A video walk-thru of my 2019 year-long album of memories

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My printed album of 2019 memories is here and I’m happy to share a video walk-through with you today!

This is my 4th year of doing this system and my 6th year of creating a printed book from digital content. Let me stop yapping. I yap enough here in the following clip:

Thanks so much for watching and if you want to learn my system, you can! And you can learn it for 40% off through March 1, 2020!

I created this course in 2016, and am still using the same approach! It has simplified my scrapbooking life and I love my collection of albums! Save through March 1, 2020! Click on the image above to learn more and register today.


Cathy ZielskeA video walk-thru of my 2019 year-long album of memories

5 Comments on “A video walk-thru of my 2019 year-long album of memories”

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    Wendy Davis

    Done! Just registered. 2019 was a big year – 18th bday, 21st bday and 25th anniversary! Was feeling overwhelmed as to how I would scrap it. This solves it! Thanks Cathy!

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    I am plowing through finishing 2019. Absolutely LOVE your process and templates. My adult married kiddos keep checking in at this time of the year to make sure I finish. They love looking at these when they are home at holidays. Can not recommend this class and method enough. Thanks Cathy. Your book is beautiful!

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    Since you first introduced them, I’ve been using your system and templates to do grandchildren yearbooks. Will you tell me why these PSE files take up so much more room than anything else I have on the computer. I had another drive installed because C drive was full. I could flatten the files into jpegs to save storage space, but I like the editing capability of layers in case I want to go back and lift an element or photo. How do you manage storage of these large files?

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      Cathy Zielske

      Well, I have a 3TB hard drive, so that helps. The reason they take up more space? Each layer in the file is like a single JPEG, and so, it adds up!

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