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Issue No. 1Don't make me not love you Fourth paragraph. See: Minnesota. Steve, I thought we were tight? Steve? Stevie? STEEEEVE? I can't breathe right now. (Chris, thanks for the head's up….and the heartbreak…sniff) Issue No. 2Why does everyone hate Marcel (if that is your real name)? Anyone? Why don't I hate him? Okay, granted, his rap thing a few … Read More

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Living my

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Y'all know how I feel about Oprah. And if i had TiVo, I'm quite certain i would watch EVERY single show. Even the ones that piss me off (you know, where they find ugly/fat/old/or in whatever way unacceptable people and make them prettier?) but I digress… I still love me some Oprah. She does a lot of good in the … Read More

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Letter from Chip, Week Two

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[ed note: each week, while Chip's family is in Costa Rica, I promised they would receive a photo and letter from Chip, so they would be able to keep tabs and guage her general well being. Of course, being a blogger, I decided to make the emails public. Nice. Hey Tim and Anne! Love your dog! Keep in mind, this … Read More

Cathy ZielskeLetter from Chip, Week Two

No love you, Korea

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I found the simple life ain’t so simpleWhen I jumped out, on that roadI got no love, no love you’d call realAin’t got nobody, waitin’ at home—Runnin’ with the Devil, Van Halen I saw a comment posted about what I thought about Van Halen being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and whether or not I thought … Read More

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"I love your enthusiasm…telling me that Gomez has two lead singers…as if that's never happened in the history of music…like you forgot there was ever a Fleetwood Mac. Or the Beatles."

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Better than sex?

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(Callie…thanks to your post, I’m way too technologically stimulated right now.) Holy MacBook, Apple. Check out the iPhone. I will go on the record right now: whatever it costs does not matter. It will be mine. Oh yes…it will be mine. And, in case you’ve never heard what a roomful of tech geeks who are way, way too overstimulated sounds … Read More

Cathy ZielskeBetter than sex?


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"Mom, you're pretty hip…I mean, at least you act like you live in this century." I just knew once I stopped churning my own butter that my 10-year-old would think I was cooler. (and lo, I did in fact, maketh that scarf.)

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Oh yes, this is what you think it is

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So lots of things happened in the past few non-blogging months. Things like cool blog reader Rochelle, whose hubby happens to run a surf school in sunny California, and one of his clients is the Armstrong family, as in Billie Joe Armstrong. As in Green Day Billie joe Armstrong. She kindly offered to have something autographed by Mr. Armstrong himself, … Read More

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"Chuck E. Cheese is like gambling for kids."—Cole, contemplating a cup full of nickels found in our car after Dan made a really brief pit stop at Grand Casino on his way home from a business meeting in Duluth.

Cathy ZielskeCole

Back to…normal?

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I want to thank all of you for your comments regarding Mary. I hope that Jon and her family has had a chance to read some of the kind words. Another example of Mary's legacy, I think. So…thank you, and thanks to Jon for letting me share that. Life returns to a regular schedule today. Kids go back to school. … Read More

Cathy ZielskeBack to…normal?