Porn for Mac users

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…looks like this. And by "porn," of course, I mean, that which causes technological euphoria, and a light tingling sensation in the mouse hand. Meet my new Airport Extreme, with an emphasis on the "X". After nearly a month of dealing with a third party that shall go unamed (Netgear), and being told: "We cannot help you," I bit the … Read More

Cathy ZielskePorn for Mac users

in honor of all Presidents, both dead and living…

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I present the before: …and the after: Awwwwww. Her so cute! I don't know about you, but this knitting stuff is mildly…addictive? To put it…mildly. So it's President's Day, and I'm actually going to take most of the day off. Right on! Just a few little work things to do, then I'm going to join millions of other Americans in … Read More

Cathy Zielskein honor of all Presidents, both dead and living…

I’m in love…

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I present, my first felted project: Oh for cute! Seriously. I'm in love. In love with this tiny, super cute purse. My heart is a flutter. The only reason i decided to learn to knit was because of this. I remember thinking (in a high-pitched, somehow unplaceable yet distinct accent): "For to have me make like bag?" So thanks to … Read More

Cathy ZielskeI’m in love…

Crazy…but that’s how it goes

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So Cole has started writing a series of "books" at school, and has been talking about it a lot over the past few weeks. Finally, on Friday, he brought one of them home: Very good collection of stories about how bad you can get messed up if you do things like: a) try to outrun a train in your car, … Read More

Cathy ZielskeCrazy…but that’s how it goes

Chip sounds off, Week 6

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Dear Family, How are you all? Well? I thoroughly enjoyed the Powerpoint you sent to my host family. Nice to see the kids. Your weather seems a bit nicer than what we are currently having. And speaking of weather, it seems that when the temperature drops to a certain level, the Lady no longer feels the need to take me … Read More

Cathy ZielskeChip sounds off, Week 6

Seems like just three years ago…

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That my kitchen was remodeled for a show on the DIY network. I got an e-mail from one of the producers this morning, with this link. It seems our little kitchen made the cover of one of their books. There's another book (and Jon Sauer, if you're reading, you might find this of interest) called Weekend Bathroom Makeovers, as well, … Read More

Cathy ZielskeSeems like just three years ago…


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"Wanna hear some of the new catch phrases I'm working on? I'm gonna start saying 'eureka' more often…you know, when I'm excited about something."

Cathy ZielskeColeman


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"It’s sort of a cross between Arlo Guthrie, Barney the Dinosaur, and Bob Dylan." Said last night, in the bathtub, while describing a video clip of a comedian singing "Bohemian Rhapsody" he’d seen on He’s 7. I love this kid.

Cathy ZielskeColeman

Knitting gone wrong and unplanned vet visits

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It looked so dang good before I had to go and think for one second I understood the concept of transferring your work to the double pointed needles of death (got that little expression from reading a really entertaining blog called  Crazy Aunt Purl.  Check it out!) All I can do now is wait, and patiently hope that my supremely talented ecology professor/knitter/neighbor … Read More

Cathy ZielskeKnitting gone wrong and unplanned vet visits

What I had for breakfast

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Strawberry-Blueberry-Yogurt Smoothieas made by me… 1 container of Yoplait Light Strawberry Banana Yogurt4-5 large strawberries, cut up15-20 blueberries1/2 cup of calcium fortified orange juice1/4 cup crushed ice Put into blender. Blend. Drink. Mmmmmm. Let me just say that aside from a handful of jaunts to my local Jamba Juice, I am no smoothie connoisseur. But in my effort to move … Read More

Cathy ZielskeWhat I had for breakfast