I am into… the February 2020 edition

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The resurrection of my I Am Into… blog series was well received and so, I present another installment for your enabling pleasure. Please remember: I’m not expert in fashion or lifestyle or home decor or food. But, when I find something I love… I think maybe other people will love it, as well. Ergo, the blog series marches on!

I’m a pretty frugal person and don’t spend a ton of money on myself, other than where my business and technology are concerned. So, stuff I love enough to share is stuff I am seriously digging. Shall we?



You all know I’ve been pretty focused on improved self-care for the past 16 months, right? Following a high blood pressure diagnosis in fall of 2018, I realized it was time to shape up. Literally. Most of the shaping up has come through nutrition. Eating real food. Ditching the junk. Ditching most cheap red wines. Etcetera.

That said, when I discovered RX Brand peanut butter, I knew I had a go-to snack that a) I would feel good about eating, and b) would satisfy my craving for something rich and decadent. I love this stuff. Yes, you have to stir it when you open it. No, it doesn’t have to be refrigerated. Yes, it’s hard to not eat the entire jar in one sitting but I love the simple ingredient list and there is no added sugar. It’s really good. If you can snag a sample pack (which they usually have at Target) by all means, do. Having 5 or six spoonfuls as an afternoon snack? Heaven. And no, I feel ZERO guilt about this habit.



For the last I am into post, I mentioned how much I loved Glossier Bow Brow. What happened between then and this post? I ordered a BUNCH more products and I feel like I literally just discovered make up for the first time. Make up hasn’t really been a thing for me in a long time and the thing that I actually love about this brand? It feels like it was made for my 53-year-old skin. I don’t know if the following photos are going to be helpful or not, but what the hell. I present a before and after.

Before the shower… I know, i’m SO brave:

And after, with makeup:

Obviously, there are no filters on this and maybe it doesn’t look ALL that different, but I LOVE how it feels on my face and it lets my actual skin show through. I prefer a more natural look and the thing I really love about the products? They are really moisturizing on my dryer, 53-year-old skin. It’s funny how when I was a younger woman, any sign of oil was to be feared. You powdered that shit down STAT! Today, adding moisture through the products feels so good. Again, it’s not a super dramatic difference, but I still love how it looks.

Here is what I have on, in diagram form:

I did put a tiny bit of cloud paint on my upper cheekbones but I have a bit of rosacea so I tend to NOT highlight cheek in pinks. But I love putting Cloud Paint on my eyes.

People have DM’d me, asking how I knew what foundation color to pick. I didn’t. I guessed and it worked. I had been using the Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer in Extra Light, so I went with the second to lightest offering from Glossier. It worked great, but you can see how light the coverage is. If you like to cover that skin up (and no judgment if that’s how you roll) you would not like this foundation.  However, the concealer can be built up. I just keep it light.

Note: I am wearing the Glossier Mascara but for me, it was not a favorite. It feels good on my eyes, but did little for my lashes. I have almost no lashes now, thanks to menopause. I can live with that. I gave my tube to Aidan who says she loves it. But, she has lashes, so…

Here’s the upshot: if you order using my link you can save 10% on your purchase of $30 or more, and I get a store credit for every referral. Mama will take that and say thank you! Also, these products are less expensive than what I had been using for years, so that is an upshot, as well.

I ordered a handful more products that are arriving this week and I hope to report back.



I do not know how I found these pants, but I am going to tell you straight up: my life has never been the same. I wanted something sporty and something comfy and these pants are literally my favorite things to wear. I have two pairs. One in black. One in graphite. I am presently waiting for the next sale to buy one more pair. And yes, they do have sales! I thought I could get away recently with a Medium, but they were too tight. My larges, while they might look a bit baggy to the casual bystander, fit in a way that I love. And really, how we feel in our clothes is what matters, amiright, ladies? They are the most comfortable pants and they are fantastic for summer, too, because they are so lightweight. I wear these almost every day, which is why I need one more pair. My only complaint is that they are not offered in plus sizes, which I feel is unfortunate oversight on their part. And I FAR prefer these to the sporty pants from the more expensive Patagonia. Just sayin’…

I also have two pairs of their Dynma Shorts and they are my go-to for warmer weather, which I hear will arrive in Minnesota in June or so. Here’s a video about the Dynama collection. Of course, all the women in this video are wearing them a big more snuggly than I do!

Again, I realize these might look a bit baggy on me compared to what you see in the video but just know: I’m good with that. Comfort rules my life.



I recently discovered MudLOVE thanks to a post from my friend and memory keeping maven Ali Edwards. Every MudLOVE purchase provides one week of clean water for someone in the Central African Republic through Water for Good. I had to order one with my personal mantra, what is needed? The quality of the mug is fantastic and knowing that it supports a worth cause? Even better. In fact, I am running a fun little Instagram giveaway that started yesterday and ends on February 7 at noon EST. MudLOVE is giving away one custom mug to the winner of this giveaway. Check out my Instagram and MudLOVE’s account for details on how to enter. Just look for the photo above in either of our feeds! (Sorry, it’s an Instagram giveaway only.)


And that’s a wrap for this installment of I am into. Thanks for stopping by and if you have a cool thing that you think I would like, by all means, leave a comment below!

Cathy ZielskeI am into… the February 2020 edition

11 Comments on “I am into… the February 2020 edition”

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    Kimberly O.

    My favorite yoga pants are from Amazon… they have POCKETS! Two back pockets (that I rarely use) and two nice deep pockets in the front. I can put a little wallet in one and my cell phone in the other. Particularly exciting is the cell phone. 🙂 AND.. you can trim the length. I think they come with maybe a 36″ or more hem length and I can trim them so they aren’t dragging.

    1. #1.1

      Kimberly – share the link?! These sound perfect!
      Tx and thank you, Cathy, for sharing your faves. Love it!

  2. #2

    If I’ve ordered from Glossier before, can I use your link, not get 10%, but still give you credit?

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    Leanne in Cali

    Love this segment of yours as I had never heard of Mud Love before or the candle holder company you previously shared. Thanks!

  4. #4

    You are awesome and I LOVE this “series”!!!! I would also love to hear the why behind your mantra of “what is needed?”. You share such good life nuggets!!!!

  5. #5

    Thank you for all the tips about these products. My daughter recently introduced me to an athletic clothing company that has some great items: senitaathletics.com. I love their Ellie pants (tights) . I also like that they show all body types modeling their products and give the size the model is wearing and the model’s height. It is also a business started by two women.

  6. #6
    Patricia B. Norris

    Cathy – what was the name of the cuticle cream you recommended? I believe it was a roll-on? Thanks.

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