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UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed as of Noon CST Central Time. I will be drawing winners and posting the winners by 4 p.m. CST. And comments left after Noon CST time will not be included in the giveaway.

Today is my 54th birthday and if you’ve followed me over these many years you know one of my most guiding life principle is:

When it is your birthday, tell EVERYONE you know!

MY BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY: Getting older is a good thing. And today, to celebrate the anniversary of my planetary arrival I’m going to give away four $25 gift certificates to the Simon Says Stamp store so you can treat yourself to a little something in honor of my birthday. Sound good?

I have a video and card project to share but I also thought this was fun…

When I turned 45, I took this photo:

And this one:

We were in the middle of remodeling our house. I was coming off my first year as an adult-onset runner. I was wearing new jeans and a new vest and was generally feeling great about how I was caring for myself.

Oh, and I was dyeing the SHIT out of my hair, just because I felt like it.

This was nine years ago and now, if you flip that number, you get where I am today: 54. And you know me and a comparison shot… I can’t resist.

Yes, I’m wearing the same clothes which means two things: 1) I have worked really hard to regain my health over the past year-and-a-half, and 2) I really don’t shop much, friends.

Also, that chair on our porch… good Lord! I think it has to go.


First up, here’s a video wherein I may wax a bit philosophic about why you should celebrate your birthday out loud:

And now for the giveaway. There are only two rules:

  1. Leave a comment on this post and say whatever you like. Something like, “Hey, Cath… ” or “Happy Birthday, Dude” would be completely acceptable.
  2. If you are not already subscribed to my YouTube channel, please do so.

That’s it!

I will choose four random winners from comments left here on my blog (and who are always YouTube subscribers!) on Friday, March 13th at Noon Central Time.

Thank you for another year of supporting me and my small business. I am truly grateful for you!


Affiliate links are used in this post and below at no additional cost to you. I receive a small percent of compensation when you click through and shop using the provided links. This helps me to continue building my YouTube channel and my small business. Thank you!

Cathy ZielskeCZ Design Birthday Blog Post, Video + Giveaway

654 Comments on “CZ Design Birthday Blog Post, Video + Giveaway”

  1. #1
    Denise Raley

    WOOHOO!!! You look GREAT!! Spring is finally here and I can enjoy all the flowers & pretty colors!!!!!

    1. #1.1

      Happy Birthday Z-Girl! 🥳🥳🥳. I’m so grateful the cosmos decided to send you to us! You are such an amazing inspiration to so many ☀️ I’ve always loved your style-from the Clean and Simple days, right up to today ❤️ You just rock….😜

    1. #4.2

      Happy Birthday Cathy. You are just so beautiful. I am so fortunate to say that I have followed you for years. Thank you for all that you have taught us. About crafting and life. 🎂🎉🥰

  2. #5
    Vikki H

    Happy 54~ and many more!! I enjoy your blogs and Instagram Stories. You are amazing to take charge of your health like you have done this past year. Kudos and keep it up! I’m 69 and enjoying the sweet life of grand parenting and crafting.

  3. #9
    Marie Z Johansen

    First, Happy, Happy YOU day! I think you look far more beautiful now, than at 45….the years have been good to you! 45-65 have been such good years for me..the best! I too began adult onset running at 41 and regularly did half marathons. It was the best time! Severe back issues have side lined me for now, but I play with paint and cards instead! I began following you because I so enjoy your esthetic!

    My mom passed when she was 46. I promised myself then, all those years ago, that being “in joy” would be my goal. So far, so good!

    Enjoy the moments…they all go by too fast….and fill this “new 365” with love, laughter, health and all of the things that bring you joy! Thanks too gor sharing ypur talent and for this opportunity to have more playnthings!

  4. #13
    Susan Thibaud

    Happy Birthday! The 50’s are wonderful years. Enjoy every moment. You look much younger. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent, Susan.

    1. #13.1
      Narelle Morgan

      Cathy, this is your special day and I hope you see this day as more than just a reminder that you are getting older, but as an amazing opportunity for you to gather with family and great friends, have fun and relive all the amazing memories of the previous years! Happy birthday to you, dear! Narelle

    1. #14.1
      Narelle Morgan

      Cathy, this is your special day and I hope you see this day as more than just a reminder that you are getting older, but as an amazing opportunity for you to gather with family and great friends, have fun and relive all the amazing memories of the previous years! Happy birthday to you, dear!

  5. #17
    Monica Garcia

    You look just as beautiful at 54 as you did at 45! I love timeline photos, what a great idea! Happy birthday!

  6. #18
    Melanie Perz

    Enjoying your videos and especially your creativeness!! I am a “new” follower and not sure how it was that I was missing your videos all this time!! I am here now though!!
    Happy Birthday to you and many, many more!!!

  7. #20
    Dayle Shimamura

    Happy Birthday! I’m sooooo impressed you fit into your 45 outfit… That’s awesome! And I love your great photo comparison. Super cute! Enjoy your day! Oh, and of course I am already subscribed to your YouTube channel! Love your videos!

  8. #22
    Victoria Coyne

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU. I have the dreaded 58 this month as well, gray hair and all. BRAVO to you for sporting that outfit from a decade ago, that’s fab. hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for sharing some sunshine.

  9. #24
    Anna Edwards

    🎶🎶 happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Cathy. Happy birthday to you 🎶🎶. I hope you have a fab day oxo

  10. #25
    Lieve St

    Happy Birthday Cathy !
    Sometimes people complain that they get older. Well… there is one alternative… not getting older…
    So you sure are right ! Celebrate it !
    Mine is in 18 days; and I treat myself with a craft-workshop. 😉
    Your card is a beauty; thanks for the clear video (I subscribed to your YouTube chanel).
    Happy Birthday-greetings from Belgium !

  11. #27
    Leslie Scholes

    Happy Birthday Cathy! Another trip around the sun is a good thing! Love your CAS style & humorous sentiments!

  12. #28

    Happy birthday lovely lady! Thank you so much for all the amazing inspiration and I hope 54 is your best year yet! All the best!

  13. #29
    Monica Santa Cruz

    “You do you,” said my daughter the other day. My birthday gift to you is sharing this year’s mantra (which was the theme at this year’s Women’s History Month event at work last week.) You are fantastic at doing YOU. Here’s why: You grew out your hair and embraced the silvery stands that we all are facing in our 50’s, you take the time to paint your pretty nails, and at times you put your “guts on a platter” and express yourself when mean/unhappy people do silly things like thumbs down your work. You do you, Cathy! We, your devoted followers, appreciate your hard work and LUV your fantastic creativity. Have the happiest of birthdays! :: smooch! ::

  14. #30

    Happy birthday! You look marvelous and are such an inspiration!! Thank you for all the good stuff you share with us!

  15. #31

    I’ve told all my friends it’s your birthday . They don’t know you … but like you say …. you’ve gotta get it out there !
    Oh … and if they did know you , I’m sure they’d wish you Happy Birthday too !

  16. #33

    Happy birthday Cathy! I love your videos and never miss one. Have a great deal…you are the best.

  17. #36
    Miesje Flach

    I think you looked great then and now. I loved my 50s! And I gotta tell you 60s ain’t so bad either! I love your card designs and what you create for SSS is right up my alley! Waiting for the newest to arrive to my mailbox. Have a wonderful birthday!

  18. #38
    Nancy Kempf

    Happy Birthday Cathy……your a fabulous gifted funny woman darling….enjoy your beautiful day.I wish you good health,much laughter amongst your friends all over and family.
    God Bless You……XOXO

  19. #42
    Ruth Ann Smith

    Happy Birthday Cathy!!!! You look great for 54!!! Love your style of stamping and your products on SSS. You go girl, you are on a “roll”. Birthday fun for you today! I must try this when my birthday rolls around. Mine is easily overlooked, it is Dec.19th and all eyes are on the long list of “to dos” for Christmas. I so enjoy your You Tube channel and your blog. Special wishes today for a special celebration of your birth. Here is to many, many more celebrations.

  20. #43

    Happy birthday, Cathy!! Enjoy the day and celebrate all the damn time because how dare daylight savings take an hour of your birthday!! 😂 Cheers, you da best.

  21. #45
    Kelly Barron

    Happiest of birthdays from a fellow March baby! I hope your day is filled with love and laughter, and of course cake. Love your gorgeous card.

  22. #46
    Kristi Gilbert

    Happy birthday Cathy! I hope you get to see both your kids today to make your day extra special. Enjoy the day!

  23. #47

    Happy Birthday Cathy!!
    You are an inspiration and I love watching and listening to all that you are doing and have going on.
    My family knows you as “the bee lady” and can recognize you by sight and voice 😁❤️…

    I hope you have an amazing birthday and a fantabulous 54th year!!!!

  24. #48
    Kim L.

    Happy Birthday!!! Thanks for inspiring us “fifty something” gals to keep growing, learning and having fun in the process!

  25. #50
    Stacey Burns

    Hi Cathy, Happy Birthday!!! I’m a new subscriber and I’m loving all I see you do. Checking out your YouTube channel now.

