If you’re going to spend time sitting through a class it better be worth your time, right? And if you’re going to spend time—and money—on an online class, it should keep you inspired and learning the whole time. At least that’s my philosophy for online education. Yep, this is education, people. And it’s education of the highest order: I teach you how to do stuff with your memories.

CZ Classes are created to be fun, informative and highly do-able. I’m not going to load up your scrapbooks with embellishments that are going to fall off your pages in 10 years. But I will bring you ideas, projects and instruction to bring a classic, minimal elegance to how you save the stories and photos from your life. And I’ll help you to build your digital skills in a big way as you go.

All available classes are listed below. To stay in the loop for upcoming class releases, please subscribe to my newsletter today. Welcome to the best crap-free memory keeping classes in the land.

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Photoshop doesn’t have to be scary! If you want to learn how to work with all those fabulously designed digital templates on the market today, this class will walk you through the very basics of digital scrapbooking. You don’t have to speak some high tech language to create beautiful pages from templates. There are really only a handful of skills you need to get started and we’ll be tackling all of them in this e-course. Say it with me: “Photoshop is my friend!” You may not believe it right now, but after completing this course, you will! READ FULL DESCRIPTION HERE

Tell your life story in authentic little snippets that share everything about you from A to Z. In this self-paced e-course, you’ll combine your words and images to build a 28-page album in the popular Project Life format. The goal? Create an album all about your ordinary, extraordinary life. Or, make it about someone you love, or even about your entire family. You’ll have an inspired plan to follow and a complete set of printables to create this album (or as many future editions as you want to make)! This e-course also includes bonus video instruction for making a fully digital album project using layered Photoshop templates with the end goal being a printed and bound book. READ FULL DESCRIPTION HERE.

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