the bright colors on your card and the sentiment is so stinking cute!
    My goal for 2020 is working on my water coloring I need to relax and enjoy the happy it brings me.
    Thank you for sharing your inspiration and being part of the blog hop!

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      Cathy Zielske

      I totally get that! But this? This is a bit more simple than trying to paint an image. Go for it!

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    Melissa Leftrick

    Absolutely enjoyed the video! I always learn something good new when I watch your videos! Love this release!

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