  26. #51
    Paige Hafner

    Happy, happy birthday Cathy! We share this birth date but I’m 59 today! Have a great day and “new year”!

  27. #52
    Susan Carlson

    Happy hPpy happy birthday!💃🎉🎊🎂🍦🎨🎭🤹🏻‍♀️🗿🏖& many more!!!🙋‍♀️

  28. #54
    Linda Gorun

    “🎤They say it’s your birthday ..🎼” and I’m sayin’ Happy Birthday right back! Thanks for sharing another beautiful card on your special day! Love those new birthday sentiments. Your card has a really pretty background, and I think the crocus looks lovely offset slightly. Please enjoy your special day to the max!

  29. #55
    JoanaTeves Costa

    Happy birthday! I hope you have an amazing day! I have loved following you over the years and especially more recently learning cardmaking techniques from you.

  30. #59
    Rhonda C

    Happy Birthday, Cathy! Thanks for sharing your special day with everyone! I love your attitude about birthdays and wish you the happiest day. The card was so simple yet so pretty!

  31. #61
    Michele Graveline

    Wow! You look amazing! Happy Birthday! I hope you had a very awesome day! I hope you got to be silly and do fun and crazy things.

  32. #63
    Patt H.

    Happy Birthday, Cathy! You look amazing!! Thanks for all the great inspiration this year. I have learned a lot from your awesome videos. Enjoy your special day!!

  33. #66
    Cheryl Svendsen

    Happy Birthday Cath! Keep celebrating this entire month for your birthday! Loved your card video.

  34. #68
    Evelyn Burton

    Happy Birthday Cathy!! Loved the pastel card and the little droplets. Thanks for the creative ideas on this card and may you have a wonderful day today!!

  35. #70

    Happy Birthday Cathy! I totally agree that getting older is a gift many do not get. It’s so fun watching you do it with grace and humor! Have a great day!!!

  36. #72
    Laura Y

    Boy, do you have much to celebrate! I appreciate how you keep all things REAL – crafting, aging, and LIFE. My day is not complete without my dose of “Cathy Wisdom.” Wishing you a wonderful day!

  37. #73

    Happy Birthday! Keep on keepin’ on!! I think you found your chair on the curb in your neighborhood, didn’t you? If you’re wanting to replace it, take another walk. 😆 So enjoy your creative mind, projects, and sense of humor. Celebrate and have a wonderful birthday!

  38. #74
    Cheryl Stauffer

    Happy Birthday, Cathy and I hope you celebrate each day of this coming year to the fullest!! Thank you for sharing your creativity and giving us inspiration on our crafting journey.

  39. #76

    You always inspire Cathy!!! Looking fit and fine at 54! I turned 60 this year and I may be having the most fun ever!!

  40. #77
    Amy Palmer

    Happy birthday Cathy! As someone approaching her 59th birthday, I can tell you it just keeps getting better!

  41. #78

    Happy birthday, Carhy! I just realized I have been following you for over a decade. Ever since you shared that first free digital template on Ali’s site. That was before Designer Digitals (?!). Thanks for the giveaway and I hope 54 is t hr e best year, yet.

  42. #85

    Happy Birthday Cathy! Have a fabulous day!
    Love your card designs, humor & bits of wisdom you share!

  43. #87

    Happy birthday Cathy!! You look amazing and are such an inspiration with your health and cards! Hope your year is the best yet!

  44. #88

    Happy birthday. You look great. I am actually healthier than I was 10 years ago and it looks like you are, too.

  45. #91
    Kathy G.

    Happiest Birthday Wishes to you, Cathy! No matter what the number, you’re doing great things with your trips around the sun. I love to see your posts and videos, and hear your humorous comments. March is my birthday month, too, and that of lots of great gals I know. Enjoy, you can celebrate all week, one of my friends says. The card today is lovely, you always have useful tips and lovely results!

  46. #94

    I’ve followed you for such a long time, you just feel like a friend I’ve never met! I was always more of a card maker than a scrapbooked so imagine my delight, not to mention the dent in my wallet, when you started designing for SSS. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays my friend 🎂

  47. #95
    Maria Elisa Cordova

    Hey Kathy I hope you enjoy your day and might God give you everything your heart desire… I don’t know you in person but I can tell you are an amazing human. God bless you !!! Feliz cumpleaños 🥳

  48. #98
    Maureen Hampshire

    Happy birthday, Cath! I hope you’re celebrating with family and friends creating new memories!

  49. #99
    Melissa LaFavers

    Happy, happy birthday to you! Thank you for being so authentically you and inspiring all of us in so many ways!

  50. #100
    Jackie Love

    You look fabulous at 45 and 54. Happy birthday!! and thanks for the opportunity of some Simon Says love!!! Have a wonderful birthday!!

  51. #102
    Amy Shannon

    Happy Birthday! Love following you on IG. I have you to thank for my new Olive & June obsession. Love your style and insight on life. Isn’t being over 50 (I’m 58) great! My give a darn is busted and I pretty much do what I want. Like make cards and collect craft supplies! Have a great year!

  52. #105
    Joni A

    Wishing you a very HaPpY 54th BiRtHdAy!!! I love it that you shout it for all to hear! I remember you posting about all the updates you all were doing on your house and how I loved every photo because I loved your style!!! Still love your style!!! You look fab!!

  53. #108

    Thank you for offering this generous giveaway. Hope you have a very happy birthday surrounded by those you love.

  54. #109
    Vicki Olaon

    Haha I noticed the same clothes. I hate to shop so I still have clothes from years ago that I wear also. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  55. #111
    Rose Diaz

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Hope you have a fabulous day! Love all of your work! 😊
    Thank you for sharing your talent.

  56. #112
    Susan Ringler

    Happy Birthday to you, Cathy! Long time follower here. At least since 2006 CKU in MN. Here’s hoping for a wonderful spin around the planet for you!

  57. #115
    Diane J

    Hope you have a wonderful day! You have an awesome collection for Easter this time at SSS. Also dude take time for yourself today as it is going to be a nice day in the Midwest! Happy Birthday and many more.

  58. #119
    Susan Landreth

    Happy, happy birthday! I love your remark about “tell everyone it’s your birthday”!! I hope your day is fantastic!!

  59. #120
    Sheila H

    Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a wonderful & blessed day. I love that you embrace your age and your gray hair. I, too, don’t color my hair, and I have lots of gray. It’s me and I am fine with it. I enjoy your comments about middle age even though I am past that. Keep rocking, Cathy!

  60. #124
    Flo Swinford

    Happy Birthday, Celebrate every day God blesses you with. Thank you for all the great emails

  61. #126
    Jina Winston

    Happy Birthday, I hope you have a fantastic year. I’m also turning 54 on the 27th of this month.

  62. #128

    Happy Birthday Cathy! I hope enjoy your day and that this will be another great year for you. Today, March 8th is also my birthday. “67” I use to think being in your 60’s sounded old but since 60 is the new 40 it’s not so bad.

  63. #131
    Elizabeth Kuntz

    Happy Birthday, Cathy. You look fantastic! I also turned 54 in January and wish I looked half as good as you. Have a great day!

  64. #135
    Stephanie Severin

    I first met you at Donna Downey’s first Inspired event and you have bought me creative joy all these years … I am so grateful for those experiences … and that you share your creative joy with all of us. Very happy birthday … enjoy!

  65. #136
    Cathy Oppy

    Happy Happy Birthday to you!🥳🥳 I enjoy all of your content: daily IG chats, great cards, nail & fashion advice, YT videos – you’re an influencer!! 😊

  66. #137
    Andrea Pearson

    Happy birthday on International Women’s Day! Love your work; I’ve been a fan for many years. I lived in Minneapolis for many years so I always felt we were neighbors. All good wishes to you!

  67. #138

    Happy Birthday Cathy 🎂🎁🎈 You are an inspiration in many ways and congrats to you on your achievements. Give yourself that well-deserved hug and pat on the back. Keep inspiring, creating and being you, because we love it ❤️

  68. #139
    Sue Baker

    Happy Birthday! I’ve been a follower of yours since Cole was a wee little lad and have celebrated my 60th a few times.
    My cousin lives in Roseville – Would that freak you out if an admirer knocked on your door?

  69. #140

    Happy Birthday!

    When it’s your birthday, tell everyone you know <—— I love that! 🙂

    *already a YouTube subscriber

  70. #141

    Happy birthday, my guru. I’m a longggg time blog follower and have loved following your journey (and your family’s) over the years. Thank you for your authenticity to real life and to real fun! We all love you!!

    Allllll the 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 to you!!

  71. #143
    Michele Hogarth

    Have a stupendous, fabulous, birthday filled with awesomeness! Thanks for sharing your talents, humor and wisdom with the world.

  72. #144
    Susan B.

    Happy Birthday, Cathy! I hope you enjoy your day as much as we enjoy your videos! I appreciate that you take the time to do them for us!

  73. #145
    Lieschen Harshbarger

    Cathy, happy birthday 🎉! Here’s to many more! And another year that we can enjoy everything you design plus your IG videos to show us what new color of Olive and June manicure you’re using 💗. Wish you the best day and year!

