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As in, …I miss my former home. To be specific, I didn't grow up in Seattle. It was 20 miles north, up in Everett. Although the trip was for a sad reason, it is always good to see where I'm from, and to spend time with my best friend and her amazing family. I like Minnesota just fine. There's nothing … Read More

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Two Hands of a Prayer

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What I'm listening to this morning, as I'm finishing up my packing before I head out, from the album  Burn to Shine by Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals. Beautiful man. Beautiful song.  

Cathy ZielskeTwo Hands of a Prayer


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This is a photo of my window, taken from the inside. I have an old house. And old windows. And they become covered with the most beautiful frost. And if you stand anywhere near the window, though closed tightly, you'd swear the window was actually open a crack, such is the draft. We had a lovely snowfall on Saturday. Me, … Read More

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I tell Dan this morning that I want to buy some layering tees, long and short sleeved… that I really think it's going to be my critical wardrobe plan for winter 2008… that I think it's time that I start layering. His reply: "I've been saying that for years. I practically invented layering."

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In the hundreds

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While anxiously awaiting a call from Apple today (dear God, it's me, Cathy… please let my computer be ready)… I figured i'd share another installment from the upcoming docudrama. This one is rated "G" for GREAT film making and nary a mention of scrap porn.  

Cathy ZielskeIn the hundreds

Dream it, scrap it, live it

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Someone should stop me. Possibly? Maybe not. I should be working. I have to pack, too. (Headed to California in the am.)  Until then, enjoy my… indulgences.  

Cathy ZielskeDream it, scrap it, live it

The video blog revolution!

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Because I have nothing better to do with those 47 seconds in the early evening. My goal? To make a complete documentary one day, full of clips. Just like this.  

Cathy ZielskeThe video blog revolution!

Going green

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I know…it looks so good you can almost taste it. So I caught a few minutes of Oprah last week—one of Dr. Oz's appearances on the show—(and yes, the man has some good science, but good LORD, his book, You on a Diet, is so saturated with horrifically bad similes, it's virtually UNreadable)—and he was forcing Oprah to try his … Read More

Cathy ZielskeGoing green

Boy in leaf pile

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News from the front: 1.) G5 died last Thursday, again. They say the third time is a charm, so I'm praying to little Stevie "Wonder" Jobs that his black-clad, geek-hot minions will save the day, again. 2.) I went a little nuts over the weekend, in my computer-angst induced haze, and bought this without much forethought or afterthought. And now … Read More

Cathy ZielskeBoy in leaf pile