CZ Design Digitals Retirement Sale (All Month Long save 50%!)

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My time with Designer Digitals is coming to an end on March 31, 2020. This relationship has been on of the best business partnerships of my crafty career and I am so grateful for the years I’ve had with Katie and Randy. Designer Digitals is moving into a new era and that means for one month, you can save 50% off every single one of my designs. But there is some VERY important info to share about the purchases you have made thus far. Ready?

You have until March 31, 2020 to download your orders from Designer Digitals and back up your purchases. Following March 31, they will no longer be supporting my brand. I can help you going forward, but please know I will have no access to your purchase records. But I will do all I can to help you with the CZ Digitals you own.

What does this mean for me going forward?

It’s not secret I have been focusing on other areas of my business over the past two years, designing products for Simon Says Stamp and building my YouTube channel. That said, this change has inspired me to work on adding a CZ Design Digitals shop to my website.

I’m working with my web designer over the next few months to start the wheels in motion. My hope is to begin a more focused monthly release beginning in summer of this year. The cool thing is that I can sell more than just layered PSD files, or digital stamps. I can also sell cut files and other crafty printables and I think this could be really fun in the coming months.

PLEASE NOTE: I am going to be completely retiring a number of my digital products, only keeping the ones I really think are going to be a good fit with the new CZ Design Digitals. Mostly from the early years of my line, so… if you see something  you like, and want to save, this is a great time to do so.

So, for now, all my love to Designer Digitals and if you want to shop and save at literally the best prices that have ever been offered at DD, you have 31 days to do so.

I deeply appreciate all of your support over the years and am excited about a new direction for my own digital products going forward.

Don’t forget to use the code: CZ50 at checkout!


Cathy ZielskeCZ Design Digitals Retirement Sale (All Month Long save 50%!)

32 Comments on “CZ Design Digitals Retirement Sale (All Month Long save 50%!)”

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    Cheri Andrews

    Wow – yet another end of an era! I haven’t purchased much recently, but I own so many CZ templates purchased through Designer Digitals! Will have to check out if I am missing anything that I can’t live without…

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    carol ann

    Well, Cathy, I think it’s terrific news for you and I think I’m safe to say that we all wish you continued success!! I always enjoy seeing what you come up with!

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    What a big and unexpected change. But so exciting for the evolution of the CZ Designs brand. Excited to see cut files and different kinds of downloadable content coming to the shop!

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    Michelle C Peacey

    Congratulations on your new endeavors. I have been a fan of yours for years so will continue to follow your blog and can’t wait to see your new products. You are an amazing person and have helped me and so many others in our scrapbooking crafts.

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    How exciting for you! I look forward to seeing where this new path takes you.

    Now to spend a few hours looking through all your merch.

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    Holly Wood

    so the cut files, am really excited about them. Will some of your stamps now be edited into cut files too?

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    Sue Triggs-Rhuda

    So excited for your new adventure !! I have definitely *ahem* availed myself of your products at DD through the years … and I have a template list to purchase so now is the perfect time! Super interested to see what you’ll be offering in your shop!

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    Best wishes in your new path. My Cricut and I eagerly await what wonderful cut files you will create.

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    Change isn’t easy for me… but I say GO FOR IT. I love everything you do and look forward to what you’ll be sharing in the future!! [Now I’ve to check to be sure my purchases are downlo6on my current computer!!!]😗

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    Cathie Perkins

    Cathy, I purchased some of your template packs years ago. Money totally well spent. Each time I travel I make a book using your templates. It’s so easy and they all have nice matching covers. So much better for travel books, I frequently build 12 x 12 books with 120 pages. Much less bulky than the paper and protector kind. Like others, will have to check if I’m missing anything. Also have purchased DD papers that have served me well. All the best to both companies with future directions

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    Stacy A

    Wow! But I can’t say that I’m surprised. You seem to be in a good place for this change however, and hopefully this is all working out in a way that is exciting and exhilarating and not just terrifying! I got to meet Stacy Julian this week and told her that you and her have had a lot of influence on me (and are my two of my favorite people I’ve never met!), and I look forward to following you and learning from you on your new journey.