  74. #146

    Happy Birthday, Cathy. I first met you in 2003, so you weren’t even 40! You look fantastic.

  75. #147

    Happy Birthday Cathy. Thank you for the reminder to celebrate US. Beautiful card. Loving those masking stencils. Such a simple must have. Enjoy your birthday month. I turn 50 this year, so I’m having a birthday year.

  76. #148
    Denise Morgans

    Happy birthday Cathy. You look even better at 54 than 45 and I love that you still have the same clothes. I’m not much of a clothes shopper either and if I’m comfortable in something I wear it to death lol 😂. Hope you’re enjoying your special day ❤️

  77. #151

    I agree with you…when it’s your birthday say it loud and proud. Happiest of birthdays to you.

  78. #152

    Happy Birthday!! I hope you have the best day ever. You look amazing. Following you makes my life happier…so thank you.

  79. #153
    Elizabeth Burke

    I hope you have a wonderful birthday… I love my birthday… it’s a day all about ME, and you get cake and presents…

    I hope all your wishes come true!!!

  80. #154

    I always look forward to your IG stories and YouTube videos. Whether you are discussing card making techniques, your family, your lifestyle changes or nail polishing tips, it is always presented in true down to earth Cathy form. Happy 54th birthday!

  81. #156

    Happy, happy birthday! Always appreciate you keeping it real and now, crafty! Have a wonderful day! Thanks for a chance to win.

  82. #158

    Thank you for sharing your birthday with such a great giveaway. Hope you have a great day!

  83. #159

    Cathy, I totally get you! You go girl! Happy Birthday😘 I love your new look. Right now I’m making better health choices for myself as well. Enjoy your day with you’re loved ones 🤗 Over here in the Netherlands it’s a rainy Sunday, but I went to the gym for the 2nd time and feeling super active and creative. Happy 54th🤸🏼‍♀️🎉🎈🎁🌸

  84. #160

    Wishing you the happiest of birthdays. #swearingismylovelanguage 😉 Thanks for the chance to win!

  85. #161
    Jeanne W.

    You look great but here is what I also see…. HAPPINESS.

    You look like you are truly loving life.

    I enjoy what you bring to the creative world.

    Thank you for sharing. I hope your next trip around the Sun is absolutely the best!

  86. #162
    Claudia Ciolla

    Hello Cathy. Wishing you a “Buon compleanno” from Italy. I do hope you have a great day!

  87. #163
    Beth Goldstein

    Happy Happy Birthday! You should be so proud of yourself that you are able to do a photo comparison and wear the same exact clothes from NINE years ago! Wow, I am jealous and impressed. Love all your cards and your products. I am so glad Simon Says Stamp took you in as a designer! Love your style. Hope you have the best day!

  88. #165

    Happy Birthday-can’t wait to see what creative goodness this year brings you. Thank you for sharing your good vibes with us!

  89. #169

    Happy birthday! I think you should celebrate your birthday all month long! That’s what I do. And I totally agree birthdays are special and we should celebrate.
    Thank you for sharing the card. Love the beauty of it as well as the simplicity. I get bogged down with layers sometimes so this is a great way for me to get more cards made. Always appreciate your tips. (I usually catch you on Instagram).

  90. #170
    Suzanne Blankinship

    Happy birthday! Love your work and that you share your real life with us!❤️🎂😊

  91. #171
    Eva N

    Happy Birthday! Your healthy habits are really paying off. May you continue to have success in your personal life and business .

  92. #172

    Happy birthday to my paper crafty guru who keeps it real and makes us laugh! Wishing you the best!

  93. #173

    Hey Cathy,
    happy birthday! I hope you have an amazing day. You look amazing. I wouldn’t fit in my clothes from nine years ago. Just saying xD
    Love your channel.

  94. #174
    Melissa sugden

    Happy Birthday to you (singing like beyonce)
    Happy Birthday to you (beyonce hair flipping)
    Happy Birthday Dear Cathy (a lot of beyonce emoting and soul sista singin)
    Happy Birthday to you!!!!!
    Love everything you do, love your you tube channel, definitely love your insta, love your manicures. You look great. I hope you have a great journey around the sun this year.

  95. #175

    Happy Birthday. Have a wonderful day. You deserve it….not only on your birthday but every day.

  96. #176
    Sabine Honig

    Happy birthday! The only thing that’s different in the pictures is your hairstyle. I wear clothes until they need to be replaced- especially if they’re comfie and fit well. I love your designs, especially the fonts you use! Thanks for the giveaway.

  97. #177

    Happy birthday 🎂! I hope your year is filled with awesomeness! We are the same age for six months!😊

  98. #178

    Happy birthday Cathy! You look great 🙂 Thanks for giving us the opportunity to win a voucher. Hope you have a lovely day!

  99. #179
    Daniela Hutchinson

    Yeah, it’s your birthday! Let’s make it a celebration! Hope you will have an amazing day. Happy Birthday Cathy!

  100. #181
    Barbara Buckland

    Happy Birthday lady! The chair-I hope it stays nothing like comfort and sunshine on a porch especially after a long winter. Enjoy your day.

  101. #183
    LC Lamothe

    Birthdays are always wonderful reasons to celebrate. Thanks for letting us celebrate yours with you. 54 looks fabulous on you! Have a wonderful day!!!

  102. #185
    Ann Barnes

    Hey, it’s still your birthday morning and after seeing all these comments I feel like I’m late to the party! Hope you have a fantastic day celebrating life! And btw you look more fab at 54 then you did at 45- you go! Seriously hbd to you CZ!

  103. #186

    You look fabulous! I love that you didn’t chicken out and let your hair grow longer. It’s a beautiful look on you. And yay!!! for being able to fit into nine year old jeans. Happy Birthday!!!

  104. #187

    Happy birthday. I have a question for you, what’s your favourite thing to do on your birthday???
    Mine is to make an extra special breakfast to kick start my day and then put up the Xmas decorations lol my bday is 29th nov lol

  105. #188
    Mary K

    Happy birthday, Cathy! I so enjoy your videos and your witticisms! All the best in the year ahead.

  106. #190

    Thank YOU for another year of laughs and inspiration and beauty blogging! Happy, Happy Birthday!

  107. #191
    Kristen Lee

    Happy Birthday, Cathy! Today is also my sweet mom’s 80th birthday and we’re surprising her with family from all over the country coming in to help celebrate. I hope your day is just as special as hers will be! Thank you for all of the tutorials and entertainment you provide us on a daily basis! You’re one awesome and amazing 54 year old!

  108. #193
    April Z

    Happy birthday to a fellow Minnesotan! You are looking great at 54!! Have a wonderful day.. 😀

  109. #194

    I’m a newbie card maker, and just signed up for your newsletter yesterday, when I learned from a Jennifer McGuire post that there’s a real person behind the CZ designs I’ve been eyeing and buying. Synchronicity, huh?
    Special wishes for a happy and healthy birthday, and many, many more.

  110. #195
    Andrea B

    Happy, happy birthday, Cathy! Great video and, as usual, a gorgeous card! I love your crafting style, your outlook on life, and especially your humor! I hope this coming year is the best one yet!

  111. #196
    Gloria Smith

    Cathy! It has been a pleasure watching you all these wonderful years! Happy birthday girl! Cheers to many more! Listening to REM in honor of you today!

  112. #198
    Amantha Eisenbraun

    Happy birthday, Cathy! Your story is similar to mine. Keep on the healthy train and I will too!

  113. #199
    Patty A Eifert

    Happy Birthday Cathy! I am already a subscriber! I love watching your videos and always love hearing your funny comments!! Just like the comment in your post that you were dying the SHIT out of your hair lol!! My birthday is December 14th, and it usually gets forgotten because of Christmas, so I definitely need to shout it out! You keep on doing what you’re doing! You look great!

  114. #200
    Sandra Haines

    May this be an outstanding year for you, happy birthday Cathy! Love the videos and much we can learn from them.

  115. #203
    Andrea B

    Happy, happy birthday, Cathy! Great video and, as always, gorgeous card! I love your crafting style, your outlook on life, and especially your humor. I hope this coming year is the best one yet!

    1. #203.1
      Teresa Medeiros

      Happy birthday Cathy! I’m not that far behind you. I must say I like this phase of our lives. Love your cards, scrapbooking, FIT class and your products. Big fan over here. As for your birthday before and after pic, I think it’s pretty epic. And yes, the chair must go lol. Have an amazing day! ☺️

  116. #206
    Shirley Kedzierski

    Happy Birthday Cathy! Hope you have a lovely day filled with all the things you enjoy most!🎉🎁🎂

  117. #207

    Happy happy birthday Cathy! I think it’s really cool that one of the scrapbookind/cardmaking divas lives in the same metro area as me. I, too, (and my BFF) believe in telling the world about our birthday and celebrating for the whole month. Jave a great one!

  118. #209
    Laura M

    Love the photo shoot (and the chair looks comfy). Happy birthday, and I love your products, your designs, and your work. May you have a wonderfully creative year!

  119. #210

    Hey Cath!! Have always loved your philosophy and your work!! Happy 54th. Thank you so very much for inspiring me with everyone of your posts!

