When crafty bloggers do at-home manis

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During the past few years of working to grow my YouTube channel, I decided it might be time to get the nails into a more eye-pleasing presentation. From the very early days of my videos (and yes, here’s my very first card video on YouTube), I figured it was a good call to paint the nails.

I’ve gone through many nail care phases in my 53 years on the planet, and 95% of them involved doing them myself at home. True, I do enjoy a salon mani, but for most of my life I’ve just done my own nails. When I discovered Olive & June, a new-to-me company, I fell in love with their neutral, simple collection of polishes, and decided to check out their products for my at home manis. They recently posted a how-to mani basics video on their newly-launched YouTube channel and that’s what inspired me to follow their approach step-by-step!

I know this isn’t my usual type of YouTube clip, and I have NO illusions of being a beauty and fashion blogger (because, let’s be real here, have you seen my Instagram stories? I’m not exactly a fashion maven here!), but… I thought I’d share me following their process at home. I love doing it at home, saving the money, and then turning around and just buying more polishes. Win-win, in my book.

And that is the basic approach. Check out their Olive University page for more info on the entire collection! Their polishes are cruelty-free and vegan, and not full of the classic nail polish bad stuff. So there’s that!

Here is the video wherein this freshly completed mani appears:

If you like doing your nails at home, check out the Olive & June collection! I have about six of their polishes at present and the collection grows.

Their Studio Box is a really great entry into their line and nail care tools! I purchased it to get started and that’s what got me hooked!


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Cathy ZielskeWhen crafty bloggers do at-home manis

4 Comments on “When crafty bloggers do at-home manis”

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      Cathy Zielske

      The color i’m wearing is called RP (there’s a supply link below the post!). I also LOVE HZ (neutral pink) and MM (another neutral!)

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    Jenny B.

    This makes me want to do my nails, and I hate painting my nails! 😉 I think of my hands and fingernails as tools, and well… tools get used and aren’t made to stay shiny. BUT, I might have to go to a gala in a few weeks, and my tool hands don’t exactly match my cocktail dress. Ha! Thanks for sharing!

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