Simple 3-Step Stamping with Butterflies

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Do you ever shy away from multi-step stamping? Afraid of lining stuff up perfectly? That sort of thing? That is kind of me on this topic but I have a fantastic stamp set to share today that makes it SO simple to create beautiful images, even if you aren’t perfect at lining stuff up!

The Brilliant Butterflies from MFT Stamps is a fantastic stamp set for multi-layer stamping. Three steps and you end up with gorgeous butterflies.

Plus, the set comes with a guide to help you figure out how they work. Here’s my tutorial showing you how to create these simple cards:

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Cathy ZielskeSimple 3-Step Stamping with Butterflies

10 Comments on “Simple 3-Step Stamping with Butterflies”

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    Patricia Wilson

    That was a great tip of the misalignment. I would have started over but you were right in the fact that it didn’t even show. Thank you!

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    Marisela Delgado

    Hola, Cathy! Marisela from San Antonio. Hope you remember me. ☺ I tried to use your “contact” button, but it didn’t work. Anyway, sorry that someone left you such a hateful comment on your videos, but you know that we all love you! Plus, you are so damn funny! Don’t worry. I talk to myself sometimes, too. We cool! haha haha You are loved, Cathy! Thank you for the wonderful inspiration and beautiful cards that you bless us with!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Thank you so much, Marisela! And sorry about the contact thing not working! 🙂 Appreciate your kindness.

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