  120. #211

    Hey Cath!! Have always loved your philosophy and your work!! Happy 54th. Thank you so very much for inspiring me with everyone of your posts!

  121. #212

    Happy birthday!!!! You are looking great and like your card. The chair looks like a comfy place to relax, I think it’s a keeper.

  122. #213
    Lisa Miceli

    HAPPY birthday!!!! And friday was my birthday and I didnt tell anyone….but I am taking your advice for next year:) enjoy your day!

  123. #214

    Happy Birthday Cathy 🥳🎂🎉 I hope
    today brings you endless joy & tons of
    precious memories 😊 Your card is beautiful!! Thank you for always inspiring me & for spreading kindness
    on your birthday 😉

  124. #217
    Bonnie King

    Happy birthday to you! Awesome job showing your 50s who’s boss. And just gonna put this out there – every year when Feb. 8 rolls around, it’s Bonnie King’s Birthday (55 last month)!

  125. #219
    Stephanie Misner-Hirtle

    Happy Birthday, Cathy! I hope you have the best day and treat yourself 🙂 Always enjoy seeing your card creations.


  126. #220
    Theresa Frawley

    Birthday blessings, Cathy! Thanks for all the creative inspirations over the past many years! Hope you have an amazing 54th year!

  127. #221

    Happy birthday! Have been following you for several years. Love how you have changed and shared your experience,

  128. #222

    Hey Cathy! Hope you have and amazing day! Remember, today is all about you! Your card is beautiful! And I Love your videos!

  129. #223

    Happy Birthday, Cathy! I only recently discovered your YouTube channel but I’ve already binge-watched about half (conservative estimate) of your videos! I love your humor, you have a very calm presence, and I really appreciate the visual of what supplies you’ll be using in the beginning. So helpful! Thank you & Happy 54!

  130. #225
    Jeanne Boardman

    Happy Birthday Cathy! Hope your day is wonderful and your year even better!
    I tried your ink blending with a stencil overtop yesterday, of course, mine doesn’t look as good as yours but I’m going with it!

  131. #226
    Dayle S.

    Happy birthday Cathy! Love your post today and many congrats for wearing your same clothes! That is something we all aspire to do. Have a fabulous day and thanks for all you do for all of us!

  132. #227

    Happy birthday Cathy! That’s some awesome work on your health if you can still wear clothes that are nine years old. The best part of 50’s (hopefully)? Is knowing who you are and caring way less about what other people think about it.

  133. #230
    Laurene R

    WOO HOO! Happy birthday Cathy, have a fabulous day! Love your posts, videos & your sense of humour…a Canadian here hence the spelling of humour LOL!

  134. #232

    Love your bubbly creative personality Happy Birthday! I have a birthday this week too.
    Thanks for the inspiration to celebrate out loud.

  135. #233
    Rita M

    Hope your day is fan-freakin’-tastic, and this next trip arou d the sun fills your heart and soul with crafty goodness!

  136. #234
    Avra N Williams

    Have an wonderful birthday and year ahead! Also – you look amazing! I am in pretty good health (59), and have never really had a weight problem, but there’s no way I could fit into jeans that I wore 9 years ago! Way to go!

  137. #237
    Joyce L

    Happy birthday! I have followed your blog and instagram for a long time, and love how you appreciate and enjoy life!

  138. #238

    Happy Birthday enjoy your day. I shave birthday mottos for when someone asks me how old I am this year it is “ 56 and doing tricks” it gives people something to think about lol.

  139. #239

    Happy birthday Cathy!🎉 Have fun celebrating today! I have the same birthday philosophy. And I love celebrating others because I want them to know that I’m glad they were born!
    For the record, my birthday is August 21st 😁

  140. #242
    Cynthia Stasiewski

    Happy Birthday CZ! You are looking good!

    I am a celebrator of birthdays also. I am the major caregiver for my Mom, who is 97 years young. My birthday is in July and her birthday is in August so we do love to celebrate our birthdays too. May not be running but we do love to get up and get the circulation moving!

    We both love to send out cards and letters, and I just received your SSS Clean Line Faith and He is Risen.

    Happy Spring! Happy Easter!

  141. #243

    Happy Birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day. I do love the card you made and I think I need to go buy that die.

  142. #245
    Denise Mlady

    Happy Birthday Cathy!! I too am wearing some of the same clothes from 9 years ago, lol!! I love watching your videos and following you on IG. You always make me smile. Hope you have a fabulous day.

  143. #246

    Happy birthday Cathy! You are an inspiration to crafters and gracefully aging ladies alike. 💖💖

  144. #247
    Jan Barlow

    Happy Birthday. The comparison photo is GREAT, lol! Thanks for sharing the love with us. 🙂

  145. #251
    Kelly B.

    Happy Birthday, crafty lady! That chair is screaming for a makeover—I hear fabric paint and stencils can do wonders!

  146. #252
    Sami Tomsick

    Happy Birthday!! I agree with your birthday philosophy, my next completed trip around the sun is March 12!! it’s my Birthday week! hope your day is magical! I love all your creations, I wish I could be motivated to start a scrapbook.

  147. #253
    Kristen D.

    Happy happy birthday!!! And I agree with you…always make your birthday known! Not just the day…the whole month!!!😄

  148. #259

    Happy birthday! In honor of your birthday, my journey to CZ..

    1) Years ago I followed someone who scrapbooked and she posted a project of yours
    2) I, despite my inherently unscrapbookable life, clicked through and saw the blog. I love blogs from women in my age group! I started reading the blog.
    3) I followed you on Instagram and Youtube
    4) Your videos became very soothing background videos for when I had to work on logic-heavy spreadsheets for work (left brain/right brain engagement?)
    5) Your videos distracted me from doing work, because I was entertained by your talent and voiceovers and would rather watch than wrangle IF statements
    6) I bought a few supplies and started making cards
    7) I bought many more supplies.

    Thank you for the joy you have brought to me and all of us, and I wish you many more years of happiness!

  149. #260
    Lisa Simental

    Wishing you a Fabulous month of Birthday Celebrations. Happy Birthday to you! You go Girl!

  150. #262
    Jacque Clements

    Happy Birthday and thank you for showing us many ways of living well as we move through the middle years!

  151. #265
    Cindi Wells

    Happy Birthday! Love your cards and videos. You are an amazing designer and the colors that you use just make me happy. Thank you.

  152. #267

    Happy birthday! Hope it was fabulous! I just had mine too 😮 my friends and i went axe throwing, hope your birthday was just as adventurous and fun!

  153. #269

    Happy YOU-day to a wonderfully talented, creative lady! I just watched your video and, as usual, now I “need” some more products so I can create a card like this. I’ve loved your simple style for eons, yet you continue to amaze me with innovations. When on earth do you have the time to study and perfect all these new techniques?!
    Enjoy your day, Cathy.
    p.s. I am wearing the same nail polish today after your recommendation to purchase the brand. I love it.

  154. #271
    Nancy Finn

    hApPy BiRthdAY! Thank you for some direction. I just bought one of your classes and I am picking up what you’re putting down. Looking forward to 2020 with you.
    Nancy (finnissues) Finn

  155. #272

    You are doing great! You look great! Happy happy birthday!!!!! Do what makes you feel strong. I still remember when I celebrate my 56th by swimming 56 laps- accomplishment feels good. Won’t flip it since town pool is gone but I’ll find something. Love your work so looking forward to the future with new projects and adventures. Have a great year!

  156. #274
    Deanna Berman

    If I were sending you a card I would be using one of my favorite stamps….”HAVE A HAPPPY FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC BIRTHDAY!” Hope your special day, as well as the year ahead are filled with all kinds of wonderful!

  157. #275
    Jennifer Torres

    Happy birthday. Thank you for modeling a “real” life with all the joys and struggles.

  158. #277

    Happiest Birthday!!! I love the fact that you’re created the same photo again, it’s so fun to see the differences that you might not otherwise think about. All the best!❤️

  159. #279

    Happy Birthday! Have a delightful day. Love the comparison shots. So many interesting stories and details in the time shifts. Keep it real. 😊

  160. #281
    Debbi S

    Cue the birthday music! Have a happy day.
    Love the card and really love getting a birthday present
    and not actually turning a year older! lol

  161. #282

    Happy Happy #54 Cathy! You look great. I hope you have a great birthday and enjoy your day. Today’s card is very nice! Love it!

    And thanks for the opportunity to win a gift card!

  162. #284
    DeAnna W Bennett

    Happy Birthday. And thank you for all of the items you list out in your post. Most of the things that I have found really meet my style come from places you have posted. Thank you for that!

  163. #285
    Bernadette Kelly

    Happy birthday! Love the symmetry of your pictures and the beautiful colors and simplicity of the card. I look forward to all your posts and videos. Thanks for sharing your art!

  164. #291
    Cari Cummings

    Hey Cath!
    Happy Birthday! You helped me find my style and get away from the busy-ness I thought I need on my layouts. So glad you’re doing cards now as another inspiration For me!!

