Pumped Up Alphabet Birthday Card

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I don’t know about you, but I was looking for a little distraction this weekend and decided to pull out some new stamps and make something simple.

I would like to say to all of you blog readers I hope you’re all doing your best and not letting the news of the day overwhelm you.

I personally have a tendency to become a little anxious. I’ve been this way since I was a very young child but have worked hard to stay in the moment as an adult as often as I can. I’m hopeful that we will see the best in our collective humanity throughout this crisis, especially as soon as everyone has the amount of toilet paper they need. : )

On a more serious note, my endless gratitude to our healthcare professionals here in the United States and across the globe who are working so very hard to offer the best care to those who need it.

Onto the card project and video:

I appreciate you stopping by today and I will be working to keep the videos coming. A simple distraction of creating can be a good thing. I hope you create something today.

Love to you all, Cathy


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Cathy ZielskePumped Up Alphabet Birthday Card

9 Comments on “Pumped Up Alphabet Birthday Card”

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    Nancy R.

    Cathy, your cards are always cheerful, refreshing and clean! Thanks for sharing your talents, so inspiring!

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    Beautifully put as always Cathy . Thank you for your calming words . Today I drove down to the Soyth coast here in the Uk to take my second year Uni son out for lunch and to take him to the supermarket to buy him some healthy meals for the week ahead . Universities have not closed here in the UK yet but I think that this will change soon . I myself have switched from my one to one teaching to delivering my lessons via Skype – a whole new steep learning curve for me but a challenge I’m looking forward to . As I drove away from my son he reminded me of the maxim I’ve always taught him and said … Mum , it’s not what life throws at you that counts , it’s how you deal with ! That’s my boy ! Wishing everyone the best for the weeks ahead .

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    I think our crafting is a boon to our lives even in the sunniest and best of times. It can definitely also be a balm to the soul during times of anxiety and stress. May we all encourage each other with our creations and our virtual communications of friendship and caring.

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    Dayle Shimamura

    Just received your email today and wanted to thank you for your uplifting thoughts and strength as we all try to manage during this crazy time. I pray that we all carry your message of hope and sanity while still being responsible and vigilant… We need each other even if we can’t be near each other. Take care of yourselves, too… your families needs you, but you can’t help them if you are not strong yourself. Peace and love to you all.

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    Thank you for your care and thoughts. We just got home from picking up our daughter from her college to stay home until things come to a new calm. As we were bringing her things in at 1:00am, she mentioned that she couldn’t wait to get into the craft room and paint. Creating beautiful things is a true blessing and is uplifting to our souls, especially during a time of uncertainty.

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    Ann hubble

    Cathy, thank you for your beautiful (as always) card and video. It is so thoughtful of you to send such a sweet message to all at this time of high anxiety. . BTW love your long hair.

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    Cathy B

    From one Cathy to another, thank you for sharing your incredible talent and your words of wisdom. Blessings to you and all those heroes out there keeping us safe.

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