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    Karen Wilhelm

    Thanks for the sale!! I’m sad to see you leaving Designer Digitals, but I wish you the best in you future endeavors! I’m excited to see where the future leads you! I just shopped and got more things I can’t do without!!

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    Congratulations Cathy, but this could be a nightmare for me since I already own so many of the templates and designs from Designer Digitals…in the way of tracking. Currently when I go to buy a design I’m alerted that I already purchased that item. Will that carry over to your site or will I have to search my files to see if I already own a design before purchasing again?

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    My comment did not appear, so I apologize if this is a duplicate.
    Congratulations Cathy! This could also be a nightmare for me since I have purchased so many designs from Designer Digitals (DD) that it is hard to keep track of. Fortunately, when I attempt to purchase a design from DD I am alerted if I’ve already purchased that design. Will the same carry over on your site or will I have to go through all my designs to determine whether or not I’ve already purchased an item now? This could be very time consuming and cause me not to purchase something unless I know it is a brand new item.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Cindy!

      Those alerts will NOT carry over. I’m not the owner of Designer Digitals, and therefore, I do not have access to their accounting records. : )

      That said, I’m retiring a NUMBER of my designs and focusing on NEW designs. If it should happen that you accidentally purchased something older and realized you already owned it, I’d refund your purchase gladly.

      My goal is to focus on new products going forward. I still need to figure what is coming into the new shop. I’m a few month’s away from knowing the answers to that! Hope that helps.

      Do you download and save all of your templates on your computer? Just wondering. 🙂

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    Angie Clark

    I just purchased Scrapbook Your Year and am currently learning out to use PSE with it. I’m a newbie to the digital world. Would any of the page templates work with Scrapbook Your Year?

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    Cathy Zielske

    Hey Angie! You can totally mix some in… I would say, however, the Life Basics are probably your best bet because they, too, have wide margins built in! There are a handful of them in the collection! Check those out!

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    Cheri Andrews

    Hey Cathy –

    So I finally made it over to Designer Digitals and purchased a couple templates I didn’t already have. But since my CZ folder has 123 folders in it – mostly Layered Templates, but also some 6×8’s and Story Starters and Hybrid Helpers – I found that most of what I was drawn to I had already purchased! Starting with Layered Template No. 2 back in 2009!!!! I found it interesting that you said you’d only be keeping what you think fits with the new CZ Designs – mostly from your early years – since most of what I own is from 2009-2012 – CLASSIC CZ!!!!

    1. #21.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Well thanks Cheri!

      I am definitely going to take them on a template by template basis! I just want to make sure I have a good system for the new shop. MUCH work to do!

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    Carol Thomson

    Hi Cathy,

    It’s exciting for you to move forward and exciting for me (a CZ template fanatic) as well. Since you’ve been making cards there has been dearth of new CZ scrapbooking templates and I have really missed them. Hopefully now you will start creating new ones and promoting them with your new design team.

    While going through, and trying to inventory, all my CZ products on a spreadsheet I have discovered a problem (for me) with how you have labelled your products in the past. Some are prefaced with CZD, some SCT_CZ, some CZ_SCT, some CZforSCT, some NSD, etc. I’ve even got one created by you that is called SCTSU18_BeforeWeGoCards. This is a nightmare for Sorting in Excel. May I request that in your new digital shop you develop a standardized format for listing your products? It would be so helpful, especially for those of us who maintain “lists”.

    I absolutely love all of my CZ templates, and I have a lot of them which I’ve used to create my most favoured pages in my scrapbooks. However, as I went through your section of the Designer Digitals website I did see a couple more that I HAD to have, so thank you for the discount code. I did put it to use.

    Thank you so much for sharing all your creativity. You are appreciated!

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    Hi Cathy! Do we have until midnight 3/31 to download? It looks like all downloads are already expired. Thanks!

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