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Last week in the checkout line at the Costco Business center, one of the hard-working staff shouted out, “I have a brand new shipment of hand sanitizer, one per customer!” I figured, why not?

We all know that washing hands with soap and water is the best way to keep your them clean, but hand sanitizer comes in handy when you can’t.

Then I read that postal workers and other delivery drivers were running out of hand sanitizer and it got me thinking: I could share some of the bounty.

It’s a simple gesture to say thank you to our mail carriers, UPS and Amazon drivers, as well as those who are Door Dashing or Instacarting our food. If you are lucky enough to have a stash of hand sanitizer, it’s easy to make small packages for these essential workers.

Start with a big bottle and little bottles. (I found these squeeze bottles online.)

Print out the PDF from my blog post today (see the package below) and dress up your tags any way you like. You can ink blend with Distress Inks or use Copic markers, whatever floats your boat. Then tie one onto a bottle and leave it out for your mail carriers or food delivery person.

Click on this image to download the PDF. It’s in a zipped file and will need to be unzipped before you can print. Open it with Adobe Acrobat. I recommend printing on an ink jet printer if you want to add any inks to the tags.

Trim just inside the tag outlines and punch a small hole through the top of the tag. Add some string and tie it to a small bottle.

Here’s to the people out there who cannot stay home.


Cathy ZielskeSanitzer Bottle Thank You Tags

12 Comments on “Sanitzer Bottle Thank You Tags”

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    I absolutely LOVE this!! I love my mail carrier. In the summer, I sometimes leave her a cold bottle of Diet Coke (she’s pretty regular with her delivery time). I’ve also left her a box of mini Milk Bone dog treats with a note signed by my dogs. I’ve also left the UPS guy a box of treats, also signed by my dogs. (They both leave or give treats to my dogs and I’m pretty sure the treats are paid out of their own pockets.)

    I’ve been thinking of leaving them each an 8-oz bottle of hand sanitizer and these tags are just amazing! Thank you SO MUCH!!!

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    Monica Santa Cruz

    Cathy, you’re amazing and I love the way your compassion is expressed through creativity. I’m sending you hugs from Fort Worth, TX. ❤

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    Christine Miller

    What a fabulous and thoughtful idea! I don’t happen to have extra sanitizer, but I am glad that you were able to get some and to share it in such a wonderful way. The tags are so pretty, even though they are simple, and I know that the postal staff will feel your kindness!

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    Your idea is wonderful, but I had to laugh when I saw the small bottles you were using. I’m sorry but my mind went someplace it shouldn’t have when I saw the picture. (looks like you could just put a battery in it and …)

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      Cathy Zielske

      I know. I KNOW! They look a little… okay, like small personal toys. BUT THEY ARE AWESOME squeeze bottles. I promise.

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    Thank you Cathy. I had a large bottle of hand sanitizer, but I gave it to my grandson to put in his vehicle. I’m going shopping online later and will add sanitzer to my list…if any can be found. My mailman is using plastic/rubber gloves right now. Stay safe!

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    Jennifer C.

    Dammit, Cathy, you made me cry! I had a rough moment this afternoon and your post reminded me of the good, beautiful things. Thank you for lifting me back up. And for giving me a constructive way to show gratitude for our essential workers.

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    Great idea….sadly….haven’t seen any hand sanitizer in stores for weeks. Hopefully one of these days there will be some to share.

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