  165. #293
    Debbie Thomas

    Happiest Happy Birthday to you! I so enjoy your videos and your positivity. Your talent rocks!

  166. #294
    Cari Cummings

    Hey Cathy!
    Happy Birthday!! I’ve followed you for a long tine starting with your clean and simple book for layouts and now with your cards. Keep rock in’ those trips around the sun!!

  167. #296

    Happy Birthday Cathy!! I love to follow your cardmaking. Keep up the Awesome products.

    I would love to win a gift certificate to Simon Says.

  168. #297

    You are lookin might fabulous young lady. I’m lovin the repeat photos. Happy birthday 🎉🎈🎊.

  169. #298
    Tammy L Davis

    Happy Birthday, Sweet Cathy!!! I absolutely love your designs, videos, tutorials – everything! I am positive the world is a better, more crafty place since you were born! Have a wonderful day!

  170. #299
    Kathy Markwardt

    Hi Cathy, Happy, Happy Birthday today!! I like your attitude about birthdays! Cheers to you! Now also your ink blending on this card is so soft and pretty and the flower die cut is perfect. Thanks for sharing. you talent with us and enjoy your day!

  171. #300
    Kathy Markwardt

    Hi Cathy, Happy, Happy Birthday!! I love your attitude on birthdays! Enjoy your Day!

    Great card and I love the soft blending with the die cut open flower. Thanks for sharing your talent with us!

  172. #303

    First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!! Look at the beautiful weather you got for your special day too!
    I enjoy you videos and cards!!!
    Have an extra special day Cathy!! 🥳

  173. #304
    Annelle Grosskreutz

    Happy Birthday, dear Cathy Z, though a youngster you are still. Love following as you remember who you are after all those child-rearing years. Lots more to discover. I have become a stamper/card maker along with your videos, and you have introduced me to so many products I may not have discovered otherwise. Thanks for allowing me to celebrate you today!

  174. #305
    Michele S.

    Happy birthday Cathy! Looking great at 54. Here’s to many more birthdays and years of sharing your wonderful talents with the world! Cheers! 🎂🍾

  175. #306
    Angela Roland

    The happiest of birthdays to you Cathy! I’m a subscriber already. Love your videos!


  176. #308

    Happy Happy Birthday Cathy!!!
    I am 49 this . .approaching that 50 number… not sure how I will handle that…only thing is I do not feel it!! Well lets face it sometimes I feel 80!! Hope you have a fabulous birthday!!!

  177. #309
    Linda S

    Happy Birthday Cathy. I agree Birthdays are real special day and should be celebrated. Parent, siblings , Your Children, and Grandchildren.

  178. #310

    Happy Birthday to a fellow Piscean! My b’day is the 5th – a LOT older than you though – I was a teenager when you were born! I guess I should embrace the whole birthday-thing more than I do. It’s fun to see your birthday photos through the years – what a good idea, & not just for kids!
    Love your CAS card – it’s very striking! Thank you for your ALWAYS enjoyable videos – I am a subscriber to your youtube channel, too! And thanks for the chance to win a gift certificate. Hope you have a GREAT birthday!!

  179. #311

    Happy birthday Cathy!
    I love your videos & I love your sense of laughter..humor & just happiness
    I also love sss

  180. #313
    Kelly R

    Happy Birthday Cathy! Glad you made it one more year around the sun to share with us in all your triumphs and defeats❤️

  181. #315
    Angie Moncrief

    I love your videos and designs. Simple and clean but beautiful. I also really love your insta stories. But most of all cursing is my love language too 😂. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎉

  182. #316
    Patty H

    Happy Birthday, enjoy your day. I just bought this die and can’t wait until it arrives so I can try to make this card. Just beautiful!

  183. #317
    Tammie Koehnen

    Happy happy birthday Cathy! Love your classes and line of stamps/dies with SSS. Have a wonderful day and enjoy this great Minnesota warm up weather day.

  184. #319

    Happy Birthday Cathy! You’re one amazing lady and love your videos! Yesterday was my birthday and were the same age! It was a good year 😉 have a great day!

  185. #320
    Glenda Thorne

    Ignore the age and live ! Happy Birthday sweet Cathy, you make me laugh, think about things and enjoy every moment. Lookin’ great for 54!

  186. #321
    Joanne McC

    Happy Birthday! I’m 57 and just starting to get my healthy back. Thanx for all the encouragement.

  187. #324

    Happy Birthday – congratulations on getting your health back!! I am working on it myself so know how hard that is to do.

  188. #325
    C Morrison

    Congratulations for taking another lap around the sun! Older & wiser & crushing it at everything!

  189. #329
    Andrea D.

    Happy Birthday!!!
    I think you look healthier and happier than you did 9 years ago. I think you may be aging backwards. Please tell me the secret 🙂

  190. #330
    Lauryne Cunningham

    HaPpY BiRtHdAy, Cathy! Have a terrific day and thank you so much for your awesome video! I love your card! I’ll be 52 on March 26th and feelin’ great!

  191. #331
    Kim Chaffin

    Happy 54!!!! Thanks for sharing so many years of your talent and inspiration and relatable bits of your life story. Here’s to many more!

  192. #332

    Happy Birthday Cathy from one March birthday gal to another! My birthday is March 10th. I like your thought of letting everyone know it’s your special day. Today is also my oldest grandson’s birthday. He’s officially a teenager now. Enjoy your special day!

  193. #333
    Sue Alger

    Happy Birthday to a fellow March Birthday celebrating. I’ll be 73 and still feeling good and love watching your crafting videos.

  194. #334
    Cheryl S Sager

    happy birthday! Coming up on 63 myself so thanks for the reminder that it is still okay to celebrate myself. (P.S. love this card – and truth be told, all of your cards. your simple approach fits my limited crafting ability – t.y.)

  195. #336
    Angie Moncrief

    I love your videos and designs. Clean and simple – beautiful. I also love your insta stories. I love that you use bad words. 😂 It’s my love language too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  196. #337
    Heidi Tressler

    Happy birthday Cathy! I’m so glad that someone else loves to celebrate the shit out of their birthday!

  197. #346
    Sheila Bacon

    Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday, dear Cathy! Happy Birthday to. you! May this special day be filled with joy, celebration, and, of course, cake!

  198. #347
    Cassandra Martinelli

    I love your philosophy (and your artistry). I celebrate every birthday and also think birthdays are great! Milestone birthdays to me are like running across that ribbon and crossing another finish line! Happy Birthday, beautiful!

  199. #350
    Cindy Borcherding

    LOL. Good to know I’m not the only one who rarely shops for clothes. Happy birthday!!

  200. #355
    Lisa Stanley

    Happy Birthday! love the card, been a fan of yours since Clean and Simple Scrapbooking. Have a fantastic 54th!

  201. #358
    Amy Donohue

    Happy happy birthday Cathy! May today and the year ahead be filled with good health, much happiness, and lots of laughter and joy. You make us all laugh so much that I hope you are laughing as well.
    And, as to fitting into your old clothes I can only say one thing: beeaattcchh!!!! 😂😂😂😘😘😘😘

  202. #359

    Love your transformation, talent and straight forwardness. I hope you have the greatest day ever. Happy Birthday and enjoy those balloons! 😊❤️😊

  203. #360
    Alefiyah Hasan

    Hey Cath, Many many happy returns of the day!! I just love your work and truly inspired by it..!! Also Happy Women’s Day❤️

  204. #361
    Karen Roberts

    I love this card. When I can I would love that die. I ordered the Faberge
    egg Can’t wait to get it. Have a wonderful year and Celebrate life everyday.

  205. #365
    Amy Donohue

    PS… BEAUTIFUL card!!! I’m trying that ruler cutting. Just suck at using my trimmer and making The top cut and the bottom cut equal. You Da Best!!

  206. #368
    Pat Norris

    I love your card style, but more importantly, your irreverant attitude – this is me…take me as I am, darn it! I hated to see how the negativity affected you this week. My favorite mantra, courtesy of Michelle Obama –
    “When they go low, we go high!”
    Oh, and on your recommendation, I purchased the Olive and June cuticle serum and love it! Put your big girl pants on and go party!

  207. #372
    Michelle Bradtke

    Happy 54th birthday, Cathy, and hope you have a terrific year. And thank you for all the help with SYY and my first photo book. Couldn’t have done it without you!

  208. #374

    Happy birthday! And good for you! Able to wear the same clothes for 9 yrs. THAT is a cause for celebration! Working on my own self-care, killing it some days, totally off the mark others. I appreciate all the effort you are putting in.

  209. #378
    Debra Ruffing

    Happy birthday! You look great and btw you deserve a new chair! I buy Lux Craft rockers and I also have a swing and bench. You can have them out all year! Order yourself one! They come in great colors!


  210. #379

    Happy Birthday. I have watched so many of your videos and have learned so much. I am ordering this flower die. Have all the others and they just keep getting better. So keep those videos coming…you make me a better crafter. Wishing you a great day.

  211. #381
    Chrissy E

    Happy birthday Cathy! I hope your day makes you smile from ear to ear, like a visit to your blog does for me! Enjoy your day!

    (P.S. – your birthday is just five days after mine! We aren’t the same age but I hope I’m as beautiful as you when I get to where your “number” is! 💕)

  212. #382
    Carolyn Wright

    Happy birthday Cathy! Thanks for inspiring us so much. I turn 45 this year & im not sure I would have thought I would have for many reasons but I’ve changed so much in the last 10 years. Thanks for being You!

  213. #383

    Ha! I always tell everyone it’s my birthday. It’s amazing to be alive and amazing to keep going year to year to year to year……. Happiest birthday to you.

  214. #388
    Jaime Burns

    I hope you are having the happiest of birthdays!!! Thank you for another inspiring video. 🙂

  215. #389
    Chris H

    Happy birthday and thank you for embracing the natural process of aging. Love your easy, springlike card. Have a great trip around the sun.

  216. #392
    Cyndi Morris

    Happy Birthday, Cathy. (So sorry you lost an hour of celebration today!) Your card is gorgeous — I love that SSS Crocus Flower die!

  217. #394
    Donna C

    Happy Birthday to you! I like your cards and videos. I look forward to watching them in the early morning when I enjoy the quiet. Love the crocus dies and will buy them if I am the winner.

  218. #397
    Angie Moncrief

    I love your videos and designs. Clean and simple – beautiful. I also love your insta stories. I love that you use bad words. 😂 it’s my love language too. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  219. #400
    Michelle Sabata

    Happy birthday Cathy! Boy, you got a lot of comments and all those good wishes should pile on the good mojo for you. And, another beautiful card, you’re truly my inspiration.

  220. #402
    ana manzana

    Happy Birthday, Cathy!
    You look gorgeous on both pics, but I prefer the second one just because of your grey hair! And I agree: that chair has to go! 😉
    Enjoy your 54.
    ana manzana

  221. #403
    Brooke Guadangno

    Happy Birthday Cathy! I really enjoy watching you and listening to you. I can’t wait to try the Olive and June nail polish lol

  222. #404

    Happy Birthday Cathy! Love your videos and all of your cards! Keep doing what you do and hope you get spoiled!

  223. #406

    Happy birthday! I turned 54 about 4 months ago, and too have rejoined the running craze. I don’t always enjoy it, but for me it’s the only way to enjoy what I eat and keep my weight at a reasonable point. I have not yet given up on the hair coloring! I hope you have a great year and as always enjoy the inspiration.

  224. #407
    Mary Webster

    Happy Birthday and thanks for being here! You make the world a better place and inspire others with your sharing. Here’s to another 54 years.

  225. #412
    Trisha Hamilton

    Happy Birthday! Your influence over the years has been amazing! Thanks for being YOU!

  226. #413

    Happy solar return Cathy, my Astro-sister…Pisces and PNW! I love your real IG stories and your CAS cards are inspiring. Following you (subscriber) on social media is fun. Enjoy your day…celebrate…Onward!

  227. #414
    joy meadows

    Happy Birthday, Cathy! 54 is a good age to be. 81 isn’t too bad either!! So glad I am still alive and kicking. Love your creativity and your humor is really the bomb.

  228. #415
    Julie H.

    Entry # 1000 plus!
    Treat yo self birthday girl.
    It is also my birthday month as well, as I just asked my husband – How old are we? (his birthday month also – he is 6 days older;) we are a smidge older than you.
    Here, Here to March birthday babies!!

  229. #416
    Lynn Beaumont

    Oh Happy Happy Birthday to you! Big fan of yours Cathy – thanks for sharing your art and your life with us! May this next year bring you joy and blessings!

  230. #417

    Many wonderful await for you this year. God bless you and all you inspire us each day. Thanks for keeping it real, hugs!

  231. #421
    Lowell Elaine

    Happy Birthday from one who turned 74 in November. I hope your next 20 years are fabulous and I hope to still be here being inspired by you!

  232. #424
    Amy Wazwaz

    Happy Birthday! You share a birthday with my husband. He is 52 today.

    I don’t shop much either. Well for clothes, shoes, purses, watches, jewelry, none of that stuff. But crafting goodies I always have to buy the newest stuff. Even when traveling my misti bag filled with crafting supplies takes up more space in my bag than the clothes I bring.

  233. #425

    Happy Birthday, Cathy…I have followed you since Simple Scrapbooking days…You are a gem…!!!💕💕💕

  234. #426
    Theresa Erwin

    🎉🎁🎈Happy Birthday Cathy!!!🎈🎁

    I’ve followed you since Simple Scrapbooks and have learned so much from you over the years. Thank you & have the Best Birthday!!!

  235. #427
    Cathy Tileston

    Happy Birthday, Cathy! I love the comparison photos! And how great that you still have and can wear the same clothes. Good for you 💕

  236. #429
    Angi Iffland

    Happy Birthday to you! You look great & way to go on keeping up with your hard work of self care!!

  237. #436

    Happy Birthday Cathy! You make me laugh everyday, love your instagram and blog. Hope you have a great day and a wonderful year ahead.

  238. #438
    Traci Severson

    Happy day of birth, Cathy! I’m like you and love to shout it from the rooftops that it’s my birthday!! And I celebrate all month long because all those free birthday offers, am I right??!! Heck yeah! And it’s also my birthday month so maybe it’s a March baby thing!! Ha! Hope your year is amazing! Thank you for all the inspiration you share!!

  239. #443
    Alicia McMahon

    Congratulations on Leveling Up! I enjoy your art work and get inspired by you. Thank you.

  240. #444

    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear Cathy, happy birthday to you! 🙂 Love this pretty card — the color scheme and those delicate dies are just lovely.

  241. #451
    Theresa P

    Happy 54 young to an incredibly talented woman. Love the clean and simple lines of your work. I also love the spring colors you used for this card.

  242. #452
    Elisa M Gray

    Happy birthday to another March girl!! I just turned 60 on Wednesday. I wore a tutu and tacky plastic tiara to the high school I teach at. And I handed out circus cookies all day. Birthdays are wonderful. Science tells us that the more birthdays you have, the longer you live!!

  243. #457

    HB CZ! Aren’t the years flying by? Enjoy your 50’s!! Such a great time in our lives. (LOVE your blog and designs! Keep doing what you’re doing. There are a lot of us who can’t wait to see what you’re up to!

  244. #459

    Happy Birthday!! Gotta love the March birthday people 🙂 Mine is Tuesday (3/10) !! Hope you’re have a great day and you get to celebrate and eat cake!! I know I’m looking forward to it.

  245. #460

    Happy Happy Birthday Cathy. I LOVE watching your videos and seeing your new designs. Also enjoy your realistic words and way you look at life. You are AMAZING and AWESOME!!!👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 Have a fantastic birthday.

  246. #461
    Nancy Stott

    Happy Birthday to You, Cathy! Love the stamps and dies you design and the cards you make (not to mention that Chiffon paper). You are a talented lady! Enjoy your day!

  247. #463
    Sheri Kempke

    Happy Birthday Cathy! I hope you’re enjoying this warmish March day, my sis-in-law who just returned to MN from a visit here in AZ reported 60 degrees upon arrival. My son-in-law, who also was born on this day and resides in Des Moines is happy as he didn’t have to shovel snow today . I am a subscriber, love your video’s and love your cards. You’re looking mighty fine girl, remember, motion is lotion for your joints and if you stop moving, you’ll rust! So keep on moving and hope your day is awesome!

  248. #465
    Anne Sturgeon

    Looking good at 54…. I have passed you on this calendar of life, but who’s counting!! Hope your day is fabulous. This cards is so soft and lovely blending. I do think this aging thing is truly a privilege and an amazing journey. Grow old and see the best is yet to be…..

  249. #466
    Bernice Janssen

    It is a real accomplishment to look as great at 54 as you did at 45! You rock, girl!!

  250. #467
    Gayle Chrvala

    Happy Birthday Cathy! Your age is my birthdate…lol…I’m a March baby, too! Have a great one!

  251. #468
    Diana K

    Happy Birthday from one Pisces to another💖 You look darling. Congratulations on taking control of your health. I am turning 60 on Wednesday and I have never covered up my age. I look forward to each one and give thanks that I made it that far. I have two boys in college and look forward to celebrating with them and their girlfriends on Friday because they don’t have the same spring break, of course 😜

    Thank you for sharing your talent with us. I love your creations and always look forward to what you create next.

    I hope you had a wonderful day and your new year is the best one ever. I truly believe that we are like fine wine and only get better with age. 😉🤗🥰 ~~~IG @blondie_loves_cards

  252. #471
    Sue Hudson

    Happy happy Birthday Cathy! We’re the same age, except I turned 54 back in January. I totally agree, scream it from the rooftop and celebrate your life. Love love the SSS flower dies. My wallet is shaking over the crocus you used. Have a fabulous day!

  253. #472
    Marisela Delgado

    Feliz Cumpleanos, Cathy! Girl, you’re still rockin’ those jeans! You look FABULOUS, my friend. Many, many happy birthdays to come.

  254. #476
    Lindar C

    Happy Birthday Cathy! Getting older sure beats the alternative and it’s good to be silly. When you stop being silly is when you turn “old”. I’m 63, and we are a bunch of weirdos in this house, we laugh a lot.

  255. #477
    Becky B

    Love your cards and videos. Thanks for all your creative stamps & dies. Happy birthday! Looking forward to seeing you celebrate many more.

  256. #479
    Amy W

    Happy 54th Birthday to you, what would have been 119th birthday to my great-grandma, and International Womens’ Day! Have another growing, thriving trip around the sun!

  257. #481
    Karriane Goodwill

    Well, first and foremost, happy birthday. I agree that birthdays are to be celebrated. Thanks for sharing you graphic design talent with us. Your cards are always beautiful and this one is no exception.

  258. #482
    Christine Fracchia

    Hope you have a simply wonderful birthday! Thanks for the inspiration both in card making and in life!

  259. #484
    Deborah S

    Happy, happy birthday! I’m a relatively new follower (a year or so), and very much enjoy your straight forward posts and your clean creative style!

  260. #486
    Sharon Suske

    Happy happy birthday, Cathy! When I turned 45, I had a brand new (two day old!) grandson! Since then, we’ve discovered that we are the same age! In 2019, he turned 16 and I turned 61. Every year works one way or another until he turns 20. And maybe then too. I loved the card and I hope you have a fabulous day!

  261. #487
    Angie Neuman

    Happy Birthday!!! Wishing you a fabulous day (and hope you enjoyed the beautiful spring like weather we had today). My birthday is tomorrow March 9th, which I also share with my niece.
    Great card idea, love the new release from SSS.

  262. #488
    Anne McColley

    Happy Birthday, Cathy! And what amazing weather you got on your special day! Hope you were able to get out and enjoy this rare MN heatwave among your other celebrations. 🙂

  263. #492
    Deborah Knapp

    Happy Birthday! Great card! I also tell everyone when it is my birthday, I like to think of it as my special day!!

  264. #493
    Ann Marie S.

    Happy Birthday! Love that you celebrate and acknowledge another trip around the sun. I have not seen the masking stencil before and really like the rainbow background you made with it.

    Already subscribed and have several items that you designed!

  265. #499

    Happy birthday, Cathy! I’m so glad you are here on this earth. Love your scrapbooking style, your cards, stamps, classes, etc. And of course your unique personality!

  266. #502
    Connie L.

    Hi Cathy 🙂 Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Cathy! Happy Birthday to you! I’m a follower of you in several ways including your YT channel. Thanks for your generous spirit AND all the inspiration 🙂

    1. #502.1

      Happy 54th birthday. I’m 64 and still enjoying card making and scrapping. Thanks for all your ideas.

  267. #505
    Susan McRae

    Wishing you a most wonderful birthday! I like that you’re not shy to declare your age and that you celebrate it! I’ll be turning 54 next month and am not afraid to say it!

  268. #508

    Hey Cathy have a beautiful day for your birthday xx lots of bubbles allowed (just today) oh and cake! Cheers Lucy 🎂

  269. #510
    Marty Casey

    Happy Birthday, Dude!! You look skinnier than 45!! That’s awesome!! Never a thumbs down from me!! Hope you enjoy your day!!

  270. #513

    A million people have the same birthday as you. That makes you . . . wait for it . . . . One in a million!!!!
    Many happy returns!

  271. #516
    Amy Cooley

    Thanks for sharing the love on your birthday! I hope you have an awesome day. I enjoy following you on IG. You make me laugh and you are quite the enabler. I’m waiting on my first order from Olive & June.

  272. #517
    Debbie McDaniel

    Happy birthday Cathy! Congrats on being able to wear the same jeans 9 years later! Thanks for the giveaways and card sharing with us on your birthday!

  273. #518
    Dana M

    Happy Birthday Cathy! Hope it’s an amazing day. Congrats on being able to wear the same clothes as 9 years ago.

  274. #519
    Vicky Neichter

    Thanks for sharing your talents with us Cathy. Enjoy your videos. Congrats on getting back to healthy. And a BIG Happy Birthday.

  275. #521
    Brenda Rohlfing Simpson

    Happy birthday Cathy! Wishing an amazing lady a wonderful day! You are inspirational and I look forward to awesome things in the year ahead! Love the fact that you haven’t shopped in 9 years for new clothes – I thought I was the only one!!! Even more incredible, they fit wonderfully!

  276. #522
    Melissa S

    Happy, Happy Birthday, Cathy!!! Love the card and the pictures are amazing. Very cool idea. Thanks for all the awesome inspiration…both crafty and philosophical.

  277. #524

    Happy Birthday, CZ! So grateful for the inspiration you give me when it comes to card making and scrapbooking! Rock on!

  278. #525
    Teresa Johnson

    Happy Birthday! You are such an amazing person. I love watching and learning from your videos. I am a much better crafter thanks to you and the simplicity of it all. Thank you

  279. #526
    Carol Wehner

    Cathy, girrrl, you make 54 look amazing! Happy Birthday my friend 🙂 I look forward to every post you put out into the universe. Keep ’em coming… just like more birthdays!

  280. #528

    So glad you were born! You have been an inspiration in my scrapbooking life as well as life in general. 🙂
    Happy birthday!

  281. #530

    Happy birthday to you Cathy! I hope your day was full of fun, laughter, love, and lots of cake and ice cream!🎉🎈🎂💕

  282. #531

    Wishing you the happiest of birthdays lovely lady 🎂🎁🎈🥳 I’m an Aussie 🇦🇺 who has followed you for 17 years Cathy! I LOVE so much about you, and seriously wished we lived closer as I’m sure we’d be best girlfriends!! BIG hugs, Tracy 🤗🥰💝

  283. #532

    I LOVE that you LOVE your birthday!!! I hope it was fabulous and that you did everything your heart desired! ♥️

  284. #536

    Happy Birthday, Cathy! Hope you had a great one. Love the pictures, you’re aging gracefully and happily. Will wait for next year’s birthday post. Thanks for the inspo and a chance to win.

  285. #538

    Happy Birthday!!! You are an inspiration personally, in health, happiness and crafting. I look forward to all you post. You are an amazing woman and make 54 fabulous!!! Hope you have the best year yet!!!!!

  286. #539
    Nancy R.

    Love the colors of your birthday card! Fresh and springy. Happy Birthday Cathy and thanks for sharing your talents 🙂

  287. #545
    Dionne Jack

    Happy 54th Birthday Cathy! You look fantastic! I hope that you enjoyed your special day. Thank you for all of the inspiration over the years from one ’66 gal to another.

  288. #548

    When I see posts like this I always think “Why didn’t I think of that?”. So clever!

    Well 55 is looming. So I think I need to find my slate (or skates if I let autocorrect have its way)

    Happy Birthday!

  289. #549

    First of all Happy B-Day! I have admired and purchased product you have designed on Simon Says Stamps before but just found and signed up for your blog yesterday. And today I get an email with freebies and then find out it’s your birthday.

    What a gift you have given me!
    May you have many more trips around the sun.

  290. #551

    Woo-Hoo! Happy Birthday! Celebrate every day! 🎈🎉🎈🎉🎈. It is always inspiring and uplifting to read or watch your posts. You are always so positive, funny and real. Thank you! Love the card! ❤️🤗🤗🤗

  291. #552
    Bonnie Blake

    Happy Birthday. I love watching your YouTube videos. I have learned so much from you. I love your attitude about things. Thanks for sharing your god given gift.

  292. #553
    Barbara Reimer

    Hi Cathy – I’m writing this in the evening, so I hope that you had a wonderful and special birthday. I liked the simplicity of this card and yet that it makes a very special statement. I’m going to try the premise tomorrow using dies I already own. And BTW, I like the chair on the porch – it looks like a great place to read a good book!

  293. #554
    Kathy Morgan

    Hey Cathy,
    Hope you had a fabulous day! I have loved you and your sense of humor for years. You are always so much fun to watch. Love your videos. Thanks for sharing with all of us!

  294. #555
    Judy Rutherford

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cathy! May it be one of your best yet! Blessings to you today and always! Love watching your videos. You are just so much fun. Thanks for the inspiration always! Hugs! Judy

  295. #556
    Kathy Ferguson

    Happy Birthday, Cathy! I’ve watched several of your videos and thoroughly enjoy them. It is actually the 9th because I don’t get on my computer until after midnight every night. It’s my quiet, alone time. You might be like me and just hate shopping for clothes! I’ve worn the same clothes for years. So to celebrate your birthday go out and buy a new outfit for next year’s birthday post! I belong to facebook so they remind me when it’s someone’s birthday. Thanks for sharing your time and talent with us through the years. You are still young. Try being 67! Love, Kathy

  296. #559
    Ericka Strange

    Happy birthday Cathy and I love this post as well as the card! Congratulations on taking care of yourself, I know how hard that is as I’m on my own journey! Thanks for the inspiration and cheers to many more years!

  297. #560
    Julie B

    Cathy, you are the absolute best! I love your candid IG Stories and all of your creative endeavors. You rock and are such an inspiration!

  298. #561
    Susan Williams

    Wishing you a very Happy and wonderful Birthday, hoping to have a terrific day making lots of awesome memories❤️❤️

  299. #562
    Ruthann Platzner

    Happy birthday Z girl. I’m a Z girl also. I was growing up. My maiden name starts with a Z. So in middle school they called my friend and me “the Z girls ” 😃happy days. Thanks for your channel

  300. #563

    Hope your special day was fabulous…and that your family and friends spoiled you too, too much!! Thanks for all the smiles you help put on my face 🙂

  301. #564
    Lynn Lohne

    Happy Birthday! I’m late, but was on time on my youtube post. But you’re right, who wouldn’t want to win more crafty stuff? Hope your Birthday was awesome.

  302. #565
    Joy Baldwin

    Happy birthday! I hope it is wonderful. I was shocked when you said 54, you just don’t look like it. I love birthdays and I think they should be a big deal and everyone should know!

  303. #572

    hope you have an ah-mazing day. I have followed you for years…love your classic clean style.

  304. #573
    Terry Leming

    Happy Birthday and congrats on fitting into the same clothes 9 years later! It’s sweet of you to share your birthday happiness by giving away gift cards to others 🙂

  305. #574
    christi in ma

    Happy Birthday.
    During your running phase, I discovered Another Mother Runner. I’ve been enjoying their podcasts ever since. (even though I’m not a mother and stopped running in 2015!)
    Thanks Cathy

  306. #575

    Hope you had a fantastic birthday Cathy! You’ve done a lot of work this past year and deserve to celebrate looking so great in those jeans!

  307. #577
    Sherry G

    It’s easy to remember your birthday. It’s my mom’s birthday too. She would have been 80 if cancer had not taken her from us almost 9 years ago.

    Happy Birthday!

  308. #579
    Pam Weiss

    Happy Belated-Birthday! I too tell everyone its MY day, why not? Hope your day was amazing and 54 looks great on you. Your card is so cute . The more I see ideas, the more I think I need this die.

  309. #580
    Lillian T

    Happy Birthday Cathy! Thanks for sharing your pics at 45 and 54! You and the outfit still rock! Thanks for your inspiration and enjoy your year!

  310. #581
    Lina F.

    Happy Birthday Cathy! I’ve enjoyed watching you over the years and see your style change and develop. Now if I could only do the same.

  311. #582

    Hope your birthday is/was the BEST one yet!!!! And major kudos for fitting into the clothes!!

    ~Kim Kern

  312. #584
    Kate Darnell

    Adult-onset runner!! I love that description. Have a splendid birthday, no matter what your age! And go for a birthday run in your still fitting jeans! Awesome.

  313. #586

    Happy Cathy Day!! Hope its fabulous. Yes I’m subscribed (love your designs and video style most). Thanks for sharing everything with us, and I too love the “adult-onset runner” title. Nice .

  314. #587
    Jennifer Anderson

    Hey Cathy!!

    Love your hair!! Love the outfit too!

    Thanks for all your awesome tutorials. I had the pleasure of attending a class a long time ago at the st paul convention center and I remember thinking, “damn, she’s an awesome speaker and wow, she’s from mn just like me!”

    Ever since then I’ve been a fan!


  315. #588

    Thanks so much for all you share in this community! I love your honesty, your humor, and your style. And by style, I mean just who you are – your style in creativity, your style in how you share, and yes, your style in nail polish 😉 You’re wearing 54 very well. And your chair comment made me giggle. Happy Birthday!!

    1. #588.1

      I LOVE your super simple, cute card!! I have seen those masking templates but didn’t realize just how cool they really are. I will be getting some of my own, for sure.

  316. #589
    Savannagh Kacey

    Hi Cathy,

    Did you enjoy your day as Queen of the Universe? I hope all your minions gathered round and waited on you hand and foot. Thanks for sharing the joy with us all.

  317. #590
    paula hyman

    Hi Cathy,

    You look great and congrats for having a birthday and being able to fit in those same clothes from nine years ago. They are classics and won’t go our of style! You can wer them in another nine years. Hope you enjoyed your birthday celebration. We zealously have to celebrate the good things.

  318. #591

    Happy Happy Birthday to you!
    You look good!
    I am enjoying all the things you love – I have 0 desire to do my nails but enjoy you doing yours!

  319. #594

    Hey, Sassy Lady! I’ve been…hmmm…”following” you (stalking is such a STRONG word) since way back in the 2-Peas/CK/SS days. Your clean style, quick wit and short hair always appealed to me. Despite caving on the pixie cut, I’m still here for it. However, should you start featuring paper dolls and/or The Dimple Street Gang, Imma haffa bounce.

  320. #595
    Tiffany Halsell

    Love love this card because of the simplicity and RAINBOWS! I love your sass too! Thanks for sharing!

  321. #596
    Carol Jones

    Hey Cath! Happy Birthday dudette! LOL! Always love your videos and I put them at the top of my playlist to watch first. I adore your gorgeous CAS cards, always so pretty and inspiring. But more than that I love your sense of humor and your fun spirit! I agree, we should always celebrate our birthdays because it means we made it another year. Plus our time here is limited and we never know if we might get hit by a bus. (lol) So I say, celebrate at least a week and when you reach retirement age (considered really old by some) you should celebrate for a month! So I hope you’re still celebrating for the rest of the week Cathy, you deserve it because you’re awesome!

  322. #597

    Happy Birthday Cathy! May your 54th year on this “Third Rock from the Sun” be AWESOME!!!

    Best wishes.

  323. #604
    Angie Cammack

    Happy birthday Cathy!! Sorry if this is a duplicate. 🙁 Computer crapped out…Anywho, hope you had the best day. I think you’re pretty freakin’ amazing, and I just figured out how to subscribe on YouTube! Happy dance has now ensued!! Sending wishes for another wonderful year!!!

  324. #605
    Marie Bingaman

    Happy birthday, Cathy! In a couple more weeks, I will be celebrating my 49th trip around the sun (March 31). HOORAY for us March ladies! You look fabulous, and I hadn’t realized just how long your hair had gotten! You go girl! 🙂

  325. #609
    Leah Cushen

    Happy birthday, Cathy!! I’m not sure what I’m impressed by more…
    * your eco friendly fashion sense (still looking great by the way)
    * your dedication and commitment to your health and fitness (I recently lost 36 pounds in 7 months so I know what it takes)
    * or the fact that you are thinking of others on your birthday!!!
    Have an awesome day 🙂

  326. #610
    Mary-Lou Kuchma

    Oops late to the party … I did bring wine, light. Happy Birthday Cathy. Oh my goodness in that last photo of you at fabulous 54, there is SUCH a resemblance to Cole.

  327. #613
    Janis Hartman

    I hope the upcoming year is your best yet, Cathy! Thanks for all that you do. I am appreciative of the creative inspiration, FIT2020 motivation, and your Olive & June recommendation (I am hooked!).

  328. #619
    Peggy Makurat

    Hope you had a fabulous birthday. I think the photo series for your birthday was fun! You always inspire this slightly older person here … and a giveaway that ends on my birthday?! Fun!

  329. #621
    Lynn H

    Happy Birthday to you. I know you are proud to fit those clothes after 9 years! As I scrolled your supplies list for this project I realized we share common supply likes. I just got the Waffle Flower A2 dies and some distress ink pads so this will be a great project to try. Thanks for the opportunity to win too!!

  330. #624
    Renee Butchart

    Happy Birthday Cathy. I am a new follower although I have checked out your beautiful work for many years. Love the “comparison” pictures! You look amazing in both but I think I like you with long hair best. Keep creating!

  331. #629

    Love that idea! I’m 67, but I’ll take one how, and another in 5 and another in 5 etc… 🙂

  332. #630

    Love that idea! I’m 67, but I’ll take a pic Now, and another in 5 and another in 5 etc… 🙂
    Happy lotsa birthdays to come too 🙂

  333. #631
    Jessica Porter

    Have a happy birthday, I turned 50 last year and I need to recover my health as well. Thank you for your generosity on your birthday.

  334. #635
    Beth Fralix

    Happy Birthday Cathy!! Wishing you the MOST BLESSED, JOYOUS & HAPPIEST YEAR YET!! I’m a new subscriber & I’m absolutely LOVING your videos & blog!! Thank you for all the tips & tricks! Also you look absolutely brilliant at 45 & 54!! God Bless & the Love of Christ to you, my Sister!!

  335. #636

    Hi Cathy, I hope you had a great birthday. I love your clean and simple style, thanks for the humor and great products you add to the crafty world.

  336. #637
    Cindyellen Robinson

    You, my dear, are one of my favorite designers/makers and one of these days I will meet you. We are, as they say, of an age (I am older) and YAAASSSS!!!! CELEBRATE OUT LOUD!! Wear purple and red together that doesn’t go and run that stick along those fence posts!!! (Those are quotes from a poem called Warning by Judy. . .I don’t remember because we are of an age).
    Never sweat the small stuff – it’s aaaaalll small stuff. Blessings on this next trip around the sun.
    Peace, Cindyellen

  337. #638

    Happy Birthday! Thank you for posting such a beautiful card on your birthday! I hope you have a great one!

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